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Community Event - Republic Class Championship

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Community Event - Republic Class Championship

Ailie's Avatar

10.08.2012 , 10:48 PM | #1
Hosted by Dawn!

Come one come all and test you skill against the best in the Republic!!

The guild Dawn are hosting a class duelling championship to find out who is the best at their class in the entire Republic and offering 1 million credits in prizemoney!

When: Sunday 14th October from 12noon (AEDST)

Where: Senate Plaza, Coruscant

The Rules

There will be 8 class battles consisting of each advanced class.

Dawn will nominate a player of each advanced class to start off as the 'Champion'. All other competitors will be challengers to the current champion. Each challenger will be able to challenge the current champion to a best of three duel. The winner remains as champion to be challenged. The winner is the champion who sees off all challengers.

Due to difficulties in officiating for all possible tactics in such events, all skills and consumables will be allowable including stims, pots, adrenals, out of combat stuns etc. Basically if the game allows you to do it without exploiting, it's on.

Once the overall champion of each advanced class is determined, those champions will face off to find the most skilful Republic fighter on this server

Winners of each advanced class will pocket 100K credits

The overall champion with score an additional 200k credits!

In extra notes, there will be no differentiation between heal/tank/dps specs, it is the overall best of the class in 1 v 1 duels. If I've forgotten anything else please feel free to post for discussion. Same goes with gear, bring the best you've got. Also, no companions.

The Schedule: (please note that all times are approx and will depend on timing of other class battles. I would highly advise being early for your class battle as we will run straight on if finishing early)

Shadows - 12noon
Guardians - 12:30pm
Commandos - 1pm
Sage - 1:30pm
Vanguards - 2pm
Gunslingers - 2:30pm
Sentinels - 3pm
Scoundrels - 3:30pm
Championship Battle - 4pm

To our Imperial cousins, it was easier in terms of managment to have this as Republic only, however if successful we may open to both sides at a different date. You're all more than welcome to bring along any alts you may have

If any other questions feel free to reply here or message 'Ailias' in-game

Ailie's Avatar

10.14.2012 , 08:53 PM | #2
This event has been run and won with dozens of players turning up to test their skills and determine who is the best of the best.

The winner for each class were as follows:

Shadows - Ailias Bash'wan (commendations to Spazvice, Michiru and Annais Twilight)
Commandos - Kelborn Aden (Commendations to Sharth, Arvisur and Loxi Wulf)
Scoundrels - Cexia (Commendations to Raj and Stoxi)
Vanguards - Odon (Commendations to Rock)
Sage - Mydian Telamon (Commendations to Dai, Talin, Ro'jin and Uulic)
Gunslinger - Jaqen-h'gar (Commendations to Benny Risco)
Sentinel - Huan (Commendations to Pazman and MasterSensei)
Guardians - Lucus Sorrell (Commendations to Kex)

The battle for Grand Champion was long and arduous, with no actual winner being determined. A more streamlined system to determine this will be in place for the next round, which will be coming soon, with hopefully an even bigger prize pool!

Any feedback from participants and interested parties is most welcome to help make this a bigger and better community event for the future.

TrueNovaZero's Avatar

10.18.2012 , 02:54 PM | #3
Do this regularly. Also get a list of judges so championships can be challenged during the week - some people can only pop on at certain times. Also, get imps in on this - you can still duel just leave PvP flag off but make sure you got a judge on both sides.

Ailie's Avatar

10.25.2012 , 01:04 AM | #4
Will definately do this again, as for including cross faction I did think about it but previous events made it extremely difficult communications wise. It may be better to run this on each side seperately and have a mass championship for the grand champ where there's fewer people to try and coordinate. It also lessens the possibility of people getting griefed if they happen to be PvP flagged. I once spent about 2 weeks flagged for pvp unintentionally, it just never turned off!

TrueNovaZero's Avatar

10.27.2012 , 03:24 AM | #5
Turn it on then turn it off and idle somewhere safe.

Ailie's Avatar

10.27.2012 , 06:39 AM | #6
I was on fleet for like 2 hours... it never left

Maori_Guy's Avatar

10.27.2012 , 07:51 PM | #7
I'd like to see this event again but including imperial classes.

Good idea to have a championship, Ill get on to arranging the imperial side so we can have our champions soon. Give me a few weeks and we'll have a cross faction event.

Ailie's Avatar

10.28.2012 , 03:53 AM | #8
One of the other reasons I didn't really want to include Imps as an all-in is that with too many people it just gets ridiculously hard to manage. With the smallish group we had of about 30 people it was already getting tough. Smaller just means easier.

Also, we had issues with finding the grand champ because of going around in circles with some classes beating some but not others. Would run this again using a knockout structure

SunfirePhenix's Avatar

11.03.2012 , 11:15 PM | #9
wow cool idea! sad i missed it would have been fun to watch... did n e one happen to record it?
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