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BINARY SUNSET - Recruiting HM Ops

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10.05.2012 , 04:08 PM | #1
edit: Tank Wanted (see latest post below)

We're recruiting!! We're a small (c.25 player) Guild. And we're that way on purpose to retain a friendly / co-operative feel.

About You:

You are:

1. Star Wars fans, or people who just love the SWTOR immersion. You've seen all the movies, ofc :P
2. Raiders. Competent and reasonable people who enjoy tackling current and HM content. You want to see the action.

You don't have to fit into both categories, we've space for social Guildies as well as raiders. Alt raids happen if you prefer to stay low-key. Our goal is to clear HM content each patch. And to do that in a relaxed manner (we will not be raiding four times a week and insisting on a ridiculous schedule - that's a quickfire way to burnout and having content lag).

About Us:

We're unique.
We have no archetypal Guild Master. No benevolent dictator. We function simply by being responsible and talking.

We're competitively casual.
One of the top-10 server progressed PVE Guilds. We'll never aim for #1 or even #2 or #3, but we're good.

Our members are mature players. Most with jobs. Some professionals. Some at University. Ages 16 - 60.

We're cosmopolitan:
Belgian, German, Danish, English, Icelandic, Hungarian, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish. Boys and Girls.

We have videos:
Here's our edits of us doing Operator IX and Terror from Beyond on patch 1.4 launch day.

Generally, recruitment is by invitation, but now we're casting our net a bit wider. If you'd like to express an interest please do contact us. We've often recruited by taking guests on progression PVE content. So you really have nothing to lose!!

Link to Guild web in my sig.

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10.24.2012 , 08:33 PM | #2
Apprentices Wanted

We now have a steady Hard Mode Ops team (still with some scope in recruiting for rotation), but our doors are now open to new and low level players. The future stars of raiding!!

If you're looking for a Guild to “grow in to” as you level up, then our experienced players are ready to mentor and support your progression into end-game.

We'll gear you up, introduce you to hard-level end game content, supply craftable end-game items, give you a place to hang out / chat on Mumble, a web site to interact with your new friends online, a team of capable players to run dailies or HM FPs with. Moreover we'll get you access to the most exclusive PVE content the game has to offer.

What do we get out of all this? You. A Guild member that's part of our team :P

Contact me or Axiareen in game, PM Me or post here if interested.

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10.26.2012 , 10:24 PM | #3
2nd Boss TFB HM Down!!

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10.27.2012 , 12:22 PM | #4
Just wondering if your enclave is open for recruitment, i have not played sw:tor for many months now but have found i have the spare time to come back and get back to doing what i enjoy most, engaging in good RP with like minded people and destroying endgame PvE, i am currently lvl 42 Human Jedi Guardian who is using Vigilance as my lvling Spec, turns out it does quite good dps! As for endgame PvE you guys probably chock a block with MDPS and i may go down a tank route if needed but for RP and for enjoyment purposes i like my current spec.

I hope you guys get in touch wether to say its a "not right now" or you know!!!

Anyway thanks for reading.

Koro Sozu

P.s I am casting my net to see what offers are out there, please don't take my interest in other guilds to be disrespectful.
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10.30.2012 , 02:57 AM | #5
Hi there, Koro.

Thanks for showing an interest in our small band of PVE'ers. Sorry, I haven't got back to you earlier, just in so noticed this post.

In response to your first question:
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Plageus View Post
As for endgame PvE you guys probably chock a block with MDPS and i may go down a tank route if needed but for RP and for enjoyment purposes i like my current spec.
We're a liitle unusual in that we have three tanks in our end-game raiding set-up, two of whom really prefer to range DPS or heal; we have four or five healers. We've just a handful of DPS, the majority of whom seem to be ranged. So melee DPS (or tank) is something we can actually find space for!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Plageus View Post
I hope you guys get in touch wether to say its a "not right now" or you know!!!
Now is a good time to have called on us as we're running "farm" Operations alongside our progress Ops in TFB HM, that's basically us gearing up new "apprentices" to join us in the cutting edge end-game content. So, atm, it's EC HM on Tuesdays and TFB HM on Fri, with a second follow-up day on flexi. We don't really RP as a rule, but we're respectful of the community around us and certainly don't discourage it. PVP isn't something we're big on though we've a few members who like to dabble now and then.

Attendance to Operations is not mandatory, we're casual not hardcore, but we do like to get value from our game time, hence opening our doors to new members. We're willing to coach and gear up anyone that's interested in joining us in the actual end-game - to give our team a bit more flexibility and colour, rather than the same old 8-10 people every week

On a more relaxed angle: some of our guys enjoy alts, some just enjoy the immersion and game time without feeling the need for Hard Mode Ops, so there's always someone about for Story Mode, Flashpoints, dailies and questing as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Darth_Plageus View Post
P.s I am casting my net to see what offers are out there, please don't take my interest in other guilds to be disrespectful.
Thanks for considering us, and hope you find the Guild you're looking for!! If you want to follow up feel free to poke me or Axiareen in game and / or jump on our Mumble server for a quick chat.

*edit: I see you submitted an app to Sol Invictus. Good look mate and welocme back to SW:TOR, maybe we'll bump into you on the Fleet :P

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11.18.2012 , 08:36 PM | #6
Tank Wanted

*edit: position filled, welcome Fictionized.

Looking for that special tank to join our ranks.

Notwithstanding our recruitment opportunities for "apprentices", we have a space for a 61 geared tank to step right into current content HM Operations.

Our Ops team currently has approx 4 or 5 healers. And a healthy split of 7 or 8 ranged / melee DPS'ers. All 61/63 geared, average age mid-twenties (we generally range from late teens to mid-thirties, one or two a bit older). Multi-national, all fluent in English: conversational and welcoming on Voice Chat. Our tank roster is running a bit thin, and stalling progression, we like to operate on rotation to give real-life a look in :P

Raids (Ops) are Tuesdays @ 20:30 GMT and Fridays @ 19:30 GMT. If you are a geared tank looking for a friendly, quality Guild and want a challenge in a safe environment, please do drop us a line!!

P.S. If you're hesitant because you're missing one or two pieces of gear, don't be. We'll be more than happy to arrange an ECHM gearing run, and or just outright buy or craft whatever you need.

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12.19.2012 , 11:47 AM | #7

Now cleared Terror from Beyond Hard Mode at 8 man.

Also featured on SWTOR Strategies' "TOR TV" section:

Here's a recent edition to our catalogue of music edits videos: this one of Operator IX HM, set to Marina and the Diamonds - just to buck the trend of Rock and Dance :P

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03.31.2013 , 03:49 PM | #8
Hello i was wondering if you were also recruiting other types of players such as normal damage dealers. I am a level 21 Jedi knight named Sierra and i am looking for a guild to join. I am mostly a role playing player but I also have no problem with PVE and PVP.

I hope you will reply as soon as you can.

Thank you.


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04.03.2013 , 09:38 PM | #9
Sorry mate, only just seen this.

Best place to contact us is here:

Drop by and say hello.