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Tired of people not spacebarring

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09.21.2012 , 06:57 PM | #81
Form a Guild or make some friends.
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09.21.2012 , 08:25 PM | #82
How hard is it when you are forming a group to ask for people who want to do a speed run (spacebar) and form the group with those instead of complaining that you get people who don't want to spacebar. If you don't ask upfront and find out what everyone else wants to do then you have to accept that some will not spacebar.
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09.21.2012 , 11:59 PM | #83
This is something that I um and uh about, a lot.
On my first toon, I skipped Flashpoints until around level 40, so I missed out on all of them prior to that. I went back and did ones that I could with just me and my girlfriend, but it got a bit rough at later levels, what made it worse was that you can't queue for flashpoints outside your level range. That's besides the point though, my point being, is that I've yet to experience all of those storylines, so I enjoy watching them. On the other hand though, after the first run, it gets a bit tedious.

I don't mind waiting for people who are polite, but when you get ********s for team mates, it gets a bit much to spacebar everything cause they want to speed run, or to sit there and wait as they watch it all. I remember last night, I did my first run of The False Emperor, because I've missed so many flashpoints, I was jarred when it came to the story, I wanted to pay attention to the cutscenes, but even though the other teammates didn't ask, I spacebarred cause I didn't want them to complain, despite wanting to watch the cutscenes.

I think, if someone wants to watch them, they should watch them, no rules saying they have to spacebar. If you want to skip it, skip it, it's a couple of minutes at best that you're saving yourself, not much in retrospect.

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09.22.2012 , 12:55 AM | #84
I was doing an alt in one of the origin worlds the other day. After doing everything else I decided to do the one heroic quests that was left and got some random to help me. I was a bit surpriced when this random started about halfway through this quest to ask that I spacebar through those few discussions. Just how impatient the people in this game have become.

Personally I have seen that quest before so I dont mind. On the other hand any newcomer gets in to his first group and immediately get: spacebar spacebar hurry hurry skip skip... Why would they play this game if they learn before level 10 that you are not supposed to watch the stories. Same thing will happen when they get into their first flashpoint. skipskipskiphurryhurryhurryspacebarspacebar and done.

I would ask that the spacebar functionality is disabled in groups by default so people can atleast follow the story in this game. It could be enabled only in groupfinder and only before the group is formed, and only in heroic mode fp:s or planet heroics (dailies).

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09.22.2012 , 03:36 AM | #85
Quote: Originally Posted by turjake View Post
I was doing an alt in one of the origin worlds the other day. After doing everything else I decided to do the one heroic quests that was left and got some random to help me. I was a bit surpriced when this random started about halfway through this quest to ask that I spacebar through those few discussions. Just how impatient the people in this game have become..
My story has nothing to do with spacebarring but about people being impatient. I was leveling my 25 Sent, and got a group for Athiss. RIght before the first boss (Professor L ... something) the healer says something like: I don't see why you people are killing everything and I'm not going to wait half an hour for you people to clear the outside. [Then he left]

Srsly?!?! This wasn't a HM, why are people in such a hurry to rush through the normal FP's? You still need the exp (unlike HM's) and we were not taking long to kill anything, we were actually going pretty fast. (The other DPS was a GS and was also the same level as me).

This makes me sad in a way, but didn't want to group with someone like him anyway. (And he was put on /ignore)
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09.22.2012 , 09:56 AM | #86
Quote: Originally Posted by Eyesmindassassin View Post
I agree with the OP. If you take a look at my posting history, you will see that I've actually made posts defending watching the story and not spacebarring in past threads. The reason I've changed my feelings on this is experience. I was super casual before and was just leveling alts. I never did dailies or anything. Or I did do them, it was rarely. I'm now in a raiding a guild and try to do all the dailies every day, so I don't have as much time to just relax and watch cut scenes I've seen a million times already.

There are two situations I can recall. One was when I was in Battle of Ilum and my guild ended up needing me for Explosive Conflict. I think I wouldn't be so annoyed with people watching cut scenes, but they were doing such low DPS that the run was taking forever. I was on the last boss fight talking to my GM and they were literally not doing hardly any DPS. Cut scene watchers are just badly geared and played casuals. Having to sit and watch the cut scene after carrying them through the whole flashpoint is just insult to injury.

Another instance I can recall is a freshly geared tank queueing up for Hard Mode Kaon Under Seige for the first time. He was way too squishy and didn't know fights/pulls, so we ended up wiping a few times because of that. I was also pulling DPS away from him like madman. I shouldn't have to sit through cut scenes in a Hard Mode, carry badly geared people that didn't even take the time to learn the fights/pulls on normal mode AND then to top it all off have to pay an enormous repair bill because of all the incompetence.

Bottom line is, I'm 100% certain all the posts in this thread defending not spacebarring are badly geared and played casuals that don't have a 50. If they do, they don't play them at a high level and just level alts all day. Trust me, if you run each flashpoint enough times and don't have much time to watch cut scenes, you'll understand where me and the OP is coming from. I think this is BioWare's fault though and they failed big time with this game and his replay value when it comes to the story.
I cannot tell you how wrong you are. I play with a top guild I know how it goes. You say you joined the guild so you got this high and mighty attitude that you carry people through content now that you are in a big boy guild. I dont even know how you can come to the conclusion that these people in this thread a badly geared poor players. Are you on the same server as them? Do you play with them daily?

Seriously get off your high horse if you really were in a high end raiding guild you would not need to be running a hard mode FP at all. And even if you did decide to do it for BH comms or whatever I can bet that you would not be doing it on raid night if you ran with a hardcore guild.

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09.22.2012 , 12:12 PM | #87
Quote: Originally Posted by Onlyxwishes View Post
Seriously, not to complain but can't you make it so that we have to option of going into a flashpoint or quest giver without all the useless conversations ive seen a billion times? Whats worse is there is always some noob who "hasnt" seen it, so then i have to twiddle my thumbs until the conversation is over.
Painfully, this is an MMORPG...
MMORPG means: Massive Multiplayer Online ROLEPLAYING GAME as you knows...
As MMORPG, have roleplaying parts, including conservations and choices.
Not all player is a blood proof like you, who knows all storyline in all game.
Newcomers curious for this scenes, because this is the part of the game.
If you don't able to accept this, play Tetris or Super Mario while other "n00bs" play this game.

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09.26.2012 , 01:12 AM | #88
Quote: Originally Posted by Surakis View Post
You shouldn't start of with "not to complain" to simply go off and complain.

In any case, why should someone skip content they'd rather not skip just because you want to skip it?
I understand his/her frustration but your points are well made

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09.26.2012 , 06:43 AM | #89
To be honest, I take more issue with people who skip bosses than people who do or do not want to watch cutscenes.

Here's a bit of a hint: Even if everyone spacebars, the server still sends the entire cutscene info to everyone in the group, waits for client confirmation that it was all received and THEN loads the conversation options if it was detected as "skipped". Basically, it shaves off at most, 3-5 seconds per conversation section.
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09.26.2012 , 06:58 AM | #90
Patience, as rushing through everything only goes to ruin your own experiences at the end of the day but i guess the real issue is having to go over the same old runs time and time again to get the drops you want is more the problem here.
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