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Paid faction change for F2p

RixoFutu's Avatar

10.06.2012 , 10:32 AM | #21
Can't happen. So much stuff is connected to your class and faction. What about just codex entries? You can't keep it, so you will start with no entry? I quess it isn't possible.
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10.06.2012 , 10:49 AM | #22
There are problems with this.

1. Your class story is tied into the republic and in order to change faction they would have to rewrite the story for the empire.

2. There are certain planets off limits to each side.

3. Your ship traveling ability which is tied to the planets you are able to get to.

4. Guilds are faction based. We cannot have cross faction guild members.

5. When you land on certain planets republic and empire land on separate areas so this would create a problem.
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10.06.2012 , 11:20 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Kilikaa View Post
It is NOt logical. Your Trooper is a REPUBLIC soldier. It has a storyline. Defecting to the Empire would not work at all. You want to switch sides? Play a BH. But faction changing in this game would not work. It would ruin the game.
You wrong.. money is stronger than the stupid saga of star wars.. I call it personally stupid because it is not an actual invention, but a disterbed ancient mythology.. story. Very well camouflaged and a good movie to spend ur time..

anyway... Blizz didnt followed the story line also, they made it vanilla and u can play as a kung fu panda, even if the worlds are the most beautiful, game is over I believe.. Everybody excpects TITAN.. then next one.. But blizz allready said is going to be EXTRA DUPER SUPER casual mmo... If they dont add tokens again.. and its mostly world content, i may buy it.

What makes you believe, that you will not be able to do anything in swtor for money in the near feature..

After all, its good to be able change sides with my current role.. lets say that "i am a sold out soldier". or " a jedi who followed the dark paths" ... They have the light and dark faction, but only for items, they could use it for other things to..

It would be great to do it, but they must add a couple of planets, so the deserters move there..

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10.07.2012 , 04:03 PM | #24
Bioware would have to

A- Make a Story Recap on all class's so if someone does do a faction change they understand what happen

B- Or the Player doing the Faction change would have to take into account that they would lose out on learning that story line and Legacy bonus

It would be a very simple prosses and me myself i really REALLY want faction change's so i can get my alts to the imp side i understand this might cause a bit of a imbalance in sides but lets face it, its already imbalance and it really don't matter, They have to put something in when you do a faction change you cant change that character back for another year or 6months or something like that.