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Bioware fix Marauder bugs.

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10.07.2012 , 10:14 AM | #11
I will say, when I used to run annihilation a lot I noticed a lot of things with Annihilation and Ravage not having fly text occasionally. The damage still shows up in logs though, so guessing its a graphics glitch. I use carnage for PvE now though (Its amazing, doing 2050 on dummies, and last night beat everyone in group by 450k damage on Terror HM) and haven't been getting *any* of those glitches with ravage. Kinda odd, but w/e; its bw

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10.08.2012 , 12:21 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by NogueiraA View Post
Hi there, valor 92 marauder here and I want to show some bugs of this class.

1 - Force Choke: - 80% of the time my FC build only 3 stacks of shockwave, not 4. No, i'm not moving myself before the cast bar finish.
- In PVP when i'm using FC in someone, simply the target leaves my FC without cc breaker. This happens in PVE too.

2 - Vicious Slash - the animation of this abilitie is very buggy. Sometimes almost finishing the animation then lag input or whatever refreshes the animation, then doing damage. You did 2 vicious slash but only 1 count.

3 - Annihilate without damage, parry, miss or whatever.

4 - Bloodthirst is not affecting everyone in the group. Yesterday in Terror From Beoynd this happened twice, 3 people did not get my Bloodthirst.

5 - Smash with NO damage, you can see the number, but no HP drop from your enemy. PVP and PVE.

6 - Last ravage hit without damage, parry, miss or whatever. No, i'm not moving myself before the cast bar finish.

English is my 3rd language, sorry about that.
CONFIRMED 100%. Still you miss 2 more:
1. Leap do not set in place targets specialy JK or shadow (regardless their imunity moment they move free untouched by leap).
2. Deadly saber same bug as leap for Carnage spec do not root the target (regardless imunity momentum).

I also supect intimidating roar not working proper. Most annoying is VS wich have long delay animation.