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Dark side Consular works or not?

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Dark side Consular works or not?

Tyreanthil's Avatar

09.24.2012 , 08:21 AM | #1
As subject line says, does this work at all, fun and story wise?

It seems to me dark side on republic side is overall borked, so I'm asking in advance, before I ruin or reasly choose my character's path

Thx so much in advance

PS I have not decided yet, shadow or sage btw.

Thank you!
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09.25.2012 , 06:48 AM | #2
Nobody ?

As in story, choices made ?

Any advice/ comments welcomed...

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tmage's Avatar

09.25.2012 , 07:36 AM | #3
I haven't progressed very far in that particular storyline but a DS consular seems incongruous considering
which would be an odd thing to do for a dark side aligned person to do.

herrisdevio's Avatar

09.25.2012 , 03:50 PM | #4
as a darksider you can just opt to kill the masters

Kacynski's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 06:23 AM | #5
In my personal opinion the Jedi Counselar is the only class with a class story that only makes sense with one alignment. While a dark side knight and a light side Sith Inquisitor seem borderline to me, a dark sided counselar would seem completely odd in the class story line.

The dark side guardian I could perceive as selfish, obsessed with fighting, becoming more and more mercyless with the enemies of the Republic, so I could make some sense out of it. As a Counselar your class story is deeplz entwined with the Jedi Order and Jedi lore, I couldn't see how the order would let a dark counselor advance in the ranks of the Jedi.

My advise: For all other classes choose the path you like, but for Counselar choose light side.

Jadothan's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 06:25 AM | #6
I leveled my Sentinel with my brother's sage. He went all light. Ive seen it before, so I decided to go dark on my Shadow. Seemed fitting and the choices seem merciful. Although if you've seen the light side comparison, it wouldn't be quite so.

RendValor's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 08:11 AM | #7
A dark side consular makes perfect sense. Just because you make "dark side" choices doesn't mean you're attuned to the dark side of the force or that you're aligned with the sith philosophy, it just means you're more pragmatic. It's similar to the Paragon/Renegade choices in Mass Effect, regardless of the choices you make you're still a hero, you're still a good guy fighting for the republic against the evil of the sith, the only difference is in how you solve conflicts (lightsaber to the face or "hey here's my vital strength").

In the movies, you could say Mace Windu was a "dark side" jedi in SWTOR terms, what with him not trusting the kid star in the jedi order and choosing to kill Palpatine, even though killing prisioners is against the jedi code and even though he was right on both counts.
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kustrin's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 11:24 PM | #8
Lvl 44 Dark 3 Sage here.

To me going Dark doesn't make sense with the Consular story, at least in ACT 1.

I supposedly have this special power that allows me to shield people from mind control, yet after I break the spell and set them free...I... kill... them...? Where's the rehabilitation? Where's the second chance? Why would I kill them when I can send them off to be a hermit somewhere and meditate on the evil they have done while being mind controlled?

Doesn't make sense to me that the Jedi Council doesn't send someone to arrest me or at least investigate why everyone I am sent to save ends up dead lol. I have more Jedi blood on my saber than Malgus does.

Act 2 and 3 make far more sense to me as a Dark Jedi.

jarshr's Avatar

09.27.2012 , 03:08 AM | #9
Darkside Consular makes perfect sense, but what I think bioware writers didn't realise is, you really have to read between the lines and make huge assumption for it to work.

how does this work? well


lol long

however ultimately darkside does work and in many parts is great, yet chapter 1 darkside actions are unexplained and full of holes that frankly, bioware writers should have stamped out 3 years + ago.

Tyreanthil's Avatar

09.27.2012 , 06:52 AM | #10
Wow what great responses

Apart from chapter 1, I'm tempted to go dark side now

Many carmaker options on republic feel wrong in most cases, not pragmatic, just dumb bolt on on goody goody 2 shoes all the time


Thx again
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