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Tired of people not spacebarring

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09.21.2012 , 04:44 AM | #71
I never mind people who are new to a fp wanting to read the story. I say "skip" once to remind people to get on with it but if they don't it's their right.
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09.21.2012 , 08:19 AM | #72
Demanding others to skip the story is not a legitimate thing to do. If people don't want to skip they have the right to do it. Not everyone is there to run the FP as fast as possible just to get the commendations and credits at the end, some actually like to play a bit more of the game.

A legitimate thing to do is to demand another player to:
- stop attacking every single non-story/non-bonus related mob when nobody else wants to wipe everything that moves on the map
- slow down/wait when he starts attacking "standby enemies" without everyone being ready or even at shooting range distance (people clearly still on their way the spot, their back position being perfectly visible on the minimap). This is quite common on tank players that use the jump skill, which puts them way ahead of anyone else, when the others are still out of range or trying to recover their energy/health.

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09.21.2012 , 09:04 AM | #73
Quote: Originally Posted by Wraiven View Post
I just had to quit a team in an Esseles run last night because this guy (with this same mentality as the OP) refused to slow down long enough for others to get off the Elevators.
...Wait, you quit? Why? That'd be time for a votekick of the annoying guy.

I was tanking a BT run once and this guy didn't want to do any of the minibosses, kept pulling instead of me, etc. The healer actually initiated the votekick which was awesome. We did almost the rest of it 3man, then someone joined right at the end boss for a free 5 BH comms. Was the most fun I've had in a fp in this game.

The two who stayed said after that they normally skip but just didn't like his attitude. I normally skip some things in annoying harder fp's but it was BT, you can kill a miniboss in less than 1m and get more loot than skipping so why not? It's still gonna be fast!
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Did they take out insurance on this game? I love it but its so weird.

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09.21.2012 , 11:58 AM | #74
Quote: Originally Posted by Onlyxwishes View Post
Seriously, not to complain but can't you make it so that we have to option of going into a flashpoint or quest giver without all the useless conversations ive seen a billion times? Whats worse is there is always some noob who "hasnt" seen it, so then i have to twiddle my thumbs until the conversation is over.

OP is narcissistic.

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09.21.2012 , 03:59 PM | #75
Quote: Originally Posted by Eyesmindassassin View Post
Bottom line is, I'm 100% certain all the posts in this thread defending not spacebarring are badly geared and played casuals that don't have a 50. If they do, they don't play them at a high level and just level alts all day. Trust me, if you run each flashpoint enough times and don't have much time to watch cut scenes, you'll understand where me and the OP is coming from. I think this is BioWare's fault though and they failed big time with this game and his replay value when it comes to the story.
I have 4 level 50's with my sentinel in full campagin/BH gear and my trooper in rakata/BH gear. I did a HM esseles run on my sentinel last night for the daily coms and at NO POINT did I ask anyone to spacebar through the conversations.

Your post is 100% wrong.
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09.21.2012 , 04:19 PM | #76
Quote: Originally Posted by Wraiven View Post
I just had to quit a team in an Esseles run last night because this guy (with this same mentality as the OP) refused to slow down long enough for others to get off the Elevators. It was not an issue with me, but I noticed the rest of the team getting stuck on the previous levels because this guy would not stop leaping in to battle before the rest of the team could use the elevators to join the rest of the party.

I politely asked him, "Can we please wait for the others to use the elevators before attacking the mobs?

His response, "They should keep up"

Instant ignored and quit the team with an apology to the others.

People's lack of patience makes them the true annoying party members. Not the one's who would like to watch the story.

I myself spacebar through the story, but if somebody wants to watch it, then so be it, I kick back and watch it too.
After reading this thread, This guy hit it right on the money ^ ^ ^.

I fully agree with this as its happened to me too many times to count. Some people need to slow down and take in the scenery and enjoy the game instead of always acting like they are racing a just doesnt make sense to play like that but they are paying to play as i am and they can do what they want.

There are alot of cut-scenes ive also seen a million times and some of them i still watch all the way thru. (The Foundry) ending scene of raven.....the most epic of them all. Malgus (The False Emperor) is another.

Keep watching them folks...some of them never get old.
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09.21.2012 , 04:23 PM | #77
Man the mods must be busy if this thread is still alive...

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09.21.2012 , 04:50 PM | #78
Sucks for you. I'm new at this game and will continue to watch every cutscene I haven't seen yet.

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09.21.2012 , 05:43 PM | #79
IMO, GF is for SB type's. Click a button, bang out a HM, ****.

If you are all about cutscene's and have all the time in the world, use some of it to start a group in /1.

Also, try to understand that if someone has a differing opinion, they are not jerks, ******s, idiots or trolls just because you think you have some kind of moral high ground. (you don't)

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09.21.2012 , 06:23 PM | #80
Story mode = Story.
Hard mode = Loot.

End of conversation. You want to waste 17 minutes of someone's time? THAT is being rude. Yes, that is the time that is added when watching all of Black Talon's conversations. As much as I LOVE seeing a woman being hit in the face with a gun (mass props btw Bioware ), I even spacebar that now. I just honestly dont understand the mentality of "I have watched this cutscene 10 times before. I want to watch it again!!"