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no more black hole comms in story EC?

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CarlaMcLean's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 04:40 PM | #1
I'm currently in a raid group that just downed zorn and toth in story mode EC and there were no black hole comms on the boss. I can't find anything about it in the patch notes. Was this supposed to happen?

dscount's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 04:45 PM | #2
The said increase on HM, but nothing about removing from SM.

•Chests in Explosive Conflict no longer contain Black Hole Commendations. They now have increased amounts of credits and crafting materials.
•Bosses in Hard Mode Explosive Conflict now drop 5 Black Hole Commendations each.
Reference Link: Why not?
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Eternalnight's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 04:57 PM | #3
Also they completely removed the blackhole commendations from Karaga's Palace Nightmare mode.
Something which was not on patch notes, but seems to be the case now.

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09.26.2012 , 05:00 PM | #4
I suspect something is hosed. They can't remove all BH Comm's without a mention of it even in patch notes. They had been pretty clear about removed from Chests in EC and increase to Bosses.

I'd log a ticket with the instance owners name and all the players included. Seems VERY Strange this is happening.
Reference Link: Why not?
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CarlaMcLean's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 05:40 PM | #5
My group decided to quit after the tanks due to the seeming lack of comms for the rest of the operation. I really hope this is a bug and isn't a permanent change, because if so there's really no reason to run it anymore!

Mechrophilia's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 06:21 PM | #6
Don't you just get them at the end of the op now?

Kubernetic's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 07:32 PM | #7
Yeah, this was a rather disheartening change.

My guildies and I have just been gearing up our characters so that we could get to EC and TFB, and had only been able to run through EC twice so far, and now this. How are we supposed to get the gear that lets us run Hard Mode if even the Black Hole comms have been removed?
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09.26.2012 , 07:40 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Mechrophilia View Post
Don't you just get them at the end of the op now?
That kind of defeats purpose of comms. They are supposed to be small reward, even if boss didn't drop any loot for you, you still get comms and somehow can progress with your gear. Removal of comms from bosses means that unless you got your drops or done whole Ops(something pugs tend to have issues with, by their very nature), you get absolutely nothing from it, except wasted time and lockout(it's rather hard to find new group to kill only last 2 bosses)

TFB SM bosses also currently don't drop comms.

Caligari's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 07:52 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by Elear View Post
TFB SM bosses also currently don't drop comms.
Ugh, I really hope that both of these situations are's crazy not have the bosses drop them!

Hyryu's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 08:23 PM | #10
I thought that they removed the BH comms from the chest but not from the bosses. This would stink if true.
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