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Tanking question 5 boss Terror Hm

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10.08.2012 , 04:03 PM | #1
Hey Guys

We are having trouble with phase 2 on this fight.

The tank just cant hold aggro no matter what.
Main tank is a Jugg who normally never ever looses agro
He attacks terror then taunts when he looses aggro and as soon as taunt goes of he looses agro again, retaunts and again as soon as taunt wears of same thing happens. This causes scream and spit to hit randomly thus wiping.
all of this happens before first cycle of spit/scream, and it seems like he aggro resets constantly.
We tried giving him a headstart on aggro building but it didnt help

Any good ideas on how to avoid this?

Kind Regards


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10.08.2012 , 06:44 PM | #2
what side do u have him going to? We noticed that its easier if for the tank to go right t keep the intial aggro and then have a tank on the left side taunt during scream, it doesn't overload one side with too many people. Just something we tried and has worked ever since
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10.08.2012 , 08:04 PM | #3
As a jug tank myself, i noticed this initial agro issue on our first attempts on phase two. It was always healers pulling threat, since dps goes for tentacles. So just before entering phase two, we put guard on the healers. problem solved.

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10.09.2012 , 04:15 PM | #4
Our solution to this was just having the tanks taunt back and forth at the beginning of phase 2 so the healers didn't get agro. Tank #1 can use his taunt then his AoE taunt and then Tank #2 can do the same. Then Tank #1 taunts back in time for the acid spit and scream. That gives you 30 seconds of chain taunting at which point both tanks should have enough threat from taunts/attacks to make it no longer an issue.
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10.10.2012 , 12:10 AM | #5
The key is understanding how threat works.

The problem is that every point of healing a healer does equates to 1 point of threat. Now, this isn't usually a problem because every point of damage a tank does produces 2 points of threat from stance (with a 2.5 modifier from high threat abilities). Our scoundrel healer can crit for about 7k on underworld medicine. This would mean the tank has to do roughly 3.5k damage to stay even with threat generation. The Terror however has a -75% damage buff from damage done directly to him. This would mean that in order to match the healer's threat generation your tank would have to do close to 14k damage per healer crit and 8k damage per non-crit heal. Your tank would have to do roughly 4.33k dps to keep up with a healer's threat generation ((7k*.4(crit chance)+4k*6(non-crit chance))/2=5.2k (average heal)/2.4(cast time of underworld medicine)=1.08k HPS threat.
Our healer would be gaining 1.08k threat per second (with just using underworld medicine). This would mean your tank would have to do 2.17k DPS (1.08*4(-.75 damage boss debuff)/2(threat generation bonus from stance)).

Now my tanks can't do 2.17k DPS. If yours can, that's awesome. Otherwise this is a nice little tip:

We would have our tanks guard our healers as soon as we start getting sucked into the hypergate. Once that happens the healer who has the guard of the tank whom is picking up the boss first should be the only person healing until the tanks swap. Once the tanks swap both healers can heal and not have problems.
Here's the math:
Healer 1 would generate 1.08k Threat per second(tps).
Guard would reduce the amount of threat the healer generates by 25% (healer now only generates .81k tps)
Let's say the healer pulls off of the tank at 5 seconds
Threat generated by the healer at that time would be 4.05k threat
By single taunting off of the healer the tank would be put up to 5.27k threat
healer then uses his/her threat drop and is reduced to 3.04k threat
The scream would come around that time, so the second tank would taunt off and be put up to 6.9k threat.

6.9k threat is without adding in the threat generated by the first tank's attack after taunting off the healer.

So the idea is this: let your healers burst heal until they pull off the tank. Then have the tank taunt and be put 130% threat above the healer. The healers then both drop threat. This will put the current tank at about 2.23k more threat than the healers. The second tank then taunts once scream is casting and boom, 130% more threat than the current tank, who was roughly 2.23k threat above the healers.
Have your healers use their threat drops as soon as they're off cooldown after that first healer pulls aggro off the tank and the tank taunts off. (You NEVER want to use your threat reduction move when you have aggro! this will just give the tank less threat when he taunts off and will NEVER give the tank back aggro)

That's how we do it, it worked to fix our threat problems. If it works for you, great! If not, then I hope you find a better way so we can use it too! GL!
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10.10.2012 , 06:22 AM | #6
I thought healing by default does 0.5 threat per point? Obviously the case still stands that for each crit or big heal, the tank needs to do big amounts of damage due to the damage reduction the boss has. Waiting till a healer pulls and then doing 2 quick taunt switches should solve the issue for the rest of the fight though.
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10.10.2012 , 07:08 AM | #7
I tanked this guy with my assassin Tank and healed it with my Operative.
As Assa tank you've got a huge advantage at this point. Having extra threat generating abilities regardless of the damage done.
I still started with a taunt before I was ported to the plattforms, and using my Force pull right away, since you have 0 distance to the boss on all the other plattforms but the first. Then using Wither and Discharge while jumping to my plattform to tank him.
As Operative healer, i had 2 Powertech tanks tanking him the other day, which have almost the same prob as jugger tanks. (while still having the advantage of a pull ability).
In addition to the tank guarding the healers, the healser should use their threat lowering abilities a lot. (Sorc and op healer can do that np, since it's off the global cd). You can do that right from the beginning, since you start generating aggro right from the beginning of the first phase( or better using it right after the taunt, so the Tank still gets the full aggro advantage but the healer drops well below that point..) If the tanks have the time/range they can also use aggro abilities on the boss while still in phase one. Our Powertech tank said that this helped as well.

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10.10.2012 , 11:21 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by alifaraaz View Post
I thought healing by default does 0.5 threat per point? Obviously the case still stands that for each crit or big heal, the tank needs to do big amounts of damage due to the damage reduction the boss has. Waiting till a healer pulls and then doing 2 quick taunt switches should solve the issue for the rest of the fight though.
I'm almost certain it's 1 for 1 on the heals. It's split evenly between all targets though, which makes it much easier to not pick up threat on multi-boss fights.
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10.10.2012 , 02:02 PM | #9
Heals generate 50% of their effective healing in threat. If you heal someone for 1000 effective healing it will generate 500 threat. (Overhealing generates no threat.)

Additionally, it can be lowered further by talents in the healing trees. Operatives/Scoundrels and Mercenaries/Commandos can get their heals to generate 45% threat and Sorcerers/Sages can get their heals to generate 42.5% health.

This is all assuming combat logs are accurate.
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10.10.2012 , 03:02 PM | #10
Since the boss has a buff that makes him take 75% less damage, that's 75% less threat that you do, so threat is really dicey. Healing threat is unavoidable. DPS need to not attack the boss until a ways into the phase (potentially after the first tentacle is down).

I've picked him up going into Phase 2 on my PT tank in 16man HM and we definitely had some threat issues to work on when we were first learning the transition.

Proximity matters a lot going into that phase. Make sure DPS wait at the entrance until the first tank is in position and don't DPS the boss. The tank should be the first out the gate to establish initial aggro, with necessary healers behind.

We swap Guard to healers while we're getting sucked into the portal to curb their threat a bit in the phase.

Once the transition starts, I usually hit him with 2 globals of ranged abilities as I'm transitioning to the platform upon which I tank, blow my AOE taunt, and then keep attacking until the 6seconds of taunt is up. Then I use my single target taunt. When you taunt, it forces the boss to attack you for 6sec and gives you 130% of the highest threat target (even if it's already attacking you). I work my taunts into my regular rotation on that fight (keeping one up only for Scream transitions).

Once you're all settled on a platform and have a good thread lead, DPS can attack (but they should be busy with Anomalies and tentacles).