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Rage Quit

Habbak's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 07:38 PM | #1
Not one to complain often and trash a game that I generally approved of but.....What exactly does the worthless dev team do all day, toss darts at a board and see how what class they can screw over next?? I am sure you window lickers are adequately happy with the "Incendiary Round's range has been reduced to 10 meters" nerf but I would ask the question why? As a prerequisite for High Impact Bolt which maintains a 30m range the target must be suffering from a dot i.e; the incendiary round that you fools just changed to 10m. Why would a ranged dps class want to be at 10m?? I could see if I were perhaps a tank (which I was until your nerf of Juggs/Guardians making them incapable of being a viable dps class) but I am not in close combat nor do I care to be. With subscriptions plummeting and world of warcraft releasing an x-pac it truly is puerile, pissing off the few players that do remain. I am not hanging around for you to ruin another class-while you idiots are looking up the big word...I am cancelling my subscription- die in a trooper fire!!