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Curious question..

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09.20.2012 , 01:32 PM | #1
I have a curious question. One that I would like answers on. You know how developers are constantly saying made for the players, by the players?

What of these mmos are made BY the players? Because most of the mmos I see are made by people who think they know what we want, but in the end they really don't and we end up getting screwed. Like, if SWTOR was made by the players where they would have average, everyday joes, giving them ideas and working with them, people who have played mmorpgs their whole life, they would probably be better off.

If you had an mmorpg, where you could be a developer and a player. Would you? Where you could buy the game and slowly over time it was built BY the players where they could put in, through the engine, whatever they wanted and it was built by the people? Not by strict developers?

Here's an example. The game I am making "Ever After" is going to be a seamless world that is gigantic and a bunch of systems. I have a heroengine license and have slots open, I believe 120 now, and just came up with an idea. Have the people who have ideas and want to play the game, buy the game so to say, and get a developer spot AND a player spot. So everybody who played the game would be a developer and the world could get fresh new ideas from all sorts of players. Made by the players, for the players. Would you play a game like that? Where whatever YOU saw it the way in your head, you put it somewhere in the game if you learned how to do it through the engine.

It could also be a plus because you could get some knowledge with game engine/development/coding. You could also say you are developer to.

It is my belief that the next great mmorpg is going to NEED to "average joe" who has been around the block and back through mmos and knows them insides and out, to survive and be HUGE and successful. What do you guys think?

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Mentor System

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09.20.2012 , 01:39 PM | #2
1,200 cooks making 1 pot of stew. No matter how I look at it, I can't see a good way it all would mesh together without becoming some abominable mess that no one can agree on.

Not to mention the general people on the internet tend to have an intent to destroy rather then to create so policing this concept would be a nightmare in itself.

Concept seems great but once you get down to details, it all falls apart.

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09.20.2012 , 01:41 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Codek View Post
Not to mention the general people on the internet tend to have an intent to destroy rather then to create so policing this concept would be a nightmare in itself.
This is the real challenge. Sure there are some that actually want to create, but honestly most see it as a virtual opportunity to playtest the anarchy/chaos model.
sayonara SWTOR. I will miss the game, I will miss many players, I will NOT miss being lied to and deceived. I will not miss rookie level mistakes of epic proportions.

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09.20.2012 , 02:15 PM | #4
Hello! While we appreciate your interest in this topic, we'll be closing it because it does not discuss Star Wars: The Old Republic. Thank you for your understanding.