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Does companion expertise help?

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Does companion expertise help?

Jabrunn's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 09:19 AM | #1
I have a lv. 50 Jedi Shadow that is always flagged for pvp in swtor. I am always looking for an opportunity to gank another player while I run my dailies. I have outfitted my companion Nadia Grell with some of the mods from my Battlemaster gear in order to give her expertise, in the hopes she will be able to do more damage to other players. My question is, does this help or was this a waste of time and credits (to pull the mods from the bm gear)? Thanks for any help you can provide.

Technohic's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 09:27 AM | #2
Wondering as well.

My sniper has Dr Lokin in hand me down expertise gear. No big deal, but if it does work, I might invest time to catch him up.

Kashilrong's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 09:55 AM | #3
Yes they do. Torian Cadera and I almost always destroy people on Ilum.

UGLYMRJ's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 09:57 AM | #4
Expertise DOES have an affect in open world PvP and expertise on a companion would as well, but only in PvP situations. Expertise does not have any affect vs NPC's.