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False Emp after 1.4. Jindo

Reavana's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 10:28 PM | #1
So 3 guildies and I random queued this up after today's patch and ran into a major problem with th second boss. The turrets that were supposed to shoot down the ship were bugging up and not shooting.

We ended up having to kite the main boss all the way back to the bridge and fighting him there and when dieting just respawning back in the same area to kill him off.

Just wanted to point this out and let people know that it was bugged cut there was an ugly way around it

vojinsa's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 11:15 PM | #2
let him get a stack or two and then shoot at his ship. this happened to my group and this strat worked well. i kinda like this new feature (bug) since it took a minute to think about it.

just had a WoW flash back to Jindo the Pug Breaker lol.
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