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The Bounty Hunter story is broken

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The Bounty Hunter story is broken

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07.25.2013 , 01:58 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by ekwalizer View Post
I played both my BHers basically as galactic police officers. My Merc somehow ended up Light V (but that was after a lot of dailies) and my PT is Dark III or there about.

For the most part I made all my LS/DS choices based on what I would do if I was really in that exact scenario. There is almost always a non-lethal solution to every mark you encounter. When you do not have a choice and are forced to kill the mark, that is generally a hard coded event in the game. When the game forces your hand you shouldn't look at that as a reflection on the moral compass of your character.

I do fully agree that the stereotypical BH is far more likely to be a sociopath than the rest of the Imperial options. The profession simply lends itself to that mindset. Sith are indoctrinated with murder as a way of life simply by their "kill or die" academic experiences. But at some point in the life of every BH, they made an active decision to to take that as their chosen profession.
Just because Boba Fett is a sociopath doesn't mean every bounty hunter is. Go to Wookieepedia and look up "The Bounty Hunter's Creed' A bounty hunter that follows the Creed isn't at all a sociopath, in fact just the opposite. "Capture by Design, Kill by Necessity" is one of the rules. You're not an assassin if you follow the creed to the letter. I even played it that way... on one bounty this guy wanted me to kill someone, I didn't. I Captured her and I said "Here she is, she's helpless now if you want her dead, that's up to you."
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07.25.2013 , 01:25 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by Bleeters View Post
Imperial Guard: So, there's these Sith. They're called the Dread Masters. They radiate fear like you cannot comprehend. Whole armies fall before them in terror. We're trying to spring them from Republic custody. I'm also implying that if you fail to assist us here, we'll have you killed.
Bounty Hunter: Cool. I'll go free them then, despite being only losely affiliated with your Empire and capable of walking away any time I want to.
Me: (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

Skadge: I love killing people! I'm a barely constrained homocial maniac, and I threaten you repeatedly. Can I join your crew?
Bounty Hunter: Sure thing, buddy.
Me: (╯□)╯︵ ┻━┻

So on and so forth.
The Bounty Hunter story goes off the rails LS or DS after Act I, but at the end of Belsavis I stopped pretending that this was anything other than busywork to level. My second BH leveled primarily through PvP for this reason, but I still had to deal with Skadge.

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07.27.2013 , 08:03 PM | #43
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Nala View Post
The Bounty Hunter story goes off the rails LS or DS after Act I, but at the end of Belsavis I stopped pretending that this was anything other than busywork to level. My second BH leveled primarily through PvP for this reason, but I still had to deal with Skadge.
One problem... freeing the Dread Guards is NOT a Bounty Hunter mission... it's a Planet mission. So, if you feel your Bounty Hunter wouldn't do it (and you aren't an OCD completionist like me) then just don't do it.

As for Skadge, Yeah... I don't like how you are forced to take this psychopathic sociopath with you... although it's rather funny, they actually seem to have written it to the idea, at least so far, that Scourge is useful, you just have to keep an eye on him... but I make it quite clear I don't like him... and he seems to LIKE it when tell him I hate him... total whack job, Skadge.
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07.29.2013 , 12:43 PM | #44
I just started chapter 2 on my BH & so far I love the story. My Chiss hunter named "Mithrawnado" is basically a nice guy, but he realizes he's a bounty hunter so it boils down to getting paid. For instance
And somehow I'm still almost light3. Alderaan has been the toughest planet so far cause my employer wanted me to act a certain way, & I REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to hit dude for talking crazy to me. (Y'all know who I'm talkin bout) Basically my BH knows he's a "goon for hire" & if he can get it done without blood he does.....but the job always gets done.
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08.01.2013 , 07:58 PM | #45
Quote: Originally Posted by OldVengeance View Post
I know I'm not the first person to notice that a the storyline for a Bounty Hunter is completely incompatible with a Lightside character. But I don't think even I realized just how badly the storyline makes no sense until I reached the Act 1 finale. There was already an increasingly jarring feeling when it comes to gameplay vs story, seeing as a Lightside Bounty Hunter still helps the Empire do all the terrible things across Tatooine, and Balmorra for no reason other than money. But the entire first act is nothing but the Bounty Hunter hunting and murdering people for sport. There's no way this makes sense for anything but a darkside Bounty Hunter or an honorable darkside Bounty Hunter.

"Noble" BHs look like insane psychopaths or characters who make no sense. But it's not only the PC that no longer makes sense. Mako also makes no sense, she's supposedly this sweet person who disapproves of excess violence and cruelty but she leaves a literal mountain of corpses in her wake while helping to assassinate a Jedi Master because... she's competing in an assassination contest for personal glory. The entire first Act builds up her desire for revenge against the people who murdered her adoptive father but she killed hundreds of innocent people herself without a second thought. And assuming the families of those hundred or so Republic crew we slaughtered on the way to Tarro Blood don't spend all of Act 2 and 3 plotting their revenge, I will assume it never comes up again. It's like she doesn't really understand what her profession is.

I've played a villain twice in the game with TOR's story (my Warrior and Inquisitor) and liked it but those were characters which I knew and intended to be the bad guys. Sure they might be worse than my Bounty Hunter and
Mako objectively speaking, but they both know they are darkside monsters. Mako and a Lightside Bounty Hunter are murderous scumbags who don't seem to realize it. I honestly found my sympathy evaporate for both of them as I neared the end of Act 1. There are some sidequests that I decided I could skip because they crossed a line but this was the necessary finale for the class quest in Act 1.

Probably the moment that sums it up the whole disconnect between character and story and gameplay was one scene in Nar Shadda when the Hunter breaks into an office murders everyone there and then can spare the last survivor say "What do you think I am, a psychopath?" I actually began to wonder if that was intentional.

I get that maybe Lightside might mean different things for an Empire character than it would a Republic one but Why would MAko and a Lightside Hunter have any sort of moral standards when they thoughtlessly kill hundreds of others every day? The ones that either of them do want to spare seem totally arbitrary in the end.

The storyline makes so little sense that it makes me wonder why Bioware even gave me the option to be Lightsided. It just feels so sloppy.
awwww thats too bad you should have rolled an agent instead

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12.11.2013 , 09:55 PM | #46
I played my bounty hunter trying to follow the mandalorian code: earning prestige by tracking and killing strong opponents, and like many mandalorians i earn money doing so by being for hire. if that means you sometimes have targets you'd rather not kill, that's too bad, 'cause you need the creds. Another aspect of the code of honor i followed was that when my employer asked a specific thing, eg. bring the target in alive or kill the target, i'd do it. If they didn't specify, i'd kill them if i'd beaten them in combat, or not attack at all if they showed they didn't want to fight and i tried to evade torture whenever possible.


In the end, i followed mandalorian beliefs and a personal code of honor. My BH's not a lightsider and she knows it. She's simply a mandalorian, with mandalorian honor and anyone who disagrees may discuss it with her blasters

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12.12.2013 , 10:20 PM | #47
The difficulty being that the Bounty Hunter story, at least once, forces you to violate Mandalorian codes of conduct by simple extension of the fact you cheat at a contest they organised.

I mean, it's not an attempt to rain on your personal headcanon parade or anything, it's just that the Hunter story tends to shrug off such attempts at consistent characterisation in ways that are tough to ignore.

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12.12.2013 , 10:49 PM | #48
My BH is one of the few characters that bounces around along the neutral spectrum. My BH's biggest problems come from his companions (he works alone - the only one that really fits would be Mako, and even that came with hesitation on his part), and the fact that he's shoehorned into helping the Empire, a faction he couldn't care less about. Sure, there are a few Imperials he's cool with, but for the most part, he's rather neutral when it comes to the war.

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12.13.2013 , 10:13 AM | #49
I'm sort of surprised that you rolled a character on the EMPIRE side of things, and you found out that the story would have you do... things for the Empire? Even Lighty McLightersideson is going to do a bunch of things that are incredibly pro-empire and end up with a bunch of people dead.

You may not want your BH working for the Empire, but clearly the story as written the BH character gets all of his work from the Empire or the Hutts.

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12.13.2013 , 06:58 PM | #50
All true, but it does tend to make the Hunter's (possible) constant assertions that they don't owe the Empire any allegience and they only work for themselves a little comical. Because whilst all classes face that problem to some degree, the Hunter could literally leave any time they wanted.