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Alignment (LS/DS) of Ashara Zavros (Spoilers)

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Alignment (LS/DS) of Ashara Zavros (Spoilers)

Chaloss's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 04:58 AM | #1
This post contains some minor spoilers concerning SI companions. Mostly just names besides one Ashara talk which includes important event for this.

It seems to me a lot of people hate her due to inability to turn her to dark side. Especially the fact of being class supposedly master manipulator not being able to turn apprentice. Concerning that complaint I would say keeping her with you as LS also requires constant manipulation especially if you DS.

Personally I think most people do not even bother to ask SHOULD turn her to DS. In my opinion regardless of main character alignment you should NOT turn her, but lets see both alignments:

1. DS Ashara

First question is would her personality be more like Zash or Xalek? I would wager on Zash, but who knows? If Zash type then you would keep researcher which she already done as LS side as well. Talos, especially with your resources, makes that bit redundant.

Skills wise already in LS Ashara is master combatant and going to DS would most likely remove moral inhibitors keeping her from using those skills in more deadly fashion. In other words you would gain powerful assassin against your enemies. It sounds nice....if you already did not have Khem Val before her and later also Xalek. In other words you gain some redundancy rather than unique value.

Unfortunately it also would mean she follows Sith code. So now you would have two apprentices who might just be waiting for opportune moment to kill you. Especially if she is like Zash then she would be a lot more dangerous than Xalek who to me feels direct type rather than schemer.

2. LS Ashara -- She could do some researching, but as with DS redundancy with Talos would be there.

Combat skills wise in my opinion she is more skilled than Xalek, but her morals prevent her being useful assassin.

On other hand as she does not follow Sith code you do not have to worry about her scheming to kill you. In fact she makes good deterrent to whatever plan Xalek might come up with as both she and Khem Val would most likely kill him should he try something. There is some possibly threat if she ever figures out you been manipulating her (for those that do) all this time, however you being master manipulator it would never come to that..right?

Most importantly you would gain means to manipulate other Jedi. Already in story she manages to gain you allies among rogue Jedi. Those allies can be very useful regardless of your alignment. Would it be for information, using them as weapon against your enemies or some other purpose. In theory I think she could infiltrate places, get information and so on as Jedi. None of this would be possible DS. Main issue here would be again to get her to do it, but I am sure master manipulator can handle that.

errant_knight's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 11:08 AM | #2
My assassin is LS. He doesn't dislike her because she's ls, but because she's so annoyingly pissy, lol. He gets seriously irritated when he goes out of his way to give her something really nice and she says 'that's quite nice' in that disinterested tone. There's such a thing as manners, jedi.