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Star wars Episode 1 (rewrite) Timeline

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Star wars Episode 1 (rewrite) Timeline

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09.22.2012 , 06:59 PM | #1
This is a timeline for the fan fiction thread, Star Wars EPISODE 1.

BGR- Before great Resynchronization

1,000 BGR- Ruusan Reformation: After Lord Hoth defeated the Brotherhood of Darkness, killing Kaan before he
could use the thought bomb, Hoth consolidated his forces and went to Coruscant. There, it was decided that the Republic would become an Empire- using the newfound freedoms of this government type to protect the interest of the Jedi, and the citizens of this new Empire. Bane survives Sith massacre, goes on to form the rule of two

960 BGR- Lord Hoth dies; succeeded by his son, Tarsus Valorum. Tarsus expands the Empire's galactic territory

875 BGR- Tarsus meets death at the hands of poisoning by his own son, Eixes Valorum. Eixes introduces the Jedi Lords, personal bodyguards of the Emperor.

843 BGR- Eixes dies in battle conquering Onderon; his son Keela Valorum claiming the throne.

823 BGR- Keela introduces the Imperial High Council, giving them power to rule beside him.

808 BGR- Keela builds the Imperial District

804 BBY- Keela dies, Jine Valorum takes the throne.

794 BGR- Jine Valorum leads the Empire into a golden age, conquering much of the known galaxy.

782 BGR- Imperial spies come in contact with the Chiss

776 BGR- Chiss-Imperial war begins. Imperial worlds sacked.

771 BGR- Jine dies defending Coruscant, Chiss forces dissolved, Jine's son Aguareth Valorum claims throne. Marries Chiss princess.

740BGR-Aguareth leads the Empire in relative peace, rebuilds worlds destroyed by the Chiss War

730 BGR- Aguareth dies, his son Taeli Valorum claims throne.

715 BGR- Taeli gives Nal Hutta autonomy; Nal Hutta becomes first non Imperial government in known space

705 BGR- Taeli grants Rodia autonomy

703 BGR- Taeli dies of sickness, his young son Aguareth II takes the throne
Relative peace for 640 years

63 BGR- Jedi Master Yoda removes the Order's ties to the Empire, separating the Council from the Government

59 BGR- Qui-Gon Jinn Knighted. Dooku becomes a Jedi Master

58 BGR- Mace Windu seated on the High Jedi Council

57 BGR- Palpatine Knighted, Dooku takes Sifo Dyas as an apprentice.

40 BGR- Hyperspace War begins

37 BGR- Mandalorians join Stark's confederation

36 BGR- Juga Valorum killed, Young Finis takes the throne. War rages in the outer-rim. Binka clan withdraws support for Stark

18 BGR- Imperial armies, led by Jedi purge Concord Dawn

16 BGR- Iridonia razed by Empire, teen Jarjar flees. Young Maul found by sidious

6 BGR- War ends, Imperial Victory. Yoda leaves Jedi Order with his handpicked companions. Finis dissolves Imperial military

4 BGR- Dooku leaves order for unknown space on good terms

0 BGR- Shimi Skywalker moves to Tatooine, pregnant with Anakin

9 AGR- Anakin discovered by Obi-wan and Qui-gon on assignment, Qui-gon leaves Council to find Yoda

15 AGR- Anakin sent on Assignment with Obi-wan to end Trade Federation blockade of Naboo. (Current)