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Best PvP move

Banderal's Avatar

10.29.2012 , 11:25 AM | #11
No vid of this, but my proudest moment was during a HB game. I think it was against a sniper - the ability where you see the little target rectangle show up on you and then shortly after that you hear 'thwap" "thwap"... and watch your health drop way too fast. Well one of those was on one side of a fire grate, and I was on the other. I was low on health. I see the little target show up, and I'm thinking "crap". The fire grate is about to flame-on though, so I force-sprint across and manage to turn and push him into the fire just as it comes up. He hopped a few times and died. Usually my steering goes way out of control if I try something complicated while force-sprint is on, so I was very happy. I only got to celebrate for a few seconds though before I was finished off by someone else.