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350 BH Comms Implant

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10.12.2012 , 12:32 PM | #131
Quote: Originally Posted by Evensong View Post
It's way easier to get comms after 1.4 /shrug
It is easier to get bh comms now, I agree with you, but there is a really big disconnect with the value of the item and the cost. An example that comes to mind would be the default bh belt/bracers, you could spend 20-30 bh comms to get a bh belt/bracers, or you could just make your own moddable one and get better stats, does that mean there is No value to the bh belt/bracers? Absolutely not, there is value to getting it if you'd rather just drop 20-30 bh comms for a bh belt than go out of your way to get the mods for an orange one, which in most cases require overpriced 2 million credit armorings off the gtn. In that respect, people short on credits and unwillingness to do dailies might just do gf quests for a week or two and get their bh belt. But let's say the bh belt was 350 bh comms, the "value" of the belt goes from average/above average to completely nonexistent. At that point, there is more value in doing dailies for a week/farming credits for armorings for a moddable belt than in farming bh comms for the belt that, in the end, will have worse stats than the moddable one. That's the problem. As others have said, if it were a properly itemized piece with superior stats, people will see value in it, even if it's 700 bh comms per implant, but when you have a dps/heals implant that stacks endurance and lowers mainstat, as others have pointed out, not only is there zero value to the item, but it is overpriced so ridiculously. Thus, much like the ~lvl 14 legacy gear priced at two thousand fleet comms (20 days of running every single space mission) that no doubt abysmally few people actually bothered to farm for, these implants will remain untouched, just taking up space on the vendors and fostering the ire players. There simply is no value to the majority of the implants, and for the few that do, will no doubt be farmed from TFB, RE'd, then sold on the GTN. There really just is no reason for these implants to be on the vendor at those prices, unless they're redone and the stats are adjusted or the prices are lowered into the bh/belt bracer range.
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10.31.2012 , 02:40 PM | #132
BIOWARE - Please FIX the STATS or Price tag.

150 Black Hole Comm's appears to be a common "Real" number folks can live with.

Personally... this just means I'm going to sell more RE'd (61) items to purchase Hazmat later for $2 million each instead.

Thank you!
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