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Youtube is the biggest spoiler ever

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Youtube is the biggest spoiler ever

Injudicator's Avatar

09.28.2012 , 01:41 AM | #1
I have been watching all kinds of videos on SWTOR. Some are guides, some are nice music videos, but for the love of God I canot escape Youtube trying to spoil SWTOR for me. I constantly get suggestions with character final story quests or Companion X does Y because the truth is Z... I'm starting to just log off when browsing Youtube, too much spoil

Has Youtube suggestions spoiled something for you as well? Would you rather log out and be safe or log in to be able to view your favorites and subscriptions but to risk constant spoils?

hillerbees's Avatar

09.28.2012 , 04:52 AM | #2
You said it mate - just stay off youtube and just play your character as you want to play it. What does it matter what effect it has on your story - its YOUR story! It is handy though for datacron hunting etc though, I will give it that.

kalistea's Avatar

09.28.2012 , 07:58 AM | #3
Youtube spoiled something big for me! I played a female LS sith warrior and as I was looking for some DS version of the quests that I did...


So I have to thank Youtube for that

Larity's Avatar

09.28.2012 , 08:13 AM | #4
rather experience for myself, only thing i ever saw on youtube was the LS agent ending again, cause it was awesome.

Darth_Vicente's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 02:51 PM | #5
Yeah, nothing worse than youtube videos (or thread titles) with spoilers IN THEM so you can't avoid it even if you don't watch (or read).
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zorroazul's Avatar

09.30.2012 , 03:11 PM | #6
Sadly, I also been a victim of the spoilers knife not only in this game, but in most MMOs. So whenever I go to a specific class thread, I always avoid anything that has these words: why, brother/sister, love, ending...and especially, run away everytime it has either "kill" or "die".

It takes some time and lots of practice, but yeah, we can avoid spoilers.

SamuelAU's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 12:44 AM | #7
Youtube spoiled some of the Jedi Consular storyline for me.


I've managed to avoid spoilers for IA though, where I'm up to Voss. The only storyline where I'm completely in the dark!

Letallis's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 08:01 AM | #8
I find general chat to be worse than youtube. People blurt so I just keep the chat window closed.
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Eillack's Avatar

10.01.2012 , 08:32 AM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Letallis View Post
I find general chat to be worse than youtube. People blurt so I just keep the chat window closed.

I'm all for the Youtube videos though because of how they are extremely helpful. And besides, those aren't "My endings," etc. Those are some other player's endings.