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terrible customer service and the games not even out yet

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terrible customer service and the games not even out yet

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12.13.2011 , 12:18 PM | #1
1st of all, get a system that tell's peeps how long there phone que is, may avoid my hour call with no answer.
2nd. when logged out of your site, dont ask one too go in and take a screen shot too prove who you are. whole point of being locked out is i can get in too start with.
3rd. dont put a number up with no option for security number help. automated line cut me off twice looking for it....
4th. no im not sending you my passport / driving lic as scan for proof of who i am. im not applying for a mortgage. im trying too log onto a site which should be simple enough.
searching mmo champion and reading a thread on there got me too unluck my account by resetting password within 2 mins.
5th. after all that info you have, iv installed the game weeks ago almost, used my code way back then. why isnt this active as i cant start any subscription untill thats active, ofcourse the code i used too start with is already been used.
toattal garbage response's from this company. i never post in forums but i bet theres a whole load more of you like me out there having this ****te service RAGE!!