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Third Conversation Option Unselectable While HUD is toggled OFF

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Third Conversation Option Unselectable While HUD is toggled OFF
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LevelZeroZilch's Avatar

10.10.2012 , 06:16 PM | #1
Whenever the HUD is toggled off and the player begins a conversation, they can still choose conversation options if they can't see them. As of 1.4, the third option (often Dark Side choices) does not respond to input if HUD is toggled off.

Have tried standard troubleshooting - turned off client, restarted computer, switching characters. This affects all of my characters.

Bronholz's Avatar

10.10.2012 , 06:21 PM | #2 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Greetings LevelZeroZilch,

Thanks for reporting this to us.

Have you tried running the Repair function from the launcher? This will check for and repair any corruptions in your game files, you can find this by logging into the launcher and clicking the cog icon.

Thanks for your patience.
Bronholz | BioWare Customer Service Forum Support

Anchovius's Avatar

02.02.2013 , 02:50 AM | #3
I'm having the same issue. I tried repair three times, no change.

Also I cannot take screenshots during dialogue except on random occasion.

captainkaiden's Avatar

05.13.2013 , 07:46 AM | #4
I'd like to bump this as this is a big problem for story playthrough videos. Affects all character on 2 different PC's. Please Advise.

captainkaiden's Avatar

05.15.2013 , 04:52 AM | #5
Gonna keep bumping till I get a response

Desmond_Vectom's Avatar

06.28.2013 , 10:58 PM | #6
Please fix! I cannot make my movies properly with this broken.

RattaSvart's Avatar

05.11.2014 , 01:56 PM | #7
Still unselectable... And since many people faced this problem I don't think it has anything to do with computers/keybords/game client. Must be a bug then. Could you fix it?