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Here's Where We, The Community, Went Wrong

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Here's Where We, The Community, Went Wrong

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10.11.2012 , 02:15 AM | #61
Yeah, these exact sorts of posts and complaints is a huge part of WoW's community too. Everybody has something to complain about. There is never enough content and classes are never perfectly balanced, every new patch ruins the game forever, ect. So I would not place too much weight on what all these timeless whiners complain about, some people are never happy.

Relax, It's just a video game, guys.

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10.11.2012 , 07:27 AM | #62
you know, all the "It's not MY fault! I'm not a dev, so I can't be blamed for acting like a brat! My screaming rants and trolling don't bring down the game quality!" rants in this thread are kind of amusing to read =P

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10.11.2012 , 10:51 AM | #63
Quote: Originally Posted by Torbernite View Post
Yeah, these exact sorts of posts and complaints is a huge part of WoW's community too. Everybody has something to complain about. There is never enough content and classes are never perfectly balanced, every new patch ruins the game forever, ect. So I would not place too much weight on what all these timeless whiners complain about, some people are never happy.

Relax, It's just a video game, guys.
Well said, I tired of all the whiners in WOW and starting to here as well.
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10.12.2012 , 01:38 AM | #64
Quote: Originally Posted by Thulcondar View Post
Well said, I tired of all the whiners in WOW and starting to here as well.
I actually think the haters have quietened over the last few months, I think it is no longer cool to hate on TOR, they seem to have moved on to GW2 lol

I would have said Feb through to May were the worst, some horrbile feeling flying around the forums for TOR then. Don't get me wrong there is still some negativity around but these day most of the 'complaint' threads seem to have valid content to them rather than "This game Sux" or "This game is big fail".

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10.12.2012 , 11:47 AM | #65
Quote: Originally Posted by Goretzu View Post
That was Bioware EA, not the fans fault, they were aiming squarely at it.

A bigger mistake though was so completely copying WoW. The should have copied the best stuff from at least SWG and DAoC/WAR too.

It will - especially if all it tries to be is The Elder World of Scrollcraft Online.

That's just plain silly. If they'd got RvR right things would have been much better, if they'd not released early (SWTOR shouldn't have been released till 1.2) things would also have been better. Again neither of those things were the fans fault, it was down to Bioware EA and EA higher-ups.

They've already said class stories are on a way back burner because of this issue.

Except they copied all the bits from WoW that ARE about getting 1 or 2 characters Uber.

I dunno why myself, again some of SWG good points would have added to alting a great deal.
I agree with this 100% but id like to add a few things,

SWG had the best pet system of ANY game I have ever played, unfortunately they nerfed it beyond rediculous and finally removed it.They should have had the hindsight to know people loved creature handlers, tkms and all of the stuff that made the masses flock to wow.

they tried to go in a different direction with swtor? to most it looks like they tried to make a quick buck, Why did wow get so big in the first place? thats a simple answer, all the players who hated trials of atlantis, the nge and everything else EA was doing at the time migrated to wow because it came along at the right time when all those things were happening.It wasnt that great, however it was better than what was being done to the games we were playing.

Alot put alot of hope into this game being better than wow, but as I sit here typing I am constantly reminded by this sony vaio i7 I payed all that money for that sony,ea and any company affiliated with them only care about the $$$$. this sony I own has spent more time off than it has on.It was warrantied yet they refused to fix it, recalled yet they refused to honor that and the thing wont even run a EA game.its why I no longer buy sony PC's they are overhyped and overpriced JUNK.The same is apparant of their games.

I preorder 2 copys of warhammer online, I live in america.They sent me Euro versions of it.The pre order codes they promised came a full freaking month AFTER the game opened up.Thats the service you can expect.And like the many not discussed MMO's like matrix online, mco etc..this ones doomed by such practices too.
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10.14.2012 , 08:56 AM | #66
For me, this game went wrong in only 1 department. LACK OF CUSTOMIZATION AND UNIQUENESS

- Everyone looks the same...
- Worst armor design in this game i've ever seen for a Star Wars title. It COULD NOT, look more like WoW. ONLY trooper's and some of the Bounty Hunter's outfits look star-warsy and iconic. EVERY OTHER Class' gear looks HORRIBLE. So bad, that I hope that one of the devs they fired was the guy who designed this stuff.
- You can't color armor pieces at all, let alone individually
- Extreme lack of armor/clothing appearance options
- Can't decide what weapon you want to wield. Can't be a pistoleer Commando or a rifleman Bounty hunter. Which is i think THE BIGGEST upset for me. Some people like sages class, but prefer a double bladed lightsaber. Horrible game design there.
- No sandbox elements of owning housing and items...can't do anything in your ship either. Not even color changes.
- VERY cookie cutter feel to talent-trees. Only 1 or 2 advanced classes are able to hybrid efficiently. Everyone else is 1 of 3 trees. Very boring.

...blah, I could go on and on for hours.
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10.14.2012 , 03:40 PM | #67
I found it hard to keep myself from loling when you said KOTOR's twist is "widely considered to be one of the best in gaming". But otherwise I agree with most of your points...
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10.17.2012 , 11:21 AM | #68
Quote: Originally Posted by MilesTheFox View Post
We should not be allowed to complain about a lack of content for the entire first year.
I'm just gonna come out and say it. If you were one of the players that hit 50 in the first week, you shouldn't even be allowed to post on the forums, and if you complained about lack of an end game in that time frame, you should be permabanned with no second chances.
This is the first MMO of it's kind - story-heavy, fully-voiced content. That is what the majority of players liked the most in this game; the leveling and the story. Content like that is going to take more time to generate. And I certainly hope that's the kind of content that is consistently generated, because if not, F2P or not, this game will fall even further than it has in terms of sub count.
This game is not about having one character and getting better and better and better gear (that's actually what I detest most about MMO's). No, the Legacy system was built around re-rolling once you hit 50, to experience another story, and the Legacy system gave you options to have a small leg-up with a new character.
A bit dramatic for my tastes, but I agree with the spirit of the sentiment. Nothing makes me want to apply my forehead to my desk quite like people complaining that any new MMO doesn't have all the content and features of an MMO that's been out for three or four years, or longer.

I also feel inclined to share a post by the user "DrSnerkles1" made on Massively that touches on this. The text in the quotation marks at the very beginning is text quoted from the article to which he was responding.

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10.17.2012 , 09:12 PM | #69
Feeling pain because the game should have been released at a later patch date is just carrying excess baggage imho. I personally lost nothing between release and 1.3 when RWZs were implemented (loved 1.2's customizable UI) , but did gain a front row seat to the game's evolution. Besides the new players could not give a rat's arse about how the game launched because what the game is and has now is all they care about.

From an expectation standpoint, a good chunk of the gaming planet (not just the SWTOR community) freely speculated on what a wildly speculated initial price tag would bring. In five years I wouldn't be surprised if Facebook became a rant target because their platform won't handle the level of F2P multiplayer games the instant gratification customers they helped spawn want to play.

MMOs from here on out will have a rough time justifying to the gaming public any design or development decision they make because everyone has (or pretends to have) a microscope now.
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10.18.2012 , 04:26 AM | #70
I think I had two big problems with the game, both caused by my incessant Altoholism.

1) You will always level in the same places. There are no alternate zones, there are no Optional planets. There are bonus series, but in general you will do the same planets in the same order. Always.

2) The legacy system stymied my alts. Because so much of it is gated by huge costs and not just simple unlocks I had to more carefully plan out what alts I wanted bonuses on. Did I want to drop 500k on a character for faster levelling just to experience the story? I would make the money back over it's lifetime sure, but that's a big dent in the wallet of someone who also goes out to purchase Legacy armors along with gearing his own characters for various tasks at 50 (You may not believe it, but I've played since before open beta and still have only ever completed a single raid, HM KP).

I realize I'm not everyone of course! I'm not good at collecting large sums of money or knocking out content, but I love the stories. I took a month break or so to test out GW2 (Imagine my disappointment at the corpse running zergfest dungeons and the sad matter of only getting cosmetic gear at the maximum level. I can't even make past content easier because of level adjustments! Still a fun and pretty casual game though), but now I'm back and must say I've missed TOR. I missed the plight of a quest giver, or the dramatic tempo in the background as my Sith rises in power, or thematic pull at my heartstrings as I must confess the truth to a new widow. It just...has that fun factor. We may get burnt out and wander off.....but I think I'll still come back to TOR as long as pulse beats in the servers.

....too bad my server is sparsely populated! Even then, I shall endure with my guildmates!