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[HEAVY SPOLER] Reflecting the storyline

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[HEAVY SPOLER] Reflecting the storyline

Rabenschwinge's Avatar

10.02.2012 , 05:41 PM | #1
I just finished the Imperial Agent storyline and I must say, it blew me away. That was really intense and better than a whole lot of single player game stories. I am sure most of you have heard all this a billion times before, but i just had to post my impressions.

A very personal victory in the end was to find out that Watcher 2/Keeper has the same name as my character - Shara, Shara Midnight in my case. There is probably hardly any agent who can claim the same, definitely not on The Progenitor. I actually I learned that by coincidence a couple of days ago but it's still a great thing. I had to hit the escape key a couple of times before I got that answer - I knew it had to be there after all - but I still enjoyed it.

It didn't start out all too well. When I heard that Darth Jadus starship blew up it was my first thought that he'd done it himself and it was painfully obvious that all the leads would end with him in the end. However, the details were still very well made. The first encounters with Hunter, the woman on Tatooine I let go, even though I considered myself a loyal agent of the Empire at that time. In the end, the dialogue with Jadus was pretty impressive. I chose the dark side option - and I really had to think about it. "I am not hero".

Act II in turn surprised me completely. Being trapped, not being able to say what you want to say, not even to Keeper - it might me really feel with my character. The return of Watcher X, working with the SIS and finding out how the Empire was really to blame for programming, breaking into the Minstry of Information headquarters, that was quite a story. I wish I could have shown the Minister that I was angry, but not angry at him, but at the Empire and the universe at a whole.

This story changed how I felt about the character, really. It actually changed her, from an enforcer who is loyal to the Empire because it gave her purpose, a hunter and killer who was in some ways not so very unlike Kaliyo (though more subtle, not taking pleasure in mayhem, but the hunt and the "clean and silent kill") without any real tendency towards the light or the dark side, more and more to a character that is mostly light side in the end.

In act II was also the moment on Hoth, when I felt lost, betrayed by the Empire (of course betrayal was to some degree expected, but not like that) and I came in contact with the Chiss Ascendency. Suddenly she wasn't an alien anymore, but with her own people and for the first time she wondered whether she wasn't fighting for the wrong team. Hadn't Aristocra Saganu between those sweet kisses encouraged her to go on with the Empire she might have wanted to stay, but of course she couldn't possible have done that.

And finally act III. Fighting the impossible enemy, without any real outlook to success. My, was I glad to see Keepers face again, I was hoping it was she when she first showed up as cloaked figure. I realized full well that without help I would have stood no chance and be lost in the new role the Empire had assigned me to. God was this, Darth Whoever a brainless idiot, not realizing how was being toyed with and his foolish pride.

Curious how much like me the minister of information was. Good to know that after all is said and done, some people were still on my side, whatever side this may have been. I don't know. Are there any agents out there who have actually given the Sith the black codex? I can't imagine anyone could possibly be so... well, make that choice. I took it, reaped 200 light side points (minus 50 for sniping one of the council members earlier - I am a sniper after all.) The last confrontation, the last revelation with Hunter was great. I truly respected her, even though I hated her for how she had used me.

The story on Voss made me us reflect on what we really wanted and there could be no other thing then being free. "Then you are truly healed". Achieving that victory in the end was a victory like no other in this game.

Of course the story itself has ended now, but considering all the things my character could do... making sure that the Minister doesn't have to sacrifice like he fears he has to but help him slip out of the grid and finds a nice place to retire. Maybe on Voss where I still have some influence. Helping the Empire with the war, while fighting the Sith who exploit their people too much, trying to make the Empire a better place as the Minister tried to. Help Vector with his agenda. See Coruscant and the heart of the Republic and work with Shara on all that. And maybe one day try to meet Aristocra Saganu again.

Rest in peace Hunter. The dark times will catch up with me again, but this is a moment of victory.

PS: If I may utter one wish to Bioware - I know she's not strictly a companion, but make Watcher 2/Keeper/Shara a romance option, at least in the very end. Free of any gender restrictions.

CNS_Sarajevo's Avatar

10.02.2012 , 06:21 PM | #2
My character was similar to Kaliyo in the beginning too. I patterned him after Snake Plissken in Escape from New York. His first loyalty was to himself, and he supported the Empire because it paid better than being a bounty hunter. He was enraged by the destruction of Jadus' ship and the terrorist threat, and happily took on the role of protecting the Empire from terrorist attacks. He took Jadus' betrayal like a kick in the chest, destroyed the ship and stopped Jadus' plan.

At this point he would have gladly considered defecting to the Republic, and that was when he was caught in the story of chapter 2. At that point, he lost all allegiance to either side, and his only goal was to do the right thing. Forget the Empire, forget the Republic, break the rules and do the right thing -- at which point he evolved into Michael Weston in Burn Notice. The "free agent" ending was perfect for him.

Rabenschwinge's Avatar

10.03.2012 , 12:17 AM | #3
Ah, my agent was never enraged about the destruction of Darth Jadus' ship. Firstly it occurred painfully obvious that this was Darth Jadus own doing, secondly it gave her an opportunity to hunt. She wasn't happy about it either, after all a lot of good people who would have been important to the Empire died. As far as she was concered that's just the way war goes.

I noticed from some other thread titles that there are several endings, but I really don't wanna know about it, because this was perfect.

Hm. Now that I think about it - maybe I should encourage Shara (i.e. former Watcher 2/Keeper, not my agent herself) to see the Voss healers as well... it may help, who knows. She may not be able to fight her way through the ritual alone, but if I could bring a companion, so can she - me.