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<The Quietus Initiative> is Recruiting!

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<The Quietus Initiative> is Recruiting!

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10.02.2012 , 12:36 PM | #1
Name: The Quietus Initiative
Server: Jung Ma (RP/PvP)
Alignment: Sith Empire
Type: RP/PvE, PvP
Leader(s): Penndarin (Guild Leader), Ismal (Co-Leader)
Recruiting: Currently Open. Interviews are required.
Classes/Races: All
Region: USA, usually active EST afternoons and evenings

Truth and Silence

The Quietus Initiative has a history almost as old as the Empire itself. Though its members have historically been eradicated, their mission, their philosophy has endured through a coded manifesto known as The Quietus Pact. This document, written by the First Dominus Machina, is handed down to each new leader. Traditionally the full Pact is read only once and then hidden away. The pact is often cited, and over the years excerpts have been made known.

The world that I see, the world we all strive for, is the image of perfection. Peace, or war, brought through Truth, made into a shape that serves us; a society perfect in the eyes of its citizens and rulers alike for if one controls truth, then one controls society.

Guild Information

The Quietus Initiative is a secret society that operates from the shadows to manipulate galactic politics. With agents placed throughout the Sith Empire, the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order, it guides the course of the galaxy. With a firm belief that they are acting with the galaxy's best interest, they advance their agenda, regardless of the cost.

Guild Background

The true age of the Initiative is only known by the Dominus Machina, the mysterious leader of the Initiative. Those who are inducted are members for life and don't often have the opportunity to retire. In recent history, a great purge has occurred, as the Initiative's enemies acted in concert to nearly destroy them. Now the Initiative starts anew, spreading its net to bring more Blind Thralls into the fold.


The true ambitions of the Initiative could only be known by the Dominus Machina, or at least, the three Dominae who guide the Initiative's actions.


Neither beholden to Sith or Imperial values, the Initiative values agents from all walks, whether they be Lords of the Sith, Imperial Officers, Jedi or Mandalorians. New recruits, Blind Thralls are expected to follow orders without question as only by following the path laid out by the Dominae, can Blind Thralls expect to open their Minds, Eyes, and Ears.

Other Details

We're a small close-knit guild originally from Ven Zallow with characters at a variety of levels. Our primary focus is on roleplaying, but we also enjoy PvE, PvP and other events. We welcome players of all classes and playstyles; we have no problems with helping new players learn the game or how to roleplay. All we ask from potential applicants is to show the same courtesies that one would expect with any mature guild,

Applying to the Initiative:

The best way is simply to contact one of the leaders in-game, either through whisper or mail. Registering on the guild forums will also be required if one is admitted to the guild. Any further questions can be addressed here or by contacting the leaders. Those who are admitted to the guild and wish to participate in RP events will be inducted formally through in-game RP.
Penndarin Vayne
<The Quietus Initiative>
"Truth and Silence"

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11.17.2012 , 11:00 PM | #2
I'm in!