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Reckoner's 4v4 3v3 2v2 1v1 Tournament 50K Entry fee

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Reckoner's 4v4 3v3 2v2 1v1 Tournament 50K Entry fee

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10.10.2012 , 06:33 PM | #1
This event will happen Saturday october 20th 5PM est
Winner of each tournament will will win the entry fee that each player pays for.
there will be a
there will be 4 other people as spectators and calling a match We will be holding the money for each winner of each tournament so what ever tournament you sign up for pay the appropriate Spectator there will be a imp spectator and a pub spectator for both sides on entry fees.
If you are interested in doing more then one tournament like a 2v2 and a 4v4 youll pay a additional 50K to that tournament.
Please address on the forums which tournament you are interested in
AZURE BLADES Welcomes all, From yalls good Friend Reckoner