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Overpowered By Far: The Issue Of HK-47

Flaminica's Avatar

09.26.2012 , 09:32 AM | #31
The only time I saw this fight bug was one time when HK died in the centre with the pillar on top of him, making him unlootable.

HK is the first really challenging fight to heal, hence a lot of fun. Your healer needs to anticipate HK's snipe attack and be ready to top up his targets, especially if they're undergeared enough for the damage to really hurt. The field also has line of sight and range issues that require a lot of dodging around. Otherwise, this fight is all about managing the adds. The tank and DPS need to round up and burn down the trash, otherwise they swarm the healer and if he can't do his job you're droid bait.

Zynkotic's Avatar

10.03.2012 , 06:18 PM | #32
Well hitting 4k as a level 35 npc is alot, when people around that level range are healing for around 1k maybe 2k crit all purple (at lv 35ish) Last time I healed it was on my operative was well geared at the level, and I didn't have a break from healing 1 second