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Tanking stats discussion

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Tanking stats discussion

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10.01.2012 , 06:41 PM | #11
I'm curious about this topic from a Tankassin point of view, since I'm trying to help my brother build out his Assassin for tanking. I find it a lot of fun to tank, and I'm trying to let him see it for himself.

However, I play an Immortal Juggernaut. I'm in essentially full Columi gear, and I've been targeting the following stats. I like mitigation, as it feels quite epic to simply walk into a room full of mobs and shrug off their damage.

HP - As many as I get from full Guardian armorings and Elusive mods.
Defense chance - 30%
Damage Resistance - 40%
Shield - 50%
Absorb - 50%

Now, I'm not an expert, but this is where my stats are as of now. (Fudging a little because I'm not in game atm and MrRobot doesn't have the new moddable offhands yet)
HP - ~21,000 Unstimmed.
Armor - ~7200
Damage Reduction - ~45.7%
Defense chance - ~27.3%
Shield - ~48.1%
Absorb - 45.1%

What is everyone's opinion of those stats? I'm sincerely curious, I want to know what I should focus on as I get my Rakata / BH / Campaign set filled out. Every healer I've grouped with says I'm a great tank and easy to heal for. (I love how Juggs have like... 5 defensive cooldowns)

I definitely need new implants... Too much accuracy on the ones I have.
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10.02.2012 , 07:06 AM | #12
Your guild leader is wrong.

Put simply, a larger health pool with less mitigation just means you are putting more pressure on your healers. You will take more damage and count on your larger hp pool to soak it up, but that will require your healers to work harder.

Endurance stacking is foolish.

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10.02.2012 , 09:37 AM | #13
Kitru said it all. The only slight clarification I will add is that endurance *is* a survivability stat for shadow tanks, and it has a value that can be measured in terms of survivability added. At the fully augmented, min-maxed campaign gear level on a mitigation-stacking tank, endurance is worth about half the value of the same points in defense, shield or absorb. That's a lot more than most people would think though, and since endurance has other benefits, I *do* dip into my mitigation budget a bit to push up my hit points, but not far.

I'm right now (post off-hand itemization) sitting at 26.5k HP stimmed. I would probably bring this down a bit, save for the fact that the itemization of mods STRONGLY pushes you toward endurance stacking. The problem is that the mods which are endurance-heavy have a larger stat budget (by quite a bit) than the ones which are not endurance heavy. Thus, as a shadow/assassin tank, swapping 26 mods for 26B mods loses mitigation, but actually *increases* survivability (21 pts of Endurance vs 9 pts of <mitigation>). Much to my annoyance…

Anyway, I absolutely subscribe to Kitru's philosophy that average survivability is preferable to effective HP (worst-case survivability) in this game. It just seems that for shadows/assassins, optimizing survivability does not necessarily mean optimizing mitigation. It's a hard line to play though, because the differences between the stat allocations are so tiny. If in doubt, just shoot for 30/65/60 on your mitigation. If you want to play cute tricks with endurance as a survivability stat, make sure you do so with spreadsheet in hand.
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