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<Phantom Squadron> is Recruiting

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<Phantom Squadron> is Recruiting

SFaulkner's Avatar

10.12.2012 , 08:47 AM | #1
We're recruiting for our progression operation teams. We currently have two teams going, one is working on Hard Mode Terror from Beyond, the other is working on Hard Mode Denova. At the moment, between the two teams, we raid about 4 times a week. We currently run raids 4 times a week. We are also looking to possibly set up a 16 man progression group if we get enough people willing. If your looking for any information, our website is . We have both a Teamspeak and Mumble server for guild use.

In game Officers:
Korsik, Themrich, Maximusdecimus, Themis, and Theonejedi.

SFaulkner's Avatar

10.26.2012 , 12:00 PM | #2
We are currently looking for a Geared Tank for our first team, running Terror from Beyond Hard Mode. Campaign / Black Hole gear recommended. Raids are Friday's @ 6:30 PM PST, and Sunday's @ 3:30 PM PST.

Also looking to fill DPS and Heals for our second team. Running Denova Hard Mode. Rakata Gear recommended. Wednesday's and Thursday's @ 8 PM PST.

We also run TFB and EC Story Modes every Saturday for experience and gear for our less geared players. So we're not looking for just players for our two Progression teams.

Also, on another note, if there's any smaller guilds out there looking for Raiding opportunities, we're looking into joint raids and possible 16 man raids. We would also consider possible mergers with smaller guilds looking for a more Operation heavy guild.

Look for one of my characters online, (Themrich, Nyrolla, or Acko). Or visit our site for more information.