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<Knights of The Old Order> Empire PvE/PvP LF all classes

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<Knights of The Old Order> Empire PvE/PvP LF all classes

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10.08.2012 , 11:31 AM | #1
Knights of The Forsaken Order is an secret order formed outside of the Empire. While loyal to the Emperor, we formed our secret Order to weave the threads of power between planets and systems all throughout the galaxy.

We're a fresh, chill guild with some TOR vets. We're a casual-core, progression guild with focus on endgame pve and pvp. Which means we don't penalize/reward people bassed on hours played, rather what events you sign up for and make it. You play on your own time frame.

We are a CO-GMed guild with uses our tried and tested Noble System for rank structures. This system is an effective way of forming teams for regular events and giving advice on builds/etc by class leaders.
We have our own site [here]( and our own vent.
PM me here, app on our site, or PST an officer in game: Sifora, Malrah, Zeida.

Glory to the Empire!
Knight Commander
Squadron 12-13-11