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Simple solution for fixing dps Mercs/Commandos

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Simple solution for fixing dps Mercs/Commandos

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10.30.2012 , 05:13 PM | #41
You're over-thinking it.

This is Bioware's Dev team working on balance changes for the next patch:
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10.30.2012 , 05:28 PM | #42
Quote: Originally Posted by tehrealdealz View Post
I think right now the problem with dps mercs and commandos is that they have to stay still in order to do any kind of decent damage. (talking about the arsenal/gunnery trees) In PVE that might be fine but in PVP if you stand still for too long your going to draw attention from hungry marauders/juggs, especially if your a dps merc (yes youre an easy kill). So what I think BW should do is make it so that tracer missile/grav round can be casted while moving. That will fix the issue of mercs/commandos being nothing more than turrets in wZs.

Also another thing is mercs/commandos need an ability like "Hold The Line" which will make the merc immune to all movement impairing effects for 8 secs AND give them a 30% speed boost. Those two changes right there will solve the problems dps mercs are having in WZs.
I played a level 33 arsenal merc and a 33 pyro merc and i have to say Pyro is alot better for PvP, I got alot of mobility and the only thing I have to stand still for is 2 shots which is only short lived cause most of the time I get enough crit to fire another insta rail shot while the guy is burning.

I can dish out around 200k in a WZ with the pyro merc and about 100-300k WZ with a arsenal merc, it depends how targetted I get but I seem to get ganked most with all my characters and my alts so its hard to say how effective it is a pyro without being zerged I think I can do more because I got so much damage from spamming rail shot over and over again, but I get zerged alot as a Merc.

I seem to not have issues with heat as much but thats just me, I honestly as Pyro's dont suffer needing to resort to using normal shot as often as Pyro.

As for against Melee you got a few tricks to push them back or root them (which sucks) or stun them twice, of course you also got shield and a +15% more health and a quick heal as well.

Of course being zerged doesnt help but neither do any classes cause when I get zerged by my Sorc, my Jugg, my Operative or my Merc no amount of CC will stop me from dying (unless I get heals which my Jugg has the best survival).

One more thing, I know a very good Merc in my server who can dish out nearly 1 million k damage, but the Merc gets targetted alot so its a good test of my healing skills. We end up having the entire Republic squad on us while we have 75% chance of winning WZ in this case, but it does get annoying to be targetted like that no doubt.