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Assassin Specs - Deception vs Darkness

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Assassin Specs - Deception vs Darkness

Sinicklesaint's Avatar

01.27.2012 , 02:38 AM | #21
i have a 50 assassin in battle master. i leveled all the way to 50 in deception and only recently started trying madness, that being said, ive learned that madness is mainly a pve build, especialy against bosses, the dps flys better and is more consistant because of the dots, on the opposite, deception is an awesome pvp build, voltaic slash is a great cheap force ability that does decent damage, also surging conduit is a nice 3rd stance for assasins , it procks stacks to increase damage and increases discharge damage output,also the survivability in deception is better then madness for the simple reason that theres less needed to be done, the rotation isnt as spontanious as madness and it definitly frees you up to pay more attention to surviving in pvp.overall every build has its own benefits and each. the only problem with the madness build as an assassin is the 10m range limitation as opposed to a sorc. if people have any questions though id be happy to help im on swiftsure names sezzi.
Travis Toussaint

gkshow's Avatar

01.27.2012 , 07:41 AM | #22
I leveled as deception up until 32, then switched to 23/0/0 (I am 32 atm) in order to build my 23/0/18 hybrid.

To be honest, with a DPS companion (I use andro atm), I think my down time is less as a Darkness built than Deception.

My survivability increased a lot, I don't lose as much HP as before, and Andro can AoE down lots of mobs.

Now, the reason I switched to this spec was so that I can tank FPs, I haven't done any yet, but eventually if I see that I can't tank, I'll swap to Deception to get VS.