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Disability issue, please help

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.06.2012 , 09:20 AM | #61
I really hope this is included in Tuesday's patch. Efok obviously puts a lot of effort into playing this game and enjoys it. Personally, I would rather see this issue fixed instead of all the other ones.

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10.06.2012 , 02:19 PM | #62
Thanks for the update, Tirvaak. Please let us know if you know when the fix will be released. I look forward to playing again soon.

Efok's Avatar

10.06.2012 , 06:26 PM | #63
Thank you very much for the update! I hope it's Tuesday because I'm having withdrawal lol

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10.09.2012 , 12:36 PM | #64
I have been reading this forum and am having similar problems and am wondering if it's been resolved. I have hgh level paralysis and use a track ball for movement etc. I have been playing since february and love / loved the game. I set the screen in windowed mode and use the standard onscreen keyboard with windows 7.since update 1.4 it's a nightmare using the chat window, it only takes 1 letter at a time and constantly activates skills, windows, anything except words. It worked fine before, it's very frustrating trying to comunicate with others and explain tacics etc let alone the problem at my end. is this problem sortable as it's so frustrating and taking the fun away.

Efok's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 03:17 PM | #65
No, it's not fixed yet. I got this email from CS last Thursday:
Greetings Ofek,

Further to our phone call your issue is being looked into and will hopefully be fixed in one of the upcoming patches. Probably not the very next patch but the one after is the estimated eta at the moment provided there are no additional issues that come up.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue has caused.

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So, hopefully next week?

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10.09.2012 , 03:28 PM | #66
it's a great's hard enough playing with a disability but when you can not communicate it spoils things.keep fighting on.

Essence_of_Light's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 05:23 PM | #67
Just hang on guys, I feel sorry for you and I wish you the best of luck. Everyone (or at least almost everyone) here is on your side. Take care and have a great day.

Have a happy Rodian.
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10.09.2012 , 08:11 PM | #68
As someone who is in the same guild and plays on the same raid team with Efok (O'fek in game), I can talk to the skill he has to work around the onscreen keyboard. I am pretty disappointed that after almost every patch, things that were working properly prior to the patch, no longer work as intended. 1.1 it was the sound that BW didn't accept as being a problem, 1.2 it was still a problem and other things went wonky. In 1.3 there were ops issues that were fixed shortly after and now 1.4 we have Ops issues to contend with that were fine before the patch and the onscreen keyboard issues that would get swept under the carpet for another day if it weren't for people like Ofek that will not allow someone from CS to blow them off.

Not that this is the forum for it, but I am still waiting for the fix for companions that won't have them appear if they are in a group of 3 or more after being on a speeder, elevator or moving into another zoned in area. Even when they are in a party of 2. This was supposed to have been fixed early on (according to the forums devs), but I still haven't seen any movement in this - or many - of the problems. I am also questioning why, when they say they are bringing more stability to the servers that for the next week I experience more lag and server crashes. Not sure why they break things that were working fine before.

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10.11.2012 , 04:40 PM | #69
The bug seems to be fixed with patch 1.5 on the PTS. I hope they includie the fix before 1.5 goes live.
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10.12.2012 , 06:32 PM | #70
Last night's patch seemed to have fixed it, thank you!!!!!

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