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Black Hole Crisis Weekly

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

zorroazul's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 10:34 AM | #11
Okay my friends, I also have severals characters (5 at lvl 50) so to break monotony, I usually do the black-hole mission during the week. On monday, I did it on 3 of them (both rep and imp side), Now yesterday I tried it again on my other 2, didn't work. Same problem as the rest of the poster.

TheWookiee's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 11:31 AM | #12
I am having the same issue. The weekly for EC is not showing up. I have had group members try to share and it says i am locked out. I know that i am not locked out since it has been over 2 weeks since I have even set foot in EC.

ElCucuy's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 03:43 PM | #13
Just adding my voice to the wailing and gnashing of teeth. I was with four members of my guild, most of who haven't even logged into the game in nearly two weeks, and definitely not the characters we were playing, and none of us could get the Weekly. We could pick up and do the others, but just not the weekly. It told all of us we were ineligible.

We put in a trouble ticket, but it's been 24-hours and not even an acknowledgement that the ticket has been received. It's the weekend, so who knows, maybe that's normal.

El Cucuy

Samoth_Nomad's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 06:35 PM | #14
Adding myself to the list of folks that cannot access this mission. I havent been to the BH in 2 weeks. Went today to pick up the mission, it's gone. It's not in my mission log.

Codename_Zero's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 08:07 PM | #15
Same, none of my characters can access this mission.

TalantMAJR's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 01:44 AM | #16
I can't access them, either.
So, hopefully, this is a bug?
Hopefully, simply because BW responded to it the way they did, this isn't intentional.
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Darth_Taral's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 07:21 AM | #17
Is this a server-specific problem?

I picked up the Weekly quest on Saturday (along with all the dailies) and then played them on Sunday. No problem.

I'm on Prophecy of the Five.

Anariodin's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 08:11 AM | #18
So below is a reply from this forum, it made me laugh. The link is a Screenshot from what the ingame helpdesk people said... Quite the opposite.

Quote: Originally Posted by Tirvaak View Post
Hi Pirana,

I think it might be best to try and verify if you have done this mission with the character in question this week. I would suggest log a ticket to look into this. Once it is verified we will be able to tell if this is a bug with the quest or if it was already completed.


Samoth_Nomad's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 09:50 AM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Anariodin View Post
So below is a reply from this forum, it made me laugh. The link is a Screenshot from what the ingame helpdesk people said... Quite the opposite.
you gotta be kidding me........ugh

yoshua's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 09:55 AM | #20
this removes end of torvix as viable content. there is absolutely no reason to run it even once now. The loot it drops doesnt even come close to what you get from sm operations, let alone hard mode flash points.

way to go bioware. Why remove black hole commendations from the area specifically named after them?

..... all of these stealth nerfs are making world of pokemon: panda edition look a whole lot better. I love this game but constantly being slushied (glee reference) absolutely sucks. Walking around the corner expecing something cool to be there (1.4) and then getting dumped with a ton of stealth nerfs is detrimental to the trust relationship between the company and your consumers.

get your act together, this is unacceptable.

And what happened to the BH comms from NiM KP? no one has answered that question yet either.
Yoshua Acero
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