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Characters! (Story time)

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10.10.2012 , 08:20 PM | #1
Explain the story behind your favorite toon. Why has she/he been sent on whichever class story? Which companion did he/she romance? What did he/she name his/her ship? Why does the character have the name you picked? Which planet is he/she from? What was the person's previous occupation? What do they look like?

For my main, Bemra, her story is like this:
She was a smuggler to begin with. She has a sister that she practically raised. While on Ord Mantell, she passes a Jedi, who sends her away to Tython, leaving her sis to deal with Skavaak.

Bemra, named after a dream her mother had (the name was shouted in her dream.) soon progressed through her story. She named her ship Dream Chaser, because the dream was impossible to achieve at first. Like, c'mon, a smuggler turned Jedi? That was crazy!

Bemra was first born on Corellia. She romanced Archibal Kimble.

Detailed Story: Includes Spoilers... Don't read if you don't wanna be spoiled!

For those of you who want a chart:
Name: Bemra Rai Tydlr
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Planet of Origin: Corellia
Occupation before Jedi Knight: Smuggler
Ship Name and Reason: Dream Chaser, because Bem felt her dream of being a Jedi was almost impossible to reach
Reason of naming: Her mother heard her name shouted in a dream
Romance: Archibal Kimble, known as Doc
Relationships: Close to Lord Scourge and T7-01. Very close to Kira Carsen. In love with Doc. Not close to Rusk.
Physical Attributes
Hair color- Dark brown
Hair length- Short
Eye color- Brown
Body type- Thin
Height- 5'1"
Weight- 134 lbs
Blemishes- Scar on her right hand (Even smuggler has a bad day...)
Tone of voice- Kind, yet playful and also introspective

1. Rodians
2. Imperials in general
3. Sith Warriors/ Inquisitors
4. Creepy crawlies
5. RAKGHOULS! (she has a phobia of them)

1. Doc's bed head
2. Scourge's Sith Lessons
3. Kira's Nar Shadaa Visits
4. Her ship
5. Smuggling (being a jedi doesn't mean she can't smuggle!)

1. She still carries both of her blasters.
2. When she throws blasters in the air, she can fire them with her mind at targeted objects.
3. She had a Wookiee partner named Louie before becoming a Jedi.
4. Before she reaches the age of 25, her body is frozen in carbonite... and is brought back in the time of the Clone Wars.
5. Doc and her have one child, named Daccron.(Smuggler son. Figures.)

Can't wait to see your guy's responses!
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10.12.2012 , 09:42 AM | #2
Well in reply to your first one i'll do my Vanguard
Stomvhal Skirrata is the son of an absentee Mandalorian father and a Republic Medic. Mandalorian was hurt during a hunt but actually showed some compassion on Onderon when a group of kids were about to be hit by errant blasterfire by the mark he was tracking. He threw himself infront of the blaster fire saving the kids but he was wounded in a few places. The republic medic oncall treated him and the two had a romance[ofcourse].

During this, ofcourse a child was born and the mother named him Stomvhal after a grandfather. Ofcourse the mando was told about his child and when the child became 8 the father tried to come back, mother flatly refused and and at the end of a VERY big blaster rifle told the father to take a hike. Stomvhal was raised to believe in the republic and also to have an inner strength of will. He enlisted at 18 and has been a trooper ever since.

For those of you who want a chart:
Name: Stomvhal Skirrata
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Partial Cyborg. During a tour in the outer rim, he took a grenade close range and it messed up his face. To reconstruct it, they had to put in cybernetics around his eyes. But flip side is, they put in a comm so he can recieve voice only com calls without the need for a helmet or reciever.
Planet of Origin: Fondor
Occupation: Republic 1st LT
Command: Commanding Officer Republic Special Operations Squad 214: Talon Squad [yes i picked Talon cause Talon is my callsign from another game ]
Hair color- Black
Hair length- Close Cropped
Eye color- Green
Body type- Built like a Linebacker
Weight- 230 lbs
Blemishes- Scar under his left eye and ofcourse the cybernetics on his face.
Tone of voice- Like the man stepped out of the recruiting poster or the Drill Field.

1. Disrespect
2. Cowardess
3. Sith in general
4. Lightsabers
5. Bad intel, nothing to ruin a troopers day when intel craps the bed and you're going into a gunfight blind.

1. Women
2. Courage[doesn't have to be under fire, but courage in all things]
3. Defense of beings that cannot defend themselves
4. His squad
5. His rifle and all things that make his job easier to accomplish

1. Married to another republic commando who commands another squad who couldn't be more unlike him if she tried. While he'll obey lawful orders and bring badguys in alive, she just straight up blows them away orders be damned.
2. Has met his father, and atleast he knows where he got his size from.
3. Has actually disobeyed orders before, got asked to shoot people who could of been the enemy but he didn't.
4. Friends with a smuggler of all people. Guy is a great source of intel, plus if his squad is out on a mission and need something in a hurry, his buddy Feyd can get it, and does it on cheap!

Overall he's a straight laced leader of men, but he does have his wild streak underneath it all. I mean look at his wife! A kill them all and let the force sort them out who almost flies in the face of most regs, but hey, she gets the job done!
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10.12.2012 , 06:27 PM | #3
Nice toon! Oh and I forgot:

Bemra also has an Imperial Agent brother and a smuggler sister. (I'll do one for the imp agent later.)
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10.13.2012 , 10:06 AM | #4
My Bounty Hunter:

Chernan was born on Mandalore before the Great Galactic War started. Since he was too young to go to war at the time, he remained on Mandalore with his mother and sister. When he turned sixteen, he married a girl in his village. The two had a child - a son - and purchased their own ship. Just before the Cold War started, Chernan adopted a street urchin, a Mirialan. When the Cold War began, he sent his children to Coruscant. His human son, at the age of eighteen, joined the Republic army, but the adopted Mirialan son went back to his roots, becoming a freelance smuggler.

Chernan followed the Mandalorian code, fighting for the Empire, but he greatly disliked it, believing Mandalore the Vindicated had made a mistake in joining the Sith. However, he refused to join Jicoln Cadera's mad rebellion, believing it to be dishonorable. He figured when the Sith revealed their true colors, Mandalore would make the right choice and seccede from the Empire.

Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Hair style: Cut in even rows
Identifying marks: Dragon tattoo on his right cheek
Blemishes: Burn scar on his left cheek
Body size: standard

All things Mandalorian
The Republic
Doing honorable acts
Respecting tradition

Sith and the Empire
The Force
Dishonorable acts
Cold-blooded murder

I'll do my trooper and smuggler, his kids, later.

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10.13.2012 , 02:29 PM | #5
my sith warrior:

jarick and his twin brother jarich,sons of a smuggler called biddan and a zabrak bounty hunter called rohara were born both on their mother's ship after biddan abbandoned rohara;their force sensitivity was so strong that after a few years their mother noticed it and wanted them to join the jedi order,but something went wrong because only jarich managed to reach the order,jarick was kidnapped by imperial forces during the travel.
Led to believe trough brain washing techniques that he was born and raised on dromund kaas jarick started his training,but somehow a little part of his old self survived,he remained loyal to the principles his mother taught him when he was just a little child,mercy,fairness and self sacrifice,remaining true to this principles he continued his training and joined the sith accademy hoping to change the empire from within,but sadly he will never remember who his true family was.

name:jarick caesar
hair color:none
romance:vette,she reminds him of someone very familiar,but he can't understand who
relationships:very close to his apprentice,jaesa willsam
goals:reforming the empire into a society of tolerance and equal rights
eye color:green
height:1.80 m
weight:75 kg
age:7 (kidnapped by the empire) 10 (training in the empire) 24 (sith accademy) 26(current)
distinguishing marks:a special light side ability used to protect his allies against the dark side

self sacrifice

senseless slaughter
the dark side
stupid thinking
hurting people

fun facts:
he likes getting paid but he never asks
his favourite lightsaber color is green but he uses a red black lightsaber
his favourite gifts are underworld goods

a picture of him:

(btw nice stories!)
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10.13.2012 , 06:16 PM | #6
Born a slave, she raised her two little sisters, Krenth and Enth, with the help of her little brother, Cherek. Cherek and Enth were captured and sold at auction when Onith was 13. She escaped the slave camp at 16. After living as a street rat for a few months, Braden found her and took her in to train her. The story started after four years of training.

Name: Onith Beeska
Age: 23 at beginning of story, 27 at end
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Planet of Origin: Nal Hutta
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Hair: Dirty blonde, shoulder-length
Eyes: Brown
Body: Muscular. 56, 140 lb.
Scars: Three scars from her hairline to mid-cheek on the right side of her face
Romance: Torian Cadera
Ship: Darling, named by its previous owner

1. Sith
2. Imperials
3. Sith
4. Cowardice
5. Sith

Likes: (not in order)
1. Underdogs
2. Knife-fights
3. Her family
4. Drinking

Fun facts:
1. Spent her entire time on Balmorra passing along as much information as she could to the Resistance.
2. When she married Torian, he took her name.
3. The span of story between Belsavis and Voss was actually her hiding out from Darth Tormen because she was pregnant with her first child.
4. Defected to the Republic post-story.
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10.14.2012 , 01:25 PM | #7
My trooper:

Backblast, being the son of a Mandalorian warrior, was trained extensively in the arts of combat. When his father left him and his adopted brother on Coruscant, Backblast joined the Republic military. Impressed with his skills, the Republic soon placed him in Special Forces. There he proved himself as a terrific medic but also a proficient demolitionist. He got his nickname when one of his training bombs exploded the wrong way, tearing out one of his eyes and scarring his face.

When Backblast's training was complete, he was assigned to Jagger Squad, also known as the Republic's Finest. His brother, Dankin, sometimes does supply runs or piloting missions for Jagger Squad, so the two still see each other often.

Name: Vevec
Nickname: Backblast
Body size: Large
Specialty: Medic
Eye color: Blue
Hairstyle: short, but unruly
Hair color: sandy
Identifying marks: cybernetic eye, also cybernetic implants on the sides of his head
Blemishes: scar from an accident during training

The Republic

Sith and the Empire
Dishonorable actions

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10.14.2012 , 02:42 PM | #8
My favorite of my toons is Eighan, my Zabrak smuggler. When he was still a little child(about 4 yrs old), the ship he and his family were travelling on was attacked by pirates. The pirates were quickly dispatched by Imperial forces. However, the captain of the Imperial rescue vessel, corrupt Sithspawn that he was, decided to mark the rescued passangers and crew as 'Cargo', enslaving and confiscating them as Imperial property. Eighan's father managed to overpower a shuttle pilot and escape with Eighan, but Eighan's mother and older sister were left behind in Imperial hands.

Eighan's father never forgave himself for being unable to save his wife and older child, and died a broken man when Eighan was 17. This left Eighan with a great hatred of the Empire(and distaste for the Republic for allowing the Empire to continue), along with a constant need to be on be move. He sought refuge in the stars, joining a number of freight crews and smuggling captains, learning anything anyone would teach him. He soon found he had a knack for piloting and gunplay, particularily duel-wielding(he's ambidextrous). Eighan's last captain before he came ot Ord Mantell, an old Duros, left him his ship and his last contract with Rogun the butcher, giving Eighan the start he needed to begin his rise to power as a Privateer of the Republic.

For those of you who want a chart:
Name: Eighan Dothe
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Planet of Origin: Iridonia(Born there, but raised on the Zabrak colony of Feldrona)
Occupation before Smuggler: Pilot and mechanic for a variety of ship captains
Ship Name: Starstream. It was the previous name, and Eighan didn't mind it.
Romance: Akaavi Spar, former Mandalorian.
Relationships: Treats his crew like family. Corso is like a brother, Risha a sister. Bowdarr is his most trusted friend and bodyguard. Guss is his lieutenant-in-training. And Akaavi is the best wife he could possibly ask for(though hardly the doting type).
Physical Attributes
Hair color- Sandy-blond
Hair length- Long, for a Zabrak. He has it wrapped around his horns, and is particularily proud of it.
Eye color- Green
Body type- Average build, but strong leg muscles due to many tiems he has led his enemies on a merry chase.
Height- 6'1
Weight- 192
Blemishes- None. He's proud of his pretty mug.
Tone of voice- Violent and angry, particularily when it's tim to kill Imperials.

1. Empire.
2. Slavery.
3. Republic being timid with the Empire
4. Bullying
5. A fair fight.

1. Akaavi(He didn't know beauty or perfection until he met her), and their 9 (future)children.
2. Unfavorable odds(Well, beating them, specifically)
3. Flying(No feeling like it)
4. Playing cards
5. Drinking soft liquor

Fun Facts:
1. His older sister, who he lost to Imperial slavers, is Darth Imperious, his universe's Sith Inquisitor. He has not found this out as of the end of the current class quests, though they have fought multiple times, along with the other 6 player classes.
2. An early partner of his on Ord Mantell, Coltun Orrick, is the current Major of Havoc Squad. Their Anti-Imperial values are shared, and they count on one another to bail eachother out of hotspots.
3. He's not attracted to non-Zabrak women. It isn't that he doesn't realize that they CAN be attractive, or that he dislikes how they look in general. Just that if they don't have horns on their head, he won't dance the horizontal tango.
4. He names his two blasters after contant insistence by Corso. His offhand blaster is Ath, named for a figure from Zabrak mythology who ushered Zabrak into the afterlife. His mainhand blaster is Sash, Zabrak for 'dancer'(meaning literally 'dust dancer', refering to ancient Zabrak courting rituals).
5. He wears a locket with a picture of his old family before beaing torn from them. It shows his father smiling(something he never saw), his mother looking tired but happy and holding baby Eighan in her arms, and his sister(about 6 yrs old in the photo) laughing and carrying a play lightsaber. It's the only thing that he still retains from that time, he never takes it off, and only Akaavi has ever asked about it. But he simply isn't ready to face the memories yet.

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10.14.2012 , 02:59 PM | #9
such worderful stories,maybe tomorrow i'll post my female smuggler's story.
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10.14.2012 , 04:10 PM | #10
Oh also for you troopers, i started a kind of sister thread to this one.

If you have troopers and a story about your squads, go ahead and toss them in!

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