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Rank the stories 1-8

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10.07.2012 , 07:42 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by mphill View Post
The Consular story line is kinda meh, IMHO. Got it up to Corellia and haven't progressed any further so I cannot comment on the ending.

Inquisitor is really cool too. Up to Corellia on that one also. Maybe I'll finish that one tonight.

Those are the only 50's I have. The rest are either right before or right after the Act I finale.
IS , BH story is good,
and i agree with JC,
it is just so boring, a painful leveling experience,
i wounder it is the worst story in swtor.

BTW IA story is not that good as ppl said,
BH is more fun than it.
English is not my first language, still working on it.

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10.07.2012 , 09:19 PM | #52
Quote: Originally Posted by oakamp View Post
BTW IA story is not that good as ppl said,
BH is more fun than it.
Yes, it is that good if you like intelligent storylines in which every action you take will come back to haunt you in some way or other. You know, a story that makes you think? In which you feel involved? I have two agents, both operatives, one 50 and the other 43. My merc is in limbo at level 40 because after taking that first IA to 50 the BH story is just...meh.
Anyway. In order:
1. IA
2. SI
3. SW
4. BH
5. Smug
(I obviously don't play Pub much )

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10.07.2012 , 09:29 PM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by Izorii View Post
5) Sith Inquisitor. This was just terrible. I wanted to gain power, manipulate people, be a diplomate but I felt like tomb raider with lightning. I found the entire chapter 2 and 3 a complete waste of time, all the actual power I got seemed to come from 2 minor flash points and all the time on the planets was pointless. I kept eating ghosts but got no more powerful then I had to go and fix myself. Also not once did I make a choice and wish I hadn't done it, non of my choices seemed to matter, large chunks made no sence at all and at the end I was just happy it was over.
I agree with this, I rolled SI first and I felt like I was playing that other game running through tomb after tomb after tomb.

1.IA - As a male, you get to be macdaddy galore. As people have stated before, a true spy story.
2.BH - Storyline was a little repetitive, especially early on and meanders a bit near the end. But honestly Mako is just so well done. Really good dark and light side options, from the companions to the quests you could roll either way and still get value from the story. There are a few really unique class quest moments and the voice acting and facial expressions on the toon I happened to make worked so perfectly. The only toon I have ever bothered screenshotting just for some ****** smirks/glares
3. SW - I think this is my own fault. The story was pretty epic and could easily have rated it second... BUT I rolled with the most melancholy face I could find which meant the supercilious voice acting didn't work. I also only went to level 1 darkside and felt the story was lacklustre without the full dark side vision.
4.SI - Voice acting is fun, some great one liners but overall it didn't feel Star Wars enough for me as stated above

My smuggler just finished 2nd Chapter and it feels kind of "meh" besides the one liners. JC and JK just finished Chapter 1 so no opinion yet.

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10.07.2012 , 10:25 PM | #54
Here is how I rank the class stories 1-8.

1. Jedi Knight - Best ending for sure. Entire story is a lot of fun. I love the ending!
1. Imperial Agent - Good story. Great story, depending on your choices.
3. Sith Inquisitor - Dang I wanted to woo Lady Zash. Is good story.
4. Trooper - Good story. Love the droid! Has one part, that broke my heart. Difficult choices for sure.
5. Sith Warrior - Hard for some to finish solo. Very interesting story, lots of sith politics.
6. Bounty Hunter - Chap One I liked, Chap 2 some twists you don't expect. Chap 3, was ok.
7. Smuggler - One part on Alderran was great. Best One-Liners for sure!! Good story, some holes.
8. Jedi Sage - Ok story. I just don't care much for chap 2/3. No real, holy cow moments for me.

Ok thats how I rated the class story lines. 1 being my top. Now playing wise, I'm not good with Knights or Warriors. I enjoy Bounty Hunters/Troopers. And my top choice is Sorcerer/Sage play. Mostly Sorc cause the lightning is just fun.

Companion Wise:
1. Bounty Hunter - Yes everyone says Blizz, I love him. But Skadge is AWESOME! I like all of the companions. None of them are too annoying.
2. Jedi Knight - Great companions. Best for male characters and finding romance.
3. Trooper - That droid is just awesome.
4. Sith Inquisitor - For awhile one companion is actually two. Xalek rules btw
5. Sith Warrior - Companions aren't bad. I really dislike the one though and someday I'll force choke him. Finish the story and you'll know who. Vette is great.
6. Smuggler - First companion, he just gets on my nerves. The fish guy is a hoot.
7. Imperial Agent - One bugs the heck out of me. They are all kinda psycho, and I don't trust any of them.
8. Jedi Consular - Trando is a nice guy, but sick of him and his score. Guy with Holiday is fine. Rest I can't stand.

1. Imperial Agent - Awesome interior, great layout.
2. Trooper - Another great interior. Wish I could make it little less military inside.
3. Sith Inq/Warrior - Fury is a fine ship. One I fly and do space combat with the most.
4. Smuggler - I do like it, but seems like forever to move around. Big ship for sure.
5. Bounty Hunter - Interior is ok, wish I could fix it up. Outside, it's like flying a toaster.
6. Jedi Con/Knight - Middle part is just awful. Ok for space combat, but interior sucks.

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10.08.2012 , 09:39 AM | #55
have not finished smuggler or tropper...yet.

Each story was pretty fun though and offer something different. The Jedi ones are on the bottom because i did not like the companions as much. I felt my crew was perfect for all my imp players, I put BH up high since i really felt that I was "just a simple man, trying to make my way in the universe."

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10.08.2012 , 10:48 AM | #56
Quote: Originally Posted by Kyneris View Post
I know exactly how you feel. I must have missed something epic when I levelled my Jedi Guardian because in the exception of the endings to Chapter 2 and 3 it wasn't all that amazing imo.
Hehe. Yeah. I don't know the ending of chapter 3 yet. The ending of chapter 2 left with mixed feelings. I enjoyed playing it very mch, but there were some flaws in it, the way I see it.
Spoiler for the Jedi Knight ending of act II: