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The Remnants of Hope - Galactic Republic - PVE/PVP

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The Remnants of Hope - Galactic Republic - PVE/PVP

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09.22.2012 , 05:02 PM | #1
Remnants of Hope
"Light From A Few Can Be A Beacon To Many"

Alignment: Galactic Republic
Imperial Sister-Guild: Vestige of Despair
Division Commander: Zedwas
Guild Officers: Aloriana [PVE], Tamon Edom [Crafting], Parjai Horn [PVP], Zek-anlai [Recruitment], Xha'li [RP], & Tyrtaeus [Imperial]
Focus: Player vs. Player, Player vs. Environment, & Crafting -- [Endgame Achievement]
Raiding: 9:30PM-12:30AM EST -- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, & Monday
PVP Nights: 9:00PM-12AM EST -- Monday & Wednesday
Recruiting: Mature Players
Timezone: Eastern -- International
VOIP: Teamspeak3
Number of Members: 100+
Recruitment Status: Open

Current Guild Progression (2/25/14)

Hardmode Eternity Vault - 5/5
Nightmare Eternity Vault - 5/5

Hardmode Karagga's Palace - 5/5
Nightmare Karagga's Palace - 5/5

Storymode Explosive Conflict - 4/4
Hardmode Explosive Conflict - 4/4

Nightmare Explosive Conflict - 4/4
Storymode Terror From Beyond - 5/5
Hardmode Terror From Beyond - 5/5
Nightmare Terror From Beyond - 4/5
Storymode Scum and Villainy - 7/7
Hardmode Scum and Villainy - 7/7
Nightmare Scum and Villainy - 0/7
Storymode Dread Fortress - 5/5
Hardmode Dread Fortress - 5/5
Nightmare Dread Fortress - 0/0
Storymode Dread Palace - 5/5
Hardmode Dread Palace - 5/5
Nightmare Dread Palace - 0/0

*Unyielding, Infernal, & Furious Titles Attained*
Golden Fury Run on a Weekly Basis

About: Remnants of Hope was founded on June 7, 2009, and have remain dedicated to Star Wars: The Old Republic ever since. We have been able to maintain a positive image and reputation that has established itself over the course of our existence. While we partake in all three aspects; PVP, RP, and PVE. Our main and primary focus is, and always has been, the community itself. Our philosophy is if the community is healthy, then everything else will fall into place.

Now, you may be thinking well, if our primary focus is the Community of our guild, well what about the primary aspects of TOR? PVP, PVE, and RP? I can honestly tell you that this does not get in the way of our efforts and overall success within Star Wars: the Old Republic. Our community is comprised of many experienced and skillful individuals who are committed to our success 110%.

In addition to being a guild dedicated to Star Wars: the Old Republic, at the request of its members, Remnants of Hope has transformed into a multi-gaming guild to accommodate Guild Wars 2. Over the past 3 years we have undergone changes but continue to improve with age and experience. We strive to provide an engaging environment for all players to play the way they want. Currently we have about 50 members playing GW2, with 150 approximately in the guild total.

Goals & Mission: Remnants of Hope stands for a lot of things, truthfully. If our atmosphere shows anything, it shows our integrity, maturity, respect and our very will to survive. Now that last one might seem a bit extreme, but our undying loyalty to our guild and the loyalty shown by many of our members today have risen from the ashes of what would have kept many guilds down! We are ever evolving and ever improving as we continue to age and grow.

What we stand for is to serve as a place where one can escape from their daily struggles and stress of life, to simply enjoy their time that they have to spare. Our motivation is to simply ensure that everyone has the best experience that we can offer! As one of our memberís favorite phrases, "Light from the few can be a beacon to many," we hope to empower and prove inspiration to many of the guilds within the SWTOR community. For us to endure what we've been tossed and continue to go strong, we only hope that all of the guilds thrive! Though we may serve as an example, certainly we strive to become better and stronger with each passing day! What do we stand for? Hopefully as a beacon of inspiration to any who join or any who compete, we all have one common goal among us and that is a pleasant gaming experience!

Gaming Focus - PVX: Remnants of Hope wants to give you the opportunity to build your own playstyle. This means we offer PvE, PvP and RP. The great thing is you can literally play the way you want! Donít care for PvE but love PvP? Go for it! Not so hot for either PvE or PvP but want to really immerse yourself in your character through roleplay? Not a problem. Whether or not youíre casual, semi-hardcore or hardcore, weíre right there with you. We have dedicated officers for each focus, committed to giving you what youíre looking for. We take PvP very seriously, and continue to progress in operations and new content both competitively, and casually as a community.

We don't plan on limiting ourselves to one thing that the game has to offer, but all fields that we can conquer as an ever-growing community. Our focus is far from linear like some guilds might be, and we will make the best of everything we're given! Some will learn much more quickly than others, why not have our membersí help you reach full potential and maximize your enjoyment of the game? So, we have three primary focuses, 1) Community, 2) All aspects of the game, and 3) Your experience within the game!

What We Offer:

Aside from giving you the freedom to choose your playstyle, we also offer many features to our community.

  • Awards system for community recognition
  • Highly active Website and forums
  • Teamspeak 3 server
  • Events Calendar loaded with new events each day
  • Large community outreach
  • Active RP community
  • Organized PvP and PvE
  • Family friendly community and environment
  • Dedicated leaders

Join Us - Start Your Journey Today!

What We Look For:
  • Good attitude
  • Maturity
  • Friendly nature
  • Teamplayer
  • Active
  • Respectful, motivated, and sociable

The best -- and easiest -- way to join is to come to our forums at and register as a user! From there, go to our Application Center and then fill out the application form shown in the thread labeled ~Remnants of Hope Application~! From there, think a bit on how you want to be perceived, like a job interview! Surely you would not give one-word answers to impress someone! Put thought and time in to your application, there is NO rush or time limit! Add substance to your answers, give us a chance to judge your application properly and let it represent you as an individual! State your case as to why you feel this guild is the RIGHT one for you, and surely you'll get exactly what you wished!

Once your initial application has been accepted, you'll go through a TRIAL phase, in which you'll be able to access a large portion of our forums! Introduce yourself to the guild first and foremost, put yourself out there! Check out the policies of our forums which only improve everyone's experience upon logging on to the forums! Once you've shown the ability to be active (15 posts or more) and shown who you are to the people you'll be associating with in the near future you'll be interviewed by a member of the Recruitment Committee! (Not nearly as intimidating as it might seem.) After two weeks pass and you have completed all the Trial Objectives, you will become an official member of our community! From there, your journey within the Remnants of Hope begins!

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09.27.2012 , 05:05 PM | #2
I would like to congratulate the following people for being accepted into the Remnants of Hope as Trial Members. I hope you enjoy your stay, and best of luck with the membership trial! Happy to have you among us.

~ Zek-anlai Zekoyah
~ Velok Sciuri

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09.28.2012 , 12:21 PM | #3
Interested in joining a community that has been around two years prior to launch? Interested in running the hardest content in the game, in addition to ranked warzones? Have a knack for roleplay, and would like to immerse yourself into the realm of SWTOR? Look no further! The Remnants of Hope offers a worthwhile experience that you can enjoy and have fun while playing alongside caring, like minded individuals. We offer a wide variety of features, such as:

1. Highly active and engaging Forums and Website!
2. Our very own Remnants Store!
3. Maintained Teamspeak3 communication Server
4. Deluxe Event Calender
5. Member Award System!

If you feel the Remnants of Hope is the right fit for you, and your interested in joining our awesome family, then stop by our website and fill out our Application today!

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09.30.2012 , 03:08 PM | #4
Our Guild Progression has been updated!

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10.01.2012 , 02:19 PM | #5
I would like to welcome our newest member to Remnants of Hope:


Good luck with your trials.

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10.02.2012 , 05:40 PM | #6
I would like to welcome our newest member to Remnants of Hope:


Good luck with your trials.

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10.04.2012 , 04:42 PM | #7
Welcome all new members to the Remnants of Hope! Glad to have you with us.

Our Endgame Progression Group #1 is scheduled to run Hardmode Terror From Beyond tonight in an effort to get past the third boss! Wish us luck.

Stop by and submit an application if you would like to get involved in our endgame progression efforts within Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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10.09.2012 , 09:12 PM | #8
Everything looks great, keep up the good work!

[Ebon Hawk] Remnants of Hope - Kelborn Vestex
"Light From A Few Can Be A Beacon To Many"

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10.11.2012 , 09:47 PM | #9
I would like to congratulate the following people for being accepted into the Remnants of Hope as Trial Members. I hope you enjoy your stay, and best of luck with the membership trial! Happy to have you among us.

~Noxath Sabien

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10.18.2012 , 03:59 PM | #10
I am curious, I assume you are a Light Side guild? Do you have a comparable Dark Side?
Remnants of Hope/Vestige of Despair
PvE ♦ PvP ♦ RP