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Imp Guild Children of Korriban is recruiting

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Imp Guild Children of Korriban is recruiting

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10.06.2012 , 09:16 AM | #1
Children of Korriban is currenlty recruiting new members of all class and all levels. We are very casual and social. Email me for details at
More details below...

Hello fellow citizens of the Star Wars Universe.

Children of Korriban is a small Imperial guild that is looking to expand our numbers. We are located on the US version of the Harbinger server. We are a diverse group and would like to recruit all different kinds of people. We are casual players, but we want to get into some raiding. As of right now we do not have one set night per week for raiding, we just ask that if you are online that you do your best to help us, even if it is just with a flashpoint or any random mission. We want life to come first and understand that this is a game so let's have fun!

We are social and fun to talk with and look forward to welcoming newcomers into our guild. That being said; we are searching for compatible people who will blend well with our easy going play style and our funny and sometimes a little bit inappropriate senses of humor. Our ultimate goal is to create a core group that will grow into a cohesive Ops team able to progress through endgame content.

Our ideal candidate is:
• Friendly, cooperative, willing to help, kind, and respectful toward others.
• The group is bi-coastal, so any North American time zone is fine.
• Age 18+ -- Adult language is tolerated (and sometimes encouraged) as long as it does not become offensive. We are for sure R-rated. We appreciate a good or smart mouthed remark, but we know where the line is and don’t cross it. (Usually)
• If you are mature, have a good attitude, a sense of humor, are willing to wipe a few times to learn fight mechanics, are reliable and show up when you say you will, you will fit right in.

We appreciate hardcore players and we honor your dedication, but unless you are looking for a casual, laid-back change of pace, we are probably not the right guild for you. We want to have fun and that is our main goal.

I am sure most of you are aware the number of players in the game has dropped significantly since launch so having a guild is becoming harder and harder. It is nice having a small guild but then you have the problem that not everyone is on at the same time. The more people you have in your guild the higher the chance there is of more people being on. Sorry for pointing out the obvious but that leads me to my main point. I am looking for other small guilds that would be interested in merging with Children of Korriban/The Heretical Order. If you decide to merge with our guild your current Guild Master will automatically be promoted to officer with max officer privileges and any of your current officers with be automatically be promoted to lieutenant with the option to become an officer as we see fit. We would discuss this with your prior guild master after the merger.

To apply for membership, contact J'Nor or Xor'kerh through in-game mail.
To set up a time to meet online email us at
You can also apply though our website at, if you do take this option please send and email as well to the above email address so we can get in direct contact with you and set up a time to find you in game.

We do also have a Republic guild called Heretical Order
The website to that guild is but we prefer you contact us through the above email address and set up a time for us to add you in the game.

Thank you for considering us,

May the force be with you
Contact us at
Toons: J'Nor - Sith Marauder, J'avicor - Sith Sorcerer, Mistar'J - Powertech