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Flashpoint gripe: too many skippable bosses

Galandro's Avatar

09.27.2012 , 12:22 PM | #1
I realize we live the fast-paced world of go-go-go group finder, but as much as love this game (and I truly do), the number of skippable bosses in flashpoints is just bonkers.

Battle for Ilum is bad, but Taral V is the worst. What started as good little flashpoint with a cool story is now just a bunch of trash and one mini-boss. That a massive wardroid who apparently is programmed to keep intruders out of the main base lets you saunter right by is silly. That the general in charge of the installation doesn't care if you stroll around him and steal his rare technology is dumb.

Look, I get it; folks just want their BH coms and spending a few extra minutes fighting bosses gets in the way of that. I don't blame the players for taking advantage of bosses who leash and reset or have pitiful aggro radii. That's the designers' fault. However, in my opinion, those mechanics are not just immersion breaking, but immersion shattering. I used to enjoy Taral V, but not anymore. It's just not fun.

There isn't a single drop from any flashpoint that I need or want, but when I pop on for my daily HM, I don't mind making the most of it. I'm not saying every trash mob needs to be killed, every bonus quest completed and every boss laid low, but when I spend more time in a flashpoint NOT fighting than fighting, then I think something is out of whack.