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Covenant of the Phoenix is recruiting!

caeadwen's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 05:48 PM | #1
Covenant of the Phoenix is looking for more mature players to join our us in SWTOR, Prophecy of the Five Server.

We are a international multiple game guild that's over a decade old. We're welcoming all players from any class, level, and faction. That's right! We have a Republic and Sith guild presence on PotF.

We offer an open guild format that allows our players to do anything they want to do; from loafing and chatting either in-game or via our mumble server, running operations, ranked PVP, casual PVE/PVP, world boss hunts, and guided datacrons hunts. We also have open world clashes between our chapters here.

You can head to for more information and see the list of other games we have chapters in.

Or feel free to contact us in-game for more info or an invite.

Sith Empire - Covenant of the Phoenix - Eendiwena
Galactic Republic -Covenant of Phoenix - Chebar