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Star Rider--Recruitment thread

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09.21.2012 , 04:58 PM | #1


Guild Website:here

Time Zone: North America (Eastern Time)

VOIP Server: Yes, will get info once you are accepted in the guild

Age Requirements: 18+ is preferred, thought few exceptions can be made.

Recruitment: open to all classes and open to both light side and dark side characters.

About the Star Riders: The Star Riders is a Republic guild is all about three things: exploring the galaxy, expanding our knowledge of the galaxy and knowing the values of teamwork. Teamwork plays a huge part in MMOs and so in this game is no different, knowing how to be positively social with one another is important. As part of the Star Riders, we will explore the friendly and dangerous parts of spaces, gaining better knowledge of whatever we find new in the galaxy. The Star Riders will also help any Republic allies in any kind of trouble and carry on the fight against the Sith empire wherever they may be. As members of Star Riders, our motto is "We ride through the stars and beyond".

Class Ranks
In the Star Riders, we are not just looking for people who want to help lead and expand the guild, but those who want leaders to help members explore the abilities of their chosen class as well. This rank system is set up on six rank positions for each class. However though the Grand Star Commander, CrimsonForce, and PvP, Raid and Galactic Officers are not apart of the rank system, they are only in charge of running the guild. To apply as an officer for the guild(8), PvP(4) or Raids(2) just simply apply next the "Officer" area in the application, so long as there is a position still open, along with experience as an officer in other MMOs. The guild is looking for people to be the leaders of each class, so long as they have great knowledge and experience on their classes. Also, rank system set up to base on time and experience on Star Wars MMOs you have played, or any other MMOs for that matter, depending what you write on your applications, meaning you can only go up in ranks, never down.

Head Commander: Crimsonforce

Galactic Officers: 6 Spots OPEN

PvP Officers: 4 spots OPEN

Raid Officers: 2 spots OPEN

Jedi Knight Class
Jedi Grand Master
Jedi Master
Jedi Knight

Jedi consular class
Head Jedi Elder
Jedi Elder
Jedi Consular
Jedi Apprentice
Jedi Initiate
Force Sensitive

Trooper Class


Smuggler Class

For any addition questions or information please pm me.
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