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Ops, Flashpoints yet nothing really new

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Ops, Flashpoints yet nothing really new

Majedron's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 11:59 AM | #1
Personally and I do mean personally I would like to say that Ops and Flashpoints take to long to complete/find a group but then again looking back I'm not a loyal customer after the issues they had back with I believe 1.2 or was it 1.1. Enough of the Ops and Flashpoints and super gear from these can't the average 2-4 hour a week player get anything truly new like a planet or local quests other than the same old daily crap? Wonder why this game is failing because people where looking for something special I for one since it was closed in part to the release of this game am looking for a SWG replacement Pre-CU preferred and this is no where close. BioWare you are great at RPG for instance ME, DA and KOTOR those 3 game series rocked but you really need to in my opinion again to re-evaluate your MMO strategies. That's all and to all of you that wish Flame on cause honestly this is my opinion I just needed to state it.

In short you could have done more with 1.4 other than Flashpoint, Operation and Nerfs out the arse.