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The Vengeance of Lord Kyravi

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10.09.2012 , 07:00 PM | #1
Good evening, gentle forum-goers!
This is the first installment in a series centered around the Sith Lord Kyravi. As this takes place approximately one month after the end of Act III of the Inquisitor story, there will be spoilers. However, I will try to keep them to a minimum and give some warning.

--------------------------- PART ONE

Kyravi looked more like a down-on-his-luck spacer than a Sith Lord. No lightsaber hung from his belt, a fact of which he was uncomfortably aware.

“What is this?” Kyravi snapped. “I asked for an entire battle group and you bring me six commandos. Six.”

Solir looked at his lord in exasperation. “Most men won’t work for free, my lord,” he said. “Consider yourself lucky that some are still loyal – or stupid, if there’s any difference – enough to come at your call.”

The Terminus-class destroyer Malevolence’s main hangar was discouragingly empty. Three single-pilot Dagger V-3’s were clustered near the left wall in various states of repair. A few cases of munitions and fuel were stacked near them. In the center of the vast hangar was a large, ungainly lander, shaped like a bullet and covered in too many dings and dents to count.

From this craft issued half-a-dozen fit, compact individuals, each carrying multiple packs and strapped with weapons and ammunition. These six wore heavy battle suits, rated for use in the vacuum of space. They walked like veterans, and joked with each other as they unloaded their gear.

They called themselves Omega, as in, the last people you’d need to call on to get a job done. They were mercenaries, killers for hire. Associating with them left a bad taste in Kyravi’s mouth. Still, they had proved their usefulness in the past.

And it wasn’t like Kyravi had any other options.

“Captain Keboth-Don,” Kyravi said. “I must say I’m surprised to see you here. Solir did tell you that I would be unable to pay for your services, yes?”

The Zabrak grinned, showing a mouthful of red ceramic teeth. “This is your lucky day, Sith,” he said. Keboth-Don gestured at the other five members of Omega. “It seems our interests and your interests happen to line up perfectly, for the moment. That slimy piece of Hutt excrement, Maronis, decided to cut costs and fire us – literally.”

Kyravi noticed the still-healing burn scars along the back of Keboth-Don’s left hand. “I see.”

Solir sniffed, his large Mon Calamari eyes narrowing in distaste. “I warned you not to work with him.”

“Shut it, fish,” snarled the biggest – and ugliest – of Omega, a Nikto named Grin. He took his name from the pair of scars that stretched laterally from each side of his mouth.

Keboth-Don made a soothing gesture in Grin’s direction. “Settle down, soldier. Save it for the enemy.”

With one last long, careful look at the surly green Nikto, Kyravi turned away, gesturing for Keboth-Don to follow him. “Solir,” he called, “escort our friends to the lower barracks.”

Keboth-Don became more businesslike as they exited the hangar. “I didn’t realize when I brought Omega here just how . . . weak you really are.”

Kyravi’s eyes narrowed to slits as he glared at the Zabrak. “Watch yourself, mercenary,” he warned.

But Keboth-Don was unimpressed. “You have a single destroyer with barely a skeleton crew. You have three damaged fighters in your hangar and no infantry, not even a squad. You don’t even have a lightsaber.”

“I have the Force,” Kyravi growled. “And I have a plan.”


I'll admit, this intro is a bit slow, but don't worry, things will liven up tomorrow. Over the next few days, you'll see more of who these guys are and what's happening in the universe.

If you didn't know and couldn't tell, this is my first big post on the forums. Please let me know if there is anything I can do formatting-wise to make it easier to read

Let me know what you think! I'll have Part Two up sometime tomorrow.

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10.09.2012 , 07:33 PM | #2
Your formatting is fine, and your prose reads clearly and well. I look forward to reading more of your work!

Seeing as you're new, might I also suggest checking out the Short Fic Weekly Challenge Thread? It's a good place to get yourself known and introduce your characters to the community.
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10.09.2012 , 08:01 PM | #3
.. What Vesa said!
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10.09.2012 , 08:27 PM | #4
Yup...good start. I wanna see more!
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10.10.2012 , 03:05 PM | #5
Thanks for the feedback I'll head over to the Short Fic thread as soon as I get a chance.

As promised, here is Part Two.

---------------PART TWO

Aboard the Vulture, in the hangar bay of the Malevolence

“Check, Vulture iss go for launch. All ssysstemss green.”

“Then hit it.”

The Vulture’s engines hummed as it rose from the floor of the Malevolence’s hangar. Kyravi glanced anxiously at the battered interior of the lander, wishing once again that Omega had brought something a little less . . . dented.

The Sith Lord and the commandos were crammed together in the small sitting area. The Vutlure looked bigger from the outside, Kyravi reflected, on account of all its armor.

The human seated across from Kyravi was Korral, Omega’s sniper. He was a few years younger than the Sith Lord, with dark features and a serious expression. His customized rifle was nestled between his knees, the tip of its barrel almost touching the Vulture’s low ceiling.

Korral caught Kyravi’s gaze without flinching. “You’re the first Sith who’s ever told us not to shoot a Jedi, you know that?”

“Dead Jedi are rather useless,” Kyravi stated. “Dead Jedi can’t help me.”

“All Jedi are pretty useless,” Korral grumbled. “They’re too busy preaching love and harmony to protect their people.”

Kyravi blinked. “Do you have a problem with my orders?”

“No,” Captain Keboth-Don interjected, glaring at his subordinate. “He doesn’t.”

Korral dropped his gaze to his weapon, fiddling with it and adjusting the arrangement of the ammunition belts slung across his chest. Next to him, the Nikto, Grin, leaned forward.

“Hey Sith,” Grin called. “I bet I get more kills than you.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Grin,” the Echani woman, Kella, snorted. “Even without a lightsaber, a Sith can lay an army to waste.”

“We’ll see about that,” Grin chuckled.

“How come you don’t have a lightsaber, anyways?” Sarik asked. He was the youngest member of Omega, another human. His round face and big eyes enhanced his appearance of youth; he looked no older than sixteen.

“I have not yet had the time or materials to replace my last blade,” Kyravi said. “It is a delicate business, and not to be rushed.”

“Brace yoursselvess back there.” The Trandoshan Skipper’s voice came to them over the intercom. “We’re in range of the sstation’ss cannonss.”

At that moment, the Vulture began to shudder. The shields were holding, outdated as they were; unless they took a direct hit, the vessel was unlikely to suffer any real damage. The lights in the crowded rear compartment dimmed as all nonessential power was routed to the defenses.

They sat in grim silence for a full two minutes as Skipper guided them through the firestorm. The intercom crackled to life again. “Breaching now.”

The Vulture, rocketing towards the small space station, suddenly spun about without changing its trajectory. The rear of the lander slammed, hard, against the hull of the station. A combination of shaped explosives and fusioncutters blasted a hole in the station’s hull as the Vulture’s rear access hatch extended a self-sealing tube around the new entrance.

The commandos and the Sith Lord unfastened their crash webbing, jumping to their feet and readying their weapons.

The noises coming from the rear of the ship ceased. Skipper joined them in the passenger bay.

Captain Keboth-Don reached out and opened the access hatch.

The boarders exploded into action. Three of the commandos leapt out of the Vulture and went left, the next three went right. Kyravi stepped into the station behind them.

They were in a long, wide corridor that curved away in both directions. No enemies were yet in sight.

Keboth-Don called up a map of the station – a droid factory known as Ikuma 6. “We’re right on target.” His voice was muffled by his helmet. “Head right to Sector Besh.”

They went at a steady jog, armored boots clanking on the metal flooring. Kyravi rolled his shoulders, trying to adjust to the unaccustomed weight of his armor. He immersed himself in the Force, absently disengaging the safety on his borrowed blaster rifle.

Then he was diving forward, crashing against the wall, his Force-assisted reactions far ahead of conscious action. “Take cover!” he commanded.

Omega sprang apart. Ahead, a blast door spun open to reveal a troop of battle droids which opened fire.

Kyravi surrendered control to the Force. He aimed and fired faster than thought, downing a dozen droids in half as many seconds.

Omega regrouped, checking for injuries and armor damage. None had taken a serious hit. Ahead of them, the way was cluttered with smoking metal corpses.

Grin grunted. “Nice moves, Sith.”

“What did I tell you?” Kella asked smugly.

“Enough chatter,” Keboth-Don barked. “Sector Besh is just ahead. Ready the charges.”

They moved into the next room, stepping carefully over the droids’ remains. Two members of Oemga went to each of the rooms doors, closing them and taking up firing positions in case of intruders. Sarik, Omega’s demolitions specialist, began unreeling a length of cable from a pouch on his hip.

“Detcord,” he explained, winking at Kyravi. “Cuts durasteel like butter.” He laid the detcord out in a circle ten feet in diameter, then cut the line.

“Everyone who wants to keep their limbs attached, back outside,” Keboth-Don barked. They retreated to the corridor, lying prone among the dismantled droids. The captain looked to Sarik and nodded.

With a cheerful grin, Sarik thumbed the detonator. Kyravi hastily clapped his hands over his ears as a quick, surprisingly quiet boom sounded from the next room.

Omega rose as one, racing to the newly-created gap in the floor. Five fastened magclamps to the edge of the hole – from these issued long, thin cords by which they would rappel into the room below. The sniper, Korral, knelt to provide covering fire.

Kyravi stepped to the edge of the opening as Omega descended. The floor was a good twenty meters below and strewn with the debris of battle. More than two score of battle droids were closing in on a pair of Jedi, who stood with their backs together, their lightsabers weaving a web of energy around them.

Kyravi hopped over the edge. He fell past Omega, drawing on the Force to cushion his landing. He alighted in the midst of the battle droids, his boots hitting the floor with a soft thunk.

The closest droid was already turning to inspect him, doubtlessly classifying him as a threat. Kyravi swung his blaster rifle up and fired a quick burst into the droid’s chest, sending it toppling down. Kyravi continued his attack, spraying another four droids with blasterfire as they recognized the threat in their midst.

Then Omega landed around him, weapons blazing. From above, Korral fired round after round into the mechanical platoon below, never missing.

The battle was over in less than a minute. From their position in the center of the debris field, the two Jedi -- a male Cerean and a young woman – cautiously held their ground, lightsabers held ready. Omega had their weapons trained on the Jedi, wary for any sign of an attack.

Kyravi stepped forward, casually letting his rifle hang against his chest, suspended by its shoulder strap. “Jedi Ium-Os-Nam. I’ve heard great things about you.” He inclined his head politely toward the Cerean, whose tall, conical head was topped with a knot of dark hair.

“Who . . . what . . . are you?” Ium-Os-Nam asked cautiously, eyeing Kyravi’s armor and weaponry.

“I am Kyravi, Lord of the Sith,” Kyravi stated, his tone edged with a hint of pride. “But, believe it or not, I mean you and your companion no harm.”

The young woman’s mouth quirked in an ironic half-smile. “Yeah, right. A friendly Sith. That’s believable.”

Kyravi frowned at her. “If I had wanted you dead, I would’ve let the droids finish you.”

Ium-Os-Nam didn’t lower his guard. “If you aren’t here to kill us, what do you want?”

Kyravi’s chin rose in distaste. “I need your help.”

“Jedi don’t get involved in Sith politics,” the Cerean stated flatly, his eyes narrowing.

Kyravi gave the Jedi his best, most honest smile. “You misunderstand. We share the same goals here. We both seek the downfall of Lord Maronis.” He stepped closer, palms upraised in a placating gesture. “The thing is, neither of us can do it alone.”

Ium-Os-Nam glanced at his companion, then extinguished his lightsaber. “Consider me intrigued, Sith. Do you have a plan?”

“Always . . .”


Still not much in the way of backstory, but never fear, that will be coming in Part Three -- likely tomorrow.

Please keep the feedback coming, especially if it's negative

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10.10.2012 , 05:04 PM | #6
I love it so far!

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10.15.2012 , 01:31 PM | #7
So, I was working on Part Three, then I thought, I can do so much more with this story. So I revised my outline, moved some stuff around, and decided it was time for a flashback.

Be warned -- there ARE some spoilers for the end of the Sith Inquisitor Act III storyline contained in this part. Not much, but enough that, if you are trying to avoid spoilers, you might want to skip this post.

---------------PART THREE


This takes place approximately one week before the events of Part One. I hope it helps everyone understand a bit more about what is going on in this little corner of my Star Wars universe

Part Four will explain a bit how Kyravi got from where he was in Part Three to his circumstances in Part One, as well as continue the main storyline. I'd like to say I'll have Part Four up tomorrow, but I'm not certain.

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10.17.2012 , 05:18 PM | #8
This is another flashback. Spoiler'd for length.
---------------PART FOUR

This was supposed to be just the first part of Part Four, but it ended up being longer than I expected. Part Five, which is almost done, will pick up where Part Two left off.