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Dominus Nihil Recruitment (Republic)

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09.20.2012 , 04:05 PM | #1

I'm the Guild Leader of Dominus Nihil formally of Canderos Ordo. We would like to take advantage of the serve consolidations to invite those that are currently homeless or unhappy with their current guilds to come hang with us for a bit to see if Dominus Nihil is the home that you have been looking for.

Dominus Nihil (Master of Nothing in Latin) was created shortly after the launch of SWG back in 2003. We began as a collection of friends and avid gamers with similar personalities that met in game and decided to band together to compete with the power gamers. We created a mature yet competitive guild that remained largely drama free over the years and often praised for our family feel. Years later, we are all still friends and finding new friends all the time. Quite frankly, I can't imagine playing a game with any other group of people.

We've expanded into many games over the years which are too numerous and not relevant enough to mention.and have had a significant presence in SW:TOR since Beta and are always looking to grow the family with like minded players. We are Republic factioned guild with a Sith sister guild for Alts only. Many of us are in our mid 30s now with biological families so we are mature gamer friendly. But we aren't all old foggies either, we're constantly picking up young blood that we find that has the same mature values as we do and become part of family. We also have quite a few female members in the family who have become one of the boys but we protect like our little sisters from harassment so we are female gamer friendly, as well. We are serious players with a casual feel. We play the high end content and have the best gear but everyone is free to do what they want. Our ops sign up process is fair to all and inclusive. Participation is always encouraged but NEVER required. welcomed. Our culture is second to none and our players are active and helpful. Unfortunately, our recruitment post in Canderous Ordo with pages of player testimonials seems to have been hidden away by EA to be lost forever so I'm starting a new one here.

My invitation to you is to do a /who Dominus and see who is online. Come hang with us a bit and see if you have fun. The experience will speak for itself. If we feel you are a good fit with us and you feel that we might be a good fit for you then go to our website at and fill out an application. You will be glad you did.

See you soon.

**** We found our original post so adding that below ****

- Server: Canderous Ordo (PvE) (now Jedi Covenant )
- Timezone: EST, with members from all over the world including West Coast US, Central US, East US, UK, and Australia.
- TeamSpeak 3 Server provided
- Forums with chat client and screenshot gallery

Thank you for your interest in DN! We are first and foremost a family of gamers that's been together for more than eight years. We are a casual to moderate group with a commitment to seeing all aspects of gameplay as a guild including Operations, Flashpoints, Warzones, Open-world PvP, coordinated crew skills, leveling groups, heroics, world boss hunting and social events. Camaraderie is DN's most important goal and will always be our first priority.


Dominus Nihil was founded on September 5, 2003 on the Bria server of Star Wars Galaxies. Mos Nihil, our player city, was the first ever player city in all of Star Wars Galaxies. As a hub of trade and a major location in the galactic civil war, we learned to appreciate all styles of gameplay and formed a core group of cooperative members. Since, we have grown and expanded into many different MMOs including World of Warcraft, EVE Online, Lord of the Rings Online, City of Heroes, and Global Agenda. Today, we hold two strong guilds in both World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Having formed in a Star Wars community, DN has always been a group of Star Wars fans at heart and we have found a very long-term home in SWTOR.

How to Join

Introduce yourself in our Applications forum at After your thread has been created, we will invite you to the guild as a 'recruit' rank. After getting to know you over a two-three week period, the officers will then vote on whether or not to grant full membership. During your recruit stage, you will have access to all guild activities and our private forums.

You are, of course, welcome to spend some time with us before officially accepting an invitation. Request access to our TeamSpeak server to come chat, or just quest/pvp/join us for an event to get to know us.


Even as a more casual-moderate guild, we have a devoted group of raiders in our operations group. We have both regular, more hardcore ops groups as well as a free-for-all sign-up approach to operations, for those that don't wish to commit too much time. We are committed to gearing all of our members for end-game PvE and are actively working towards everyone's Columi and Rakata gear sets. We typically field ops groups anywhere from 2-4 nights per week.


DN regularly puts together 10-49 and 50 warzone groups as well as open-world Ilum PvP. We have officers that are very passionate about PvP and are more than willing to show the ropes to those that are interested in becoming involved. We approach PvP with a collective, group approach. We know that we succeed more together than apart and work to make this happen as much as possible throughout the week at all different times.

Rules and Other Information

We are primarily a group of adults with families, relationships and real-world commitments. We expect maturity of all of our members which in turn creates a drama-free, fun environment to game in. You are encouraged to read our rules and information thread for more information, located here: viewtopic.php?f=59&t=5500

In closing, you will always find a variety of things going on in our guild. We take a balanced approach to the game and tirelessly strive to allow the best experience possible for each and every one of our members. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
Olicc / Noah
"The Rahzurr Legacy"
Guild Leader
Dominus Nihil

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09.21.2012 , 03:01 PM | #2
As the GL of Ijaat Aliit, I can vouch for Dominus Nihil. They are all good folks and my guild always enjoys when we can get together and run with them.
Aliit ori'shya tal'din - "Family is more than blood."

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09.21.2012 , 04:32 PM | #3
I'm Commander Shepard, and Dominus Nihil is my favorite guild on the Citadel.

. . .

But in all seriousness, These are a great bunch of people. They're a blast to play with or even just to chat with about whatever's going on at the moment. Like Olicc said we run Ops and Flashpoints weekly, some of us PVP, and we help eachother. Check us out.

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09.23.2012 , 09:07 PM | #4
I've been with Dominus Nihil since launch. Never have I been part of a more helpful and intelligent guild. I'd be taking it for granted that all guilds are this great, until I started pugging operations with other guilds and the difference is really palpable. Everyone in the guild is always willing to share their expertise or time. Ops runs are always fun because everyone has a sense of humor and we aren't unpleasant to people who are still learning. Some of the nicest and most pro players are in our guild! Give us a try if you're looking for an adult guild for pve ops and FPs. (Some of us, like me, do PVP, as well!)

Thelionas stole my line, but on the server *I'm* Sofia Shepard and this is my favorite guild on the fleet.

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10.01.2012 , 04:34 PM | #5
I loved that part of ME where you endorse every shop on the citadel for reduced prices.

Thanks for the kind words ARCika. Building on what ARCika referenced, DN has allied with a few other guilds from time to time for various reasons such as getting higher numbers at a particular time for a world boss, passing along best practices for Ops, or helping guilds new to raiding on the basics and getting them to the point where they are comfortable doing them on their own. Its always a good experience and I've met some great friends this way; and handy for networking for when you need a solid pug rather than a random one.

Anyway, we LOVE the new op, Terror from Beyond. We tried Story Mode this weekend (09/29) for the first time just to get an idea what it was about. It looks fantastic and the fights are new and fun! Story Mode was pretty easy and forgiving (we were significantly over geared for the op). Starting on HM this week and looking forward for something new to challenge us for awhile.

We've received some great applications this week from gamers who obviously have the same philosophy as we do with gaming resulting from this thread. Recruitment is still open, so keep them coming!
Olicc / Noah
"The Rahzurr Legacy"
Guild Leader
Dominus Nihil

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10.23.2012 , 03:05 PM | #6
Bump to the top -> recruitment still open.

We are specifically targeting laid back, friendly gamers interested in HM Ops such as HM EC and HM TFB and available weekdays 9 to midnight Eastern; though we are open to other types of players, as well. We can help you get geared and learn fight mechanics, the most important thing is a general positive attitude and fun personality. I would much rather show a noob the ropes than deal with an uber jerk; but ops ready is a plus.

We aren't a die hard PvP guild but those of us that PvP are also looking to form a regular ranked PvP group around 6 - 9 Eastern weekdays, as well.

And we run other events, as well; such as next week we are jumping all over the new 1.5 HK-51 content. Easier content such as this often includes optional alcoholic beverages.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, you should come check us out. Hope to talk to you soon.

Olicc / Noah
"The Rahzurr Legacy"
Guild Leader
Dominus Nihil

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11.06.2012 , 01:43 PM | #7
Just wanted to pop in here and give a quick bump. We are still looking to increase our numbers and would like to get the chance to get to know people who are looking for a guild. Hit us up and see if we are a good fit for you.

Now stop reading the forums and go back to playing...
- Jeco
Dominus Nihil

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11.07.2012 , 11:12 AM | #8
You guys sound like a great fit and I know I've seen a few of you in WZs and whatnot. Basically I re-rolled to a Sage on JC and have been looking for a good FP/Heroics group to heal. Currently I'm level 19, so unfortunately no HMFPs at this time. Is DN doing any lower level stuff as well? My play times are typically evenings (after 8pm EST).