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Thirteenth Legion Recruiting [Republic]

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Thirteenth Legion Recruiting [Republic]

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10.01.2013 , 03:33 PM | #11
Thirteenth Legion Monthly Status Report - September 2013
The Thirteenth Legion is still accepting applications for new recruits and we are still active and growing. There are plenty of members on every night that you can group with for any sort of activity or if you just want someone to chat with while you are playing the game we are active in both text chat and our mumble server.

Towards the end of this month we started putting together semi Static Ops groups for Friday Night Ops. Essentially we have created static groups of four (1 tank, 2 DPS, 1 healer) that are always together and then rotate which groups go each week. Doing this allows us to keep a measure of our inclusiveness while allowing us to gain some of the benefits of static groups (playing with the same people each week, not having to have people learn mechanics every week). The best part is we can continue to expand the number of groups if there is interest!

We also continue to have open sign up Operations where anyone can sign up for a one time Operation. Those are filled by role and sign up time.

Friday Night Ops
This month we managed to scrounge a full 16 man Operation for 16 man story mode S&V. We didn't have trouble with the first 3 bosses downing them on the first try. We actually had some trouble with the city boss because the blue team is vicious to melee characters (they are uninterruptable but you can interrupt their shock attack with stuns and put ranged dps on the boxes so they don't get hit as much. We then cleared the droids in the droid puzzle on the first try but the boss ended up overwhelming us in part because of internet connection issues. At that point it was late so we called it. Still a good attempt at 16 man S&V.

Other weeks for Friday Nights Ops:
  • We tackled 8 man hard mode Karagga's Palace without too much difficulty
  • We took a group of 8 guild members through S&V and cleared it, for some of us it was the first time all the way through the operation. We didn't run into too much trouble, wiped once on the Merc Captains and a couple times on the final boss. After the operation, we got our chicken dance on.

Toborro's Courtyard
We managed to defeat the Golden Fury almost every week this month doing a mix of 8 and 16 man story modes. Not too many people were lasered to death. It is a fun short event that is sort of like doing an Ops boss. Plus it drops good loot and you get good comms for it.

SIS Report on Vindicta Activities
Our spies have brought us a report of several Vindicta (our Imperial Alt guild) activities that happened during the month of August that we should keep an eye on. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.
  • The Imperials struggled their way through the Czerka Core Meltdown on hard mode. However, they did end up defeating the Vigilant.
  • Imperial farming of Isotope-5 from Golden Fury continues unabated. We may need to intercede and stop their operations.
  • Other Imperial activity was reported on Hammer Station, Cademimu, Black Talon, Aithiss, Czerka Corporate Labs, and the Boarding Party. Larger groups were also spotted at the Eternity Vault on Belsavis, Karagga's Palace on Hutta, and at Ascension fighting the Dread Master's and their Terror from Beyond.

World Bosses
We took out Snowblind and Gargath on Hoth, then destroyed the Primal Destroyer on Belsavise. Afterwards several of us decided to head on to Makeb and take a chance at grinding Golden Fury on SM. All bosses were promptly crushed.

Guild RP
Gav Daragon bridge cantina- Some 17-19 members showed to reveal what they have learned in their investigations. Discussion was held delving into what the shipments could contain and the theory was proposed that they are slaves either to work the mines or that have knowledge of building or maintaining weaponry in some way as they originate from Balmorra.

Other RP Happenings:
  • A group of Thirteenth Legion met on the Quesh orbital station to discuss the ongoing investigation. Agent Beh'tor confronted Emin-joh and accused him of interfering with a SIS investigation. Bil and Mariatu offered to contact their underworld contacts to find out more information about the shipments coming into Quesh on Senator Barc's orders.
  • A handful of members met in the Anchorhead homestead of Bokuden to bring him up to speed on the investigations into Senator Barc's shipments, the assassination in the Senate and some discussion on Darth Kartanus' dark seeds. The most revealing point of the night came from the scoundrel Bil relaying information that Senator Barc's shipments originated on Balmorra destined for a war camp of some sort on Quesh.
  • A small contingent of Thirteenth Legion answered a distress call that a giant Warbot had been spotted on its way towards the Republic base. They took it out without any difficulty but didn't find any clues as to who sent it.
  • A small group of Thirteenth Legion meet on Balmorra to investigate the rumors that the Senator's shipments originated from this planet. Instead they receive a mayday signal from a young Force Sensitive refugee named Vylora. Rescuing her from the wreckage of a Republic transporter, they discover she was part of a larger group on their way to Quesh to be put to work in a mine. When Sith attacked the convoy, she was the only survivor. The Thirteenth Legion helps her to safety and make the connection that Senator Barc's 'shipments' have actually been part of a clandestine slave trade.

Keep up with all the RP happenings! With Story So Far post

Guild PvP Events
On our first attempt at a PvP event for the month, we got together a group of 3 for some wild PVP. First we went out to the Alderaanian battlefields where we fought a vicious and highly mobile battle to eventually drive the Imperials back. Next we played a couple matches of Huttball, wherein we were defeated once and triumphed once. Lastly, we traveled to the Ancient Gree Hypergates. Once the battle had been well engaged, a daring strike by the Legion placed both gates under Republic control, and ultimately led to our victory.

On our second attempt of the month, we gathered a group of 4 together to charge once more into the breach. This week we saw some fierce resistance from the Empire, namely in the form of Pax Imperius. We traveled to the Ancient Hypergates where the Imps managed to wrest control away from us, then we responded to a distress call from the Voidstar and held off Imperial aggressors there. Following that we took a break from the war to play some Huttball, where we found that Pax Imperius was joined by Atrocity. We were fairly handily beaten by them this time. Lastly, Pax Imperius and Atrocity mounted a new offensive on the Voidstar, and this time their combined forces were up to the challenge.

The Hunter-Killer Legion
The intervention of shadowy conglomerate known only as "the Customer Service Droids" led to the timely reactivation of several HK units. Another two Legionnaires had been working in parallel on this salvage operation, and this week we called in some Imperial debts to obtain some components located on Drommund Kaas. We then traveled to the False Emperor Malgus' space station and the Maelstrom Prison to gather the last of the components, and lastly back to Section X to boot up some shiny new combat support units.
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Thirteenth Legion Recruitment and Guild News

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10.16.2013 , 09:21 AM | #12
Great thread and Monthly reports!

I am glad Pax Imperius could have resisted the advance of the Republic
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10.17.2013 , 07:17 AM | #13
Thanks! I'm glad someone is reading it
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Thirteenth Legion Recruitment and Guild News

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11.04.2013 , 12:23 PM | #14
Thirteenth Legion Monthly Status Report - October 2013
This was another busy month in the XIIIth. Several people finally wiped the Aratech Coral quest off their logs (take that Nightmare Pilgrim!), Torroborro's llama droid fell weekly to Republic and Imperial strike teams, and another Dread Master fell to the forces of the Legion. RP featured an Imperial power struggle, crazed Jedi, murdered Senators and the rescue of a much altered Jedi from Imperial clutches.

If you haven't checked out the Library recently there are some wonderful new and updated stories. Be sure to check out the calendar and sign up for events. There are operations, PvP dailies, RP events, datacron crawls, world boss runs and flashpoint runs aplenty. Don't see what you want? Schedule it! There are always folks willing to try something new.

Friday Night Ops
I'm happy to report that we are up to 20 people in our new semi static Ops groups (we divide into teams of 4 that rotate playing with each other so that we get some of the benefit with static Ops but still get to play with a lot of people and are able to grow the number of groups).

This month we started Dread Fortress Story Mode. The first boss went fairly smoothly. We had one wipe on Nefra because we thought on story mode that the two tanks didn't have to stand on top of each other, but apparently they do. We had both tanks stand next to each other facing the boss away from the group and it was much easier. The other thing to watch out for is suicide bombers will come and try to blow up the rest of the group, just need to get out of the red circle.

Then there was the Gate Captain... man that fight is tough (made extra hard by some bugs with the DOTs). It is essentially an adds fight. The boss only has like 500K HP. Every 20% of health or so a new wave of adds will start and the Boss will disappear. There are 9 waves of adds. We got to wave 6 and couldn't get past that. Not sure if it is gear or something mechanical that we need to work on but we had a lot of trouble. Anyway after wiping on that fight a dozen or so times we called it quits, but not before our tank kited the last add around in a circle while we waited for the cool down on battle rez to be up. I decided that would be a good time to chicken dance. Of course by the time we rezzed and got everyone back up the boss enraged and killed us all. Good times.

The next time we took on the Dread Fortress we were decently successful. We wiped once on those first mobs because they push you into the lava (plus there are two groups and I thought it was just one so I aggroed them all). We then started doing Draxus. We steadily kept improving. The key to me is to have two of the ranged dps burn the boss down when he is up so that he goes away. You have to put one of the tanks on the boss when he is up and face him away from the group. The dismantlers actually aren't that bad to heal through, so if there are corruptors and such I would have the DPS deal with them first. When the boss comes down for wave 9 just have one of the tanks try to gather up as much of the adds aggro as possible while everyone burns the boss down. You will probably wipe from the adds after the boss dies, but you still win.

So after a half dozen or so wipes, we did manage to beat Draxus. The Mecha Rancor wasn't really too hard, just have some adds to deal with and have to try to kite him under a magnet when he tries to hit you with a big pipe. We got him down on the first try. Corruptor Zero has a lot of moves and two modes, ranged and melee. Tank needs to watch out for the anti grav circle when he is ranged modes. Off tank and dps need to deal with the mirad of adds that spawn, but this is not nearly as hard as Draxus. We got him down on the second attempt.

We gave a couple of goes at Brontes, but we just couldn't get past the transition between phase 1 and phase 2. Basically, Reaches of Brontes come up under random group members and form a beam between two of them. If you are in the beam you die. We just kept losing 1 or 2 people to them every time. It was late so we stopped after 3 tries at it.

The next time we attempted Dread Fortress we had a much easier time with Draxus this time, it probably only took us 3 or 4 tries to get him down. We had no issues clearing the Cyborg Rancor and Corrupter Zero. We got to Brontes with a good amount of time left to work on the fight. Each time we managed to get a little further into the fight until we eventually got to the burn phase and got her down.

Toborro's Courtyard
We managed to defeat the Golden Fury almost every week this month doing a mix of 8 and 16 man story modes. Not too many people were lasered to death. It is a fun short event that is sort of like doing an Ops boss. Plus it drops good loot and you get good comms for it. We also have started doing short EV Hardmode runs or World Bosses immediately following Toborro's for some extra comms and fun since we have the group together already.

SIS Report on Vindicta Activities
Our spies have brought us a report of several Vindicta activities that happened during the month of August that we should keep an eye on. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.
  • The Imps had a slow month in terms of gathering Isotope-5 from Golden Fury. I think we may have scarred them off a couple of times.
  • Smaller Imp teams were spotted in several places however, including Mandolorian Raiders, CZ-198, Ilum, and Aithiss.
  • A larger group was spotted on Asation and was seen taking down the Terror from Beyond.
  • We have it on good authority that a number of Imperials located a special datacron hidden on their fleet and used it to increase all of their skills.
  • A posse of 8 money grubbing, fire-throwing, missile-launching bounty hunter types, led by the inimitable Rancor, invaded Karagga's Palace on Hutta and toppled the "Unyielding" Hutt. They even stole his hat as a trophy!

Guild Meeting
A Daring Rescue

The Thirteenth Legion meets on the Gav Daragon for their monthly missions update. The meeting is interrupted by Major Kaam, who shares that he has just received intelligence that the unlucky SIS Agent Beh'tor is being held by Sith forces on Tatooine. The Thirteenth Legion assembles a rescue force, directed by Major Kaam, and heads to the rendezvous point provided by the mysterious Agent Iix. There they find the Sith Lord Volt'afein in conversation with some Bounty Hunter thugs, arranging for a "shipment" to be moved to Dromund Kaas.

The Thirteenth Legion breaks into the negotiations, demanding the return of Agent Beh'tor. Lord Volt'afein demands that the Bounty Hunters stand with him and fight off the overwhelming Republic force, but a few insightful Legionnaires point out that the Bounty Hunters haven't been paid to die (or paid at all). Although Lord Volt'afein offers to triple the price, the Bounty Hunters don't come to his aid. The Thirteenth Legion quickly dispatches Volt'afein, leaving the Bounty Hunters to ultimately agree to let the Legion go in peace (provided they cover the Hunters' fees, which they honorably agree to do).

The truce is shaky and lasts as long as it takes for the Legion to recover an almost-unrecognizable Beh'tor. Once the Legion is assembled in one room, they are betrayed by the Hunters, who strike from behind! Nevertheless, the Thirteenth Legion is victorious both in fighting the thugs off and returning Beh'tor to safety. No word as to what became of Volt'afein or the defeated Hunters, but this was squarely a Thirteenth Legion victory.

Other RP Happenings:
  • October 1st RP Night - What was meant to be a normal briefing on the events of Balmorra and the investigation on Quesh took a surprising turn as the Thirteenth Legion confronted Zaahir about his strange behavior and missing time. Led by the misgivings of the Jedi assembled, a friendly conversation rapidly turned into a stand-off with the belligerent Master, ended only when Captain Feyad and Emin-joh took Zaahir out. Jares volunteered to take the Zabrak back to Tython for study. Meanwhile, Maon revealed he holds a powerful artifact that has Dark Side influences but proved to be very useful in the altercation.
  • October 8th RP Night - Thirteenth Legion Meet and Greet at the Club Vertica Casino on Nar Shaddaa. The Thirteenth got to relax and unwind and meet new folks.
  • October 15th RP Night - The Thirteenth Legion meets a potential new ally in the Senate, Senator Pamari, who tells them that there is a contingent of Senators lead by Barc and Parvil who are looking to take down or diminish the Thirteenth Legion. She volunteers to look into it. Update on Agent Beh'tor's condition in medical.
  • October 22nd RP Night - The "Agent" sharing brainspace with Zaahir volunteers all the information he has on Darth Noor, Vindicta and the death of Senator Tobarra as long as they keep him alive. The Thirteenth Legion readily agrees (much to the Agent's surprise), and Master Corenus takes over the investigation. It is revealed also that Zaahir has a bounty on his head.
  • October 29 RP Night - The Thirteenth Legion heads to Coruscant to check up on Agent Beh'tor, who remembers very little before her ordeal on Belsavis and Tatooine. They also chat with Captain Lianna, who reveals some troubling facts about Senator Pamari and cautions the Legion not to trust the Senator.

Keep up with all the RP happenings! With Story So Far post

After Action Report - The Legion fielded a small strike team into the fray this week, and we engaged in a lengthy and brutal campaign of aggression against Imperial holdings. Having received reports of the Alderaan War of Succession swaying in favor of House Thul, the squad deployed to the contested regions. Once planetside, we successfully neutralized Imperial support of Thul's operations in two separate theatres.

In an attempt to draw Imperial attention elsewhere, the strike team was then deployed to Denova where we seized fortifications on the Novarre Coast. We struck with sufficient savagery that Imperial High command shifted additional troops to our area after the first offensive. Having taken and held the coast against one force, we beat a strategic retreat from the second wave of Imperial aggressors.

Once the Empire committed its forces to Denova, we swiftly brought our team to bear on a high value target: an Orbital Station in Hutt space. With the commitment on Denova, the Empire was not agile enough to repel this unexpected strike, and our squad ravaged our way through the station to the datacore. We left no Imperials alive to report back to High Command, and scuttled the station in an attempt to obfuscate our true objective from Imperial Intelligence.

With the sliced files from the station's datacore, we learned of two upcoming Imperial offensives. The most imminent of these was an assault on the Voidstar capital ship, and we rushed to the defense of the vessel. Unfortunately, our aid was not fast enough to prevent the Empire from taking control of the ship, and we retreated with urgency to the secondary target.

With fully decrypted mission parameters reaching us en route, we found ourselves touching down on the Gree world of Asation to race the Imperials to the recently unearthed Hypergates. We arrived just in time, with the drop ship depositing us in the heart of the hot zone. The Legion's strike team joined Republic combatants The Core to hammer the Imperial Reclamation forces that had been dispatched to the Gates, and we seized control of the alien tech for the Republic. The Empire deployed a number of rapid response squads from nearby systems to retake the target, but our troops rallied valiantly in defense of the site. We destroyed three subsequent Imperial tactical teams, giving the main Republic forces enough time to deploy fortifications and solidify our position against anything short of a full scale Imperial invasion.

Finally, the squad set our weapons in heat-vent mode and traveled back to Huttspace for a match of Huttball against the bloodied Imperials. With high momentum from our long string of victories against the Empire, we crushed the Imperial Rotworms and sent them bruised and dejected back to the bullpen.

A great day for the Legion, and a great day for the Republic!
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Thirteenth Legion Recruitment and Guild News

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12.05.2013 , 03:10 PM | #15
Thirteenth Legion Monthly Status Report - November 2013
November was a busy month for the XIIIth. RP had an explosion of wonderful new fiction to go with our weekly RP nights and guild meeting. The guild cleared both Dread Fortress and Dread Palace. We were joined by a number of wonderful new members and recruits, and double XP weekend saw some serious altitis binges.

November is also the month for Thanksgiving for those of us in the U.S. We have a wonderful vibrant community here with some of the kindest folks in SWTOR. The guild has been built with the hard work of many people since before launch.

Friday Night Ops
Friday Night Ops continues to grow! We have added a 5th group of 4 to our Operations rotation. By rotating static groups of four we manage to gain some of the benefit of static groups but still allow everyone a chance to play together. This month we finished up Dread Fortress Story Mode with everyone getting their Dread Fortress completed. Now we will have to find time to take a picture with our Strike Force Taun-tauns once everyone gets enough reputation!

We had a couple of guild firsts this month. First we completed the 16 man story mode version of Dread Fortress with no real difficulty. In fact it makes the fight with Draxus much easier because the number of adds that spawn do not increase, so we can put more people on Corrupters and such interrupting them.

We also completed 8 man story mode Dread Palace. We managed to get through the whole thing on the first try with one of the Ops groups which was a great accomplishment. Well done everyone! We are still working on getting more people through the Palace and then we will start on some Hardmode stuff .

Saturday Early Bird Ops
New this month we started an early bird Ops. This Ops is for the people that can't make it on Friday or can't stay up late. This month the group tackled Story mode Terror from Beyond and Scum and Villany. We were able to sail through storymode TFB fairly painlessly getting the weekly done, some folks fancy new shinies and downing all bosses on the first go at them through to the terror.On our last go at her on the third attempt we struck her down to get some of the folks the OP completion. We had some folks who had never run the op before who did great and got experience at it as well as some experienced folks on alts in new roles who handled them admirably.

11/16 Early Bird Ops took to Scum and Villainy: We successfully downed the first five bosses, four on the first attempt, some somewhat narrowly, two of which are incredibly long fights start to finish. We arrived at the warlords nearing the end of our slotted time and took three attempts at it, we had three of the four down in the third attempt and just got edged out by Tu'chuk's enrage. Having the weekly done and some new gear for folks we all decided to call it a night. But it was another fun successful evening all in all.

11/23/2013- Early Bird OPs again went to SM Scum and Villainy. We had some odd occurrences such as Dashroode getting lost in the sand storm and wandering into the desert, and a reset on Olok the Shadow out of nowhere that slowed the group down but did provide a good laugh. We got the weekly done and had some fun doing so, got some new folks into the fights to gain experience and learn them. Due to the late hour we needed to call it at Olok after a third attempt.

Other Ops
A semi-impromptu run at EC HM in the place of Glowsticks and Blasters which was cancelled fell to exhaustion and bugs. Toth and Zorn weren't targetable for taunts even when the tanks were on their toes and kept dropping aggro. Firebrand and Stormcaller were dropping zappy bombs on the tank itself even with both healers off the tanks. The minefield insta-killed Chandraa when he went into ghost mode and the channel to disarm the next square wouldn't complete leading to asploding teams. The bug with healers not being able to see the character they are practically standing on was also back with a vengeance. Blades of grass apparently are sufficient to LOS a healer now. >.< A very frustrated team of eight gave up.

Toborro's Courtyard
We managed to defeat the Golden Fury almost every week this month doing 16 man story modes. Not too many people were lasered to death. Thanks to everyone that shows up for this every week. It is a fun short event that is sort of like doing an Ops boss. Plus it drops good loot and you get good comms for it. We also have started doing short EV Hardmode runs or World Bosses immediately following Toborro's for some extra comms and fun since we have the group together already.

SIS Report on Vindicta Activities
Our spies have brought us a report of several Vindicta activities that happened during the month of August that we should keep an eye on. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.
  • The Imperials have started getting Isotope-5 from Golden Fury again, however not in the quantities that we are farming it from the giant metal bird.
  • An Imperial task force headed to Darvannis to crack down on the legions of scum and villainy. They were making progress until the second to last battle (the 4 captains). They wiped twice before retreating.
  • The following week the Imperials managed to defeat Dread Master Styrak.
  • Imperials were spotted during the Battle for Ilum

Guild Meeting
The Thirteenth Legion met on fleet and divided up into 6 groups of 4 to do social runs through Esseles so folks would have a chance to meet new members and recruits as well as interact with people they hadn't prior. All groups then met up on the other side of the flashpoint in the galactic market cantina to chat in character for a while before calling it a night.

Other RP Happenings:
11/12 - Role Play Night - A small group of smugglers and Jedi found themselves on assorted business on the Capital planet of Coruscant. Waiting for the red tape to clear and ships to prepare, they decided to retire to the Dealer's Den for a drink and an exchange of the latest gossip. From the status of Zaahir, how many ewoks does it take to feed a varactyl, to what exactly are in those assorted pouches Jedi carry. The group disbanded with all the new knowledge they needed to face another exciting day in the galaxy at large.

Keep up with all the RP happenings! With Story So Far post
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Thirteenth Legion Recruitment and Guild News

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01.08.2014 , 08:40 AM | #16
Thirteenth Legion Monthly Status Report - December 2013
The Legion keeps on growing! We are now over 100 members on our roster and are continuing to add great people. We do have a guild member cap of 125 which we will hold to, but we still have more room for folks that are looking for an all purpose guild to call home.

December was a relatively quiet month for the XIIIth, but we still celebrated the holidays and the second birthday of SWTOR in style (literally). Our combined in-character Imperial and Republic side "uniform check" (read: fashion show) brought our scores of our pretty princess champions to show off their creativity. It was a fun and light-hearted chance to mix together and welcome our new members. Our Life Day fiction contest had some wonderful submissions to brighten our library along with all the other wonderful fiction that was added this month. In addition, our calendar was packed with social runs, guild firsts (16-man Dread Fortress!), huge growth in our Friday ops teams and galactic starfighter mania.

We are continuing to add events! In the next month we plan to start flashpoint runs on the Republic side, weekly social events, achievement runs and other new additions.

Friday Night Ops
We are amazed and humbled by the response to the current format of the Friday Night Ops groups. In a couple short months we went from about 10 people that intially signed up to now 29 regularly attending Ops members. That is simply awesome. We have, for the first time as a guild, run 3 different Ops groups at the same time.

The beauty of this format is that we can always add more groups to the rotation, so after you enlist in the XIIIth if you have an interest in Ops and are available on Friday nights please go to this thread and fill out the 5 part questionnaire!

As for the actual Ops we ran this month, a number of the groups completed 8 man Dread Palace on Story Mode. We also tried to complete 16 man Dread Palace on Story Mode but the council fight proved a bit too difficult at this point. The Council fight does not scale properly. Instead of 1 death mark from Tyrans you end up with 4 with varying timers on them that one shot people if they expire. We ended up dedicating one of the ranged DPS to calling out the debuffs for the healers and that helped some but we still usually lost 1 person in that part. IMO the proper thing for 16 man story mode would be 2 death marks since you are doubling the Ops group size (or 3 at most). 4 is just too much to deal with. We would need to figure out by looking at the symbols which mark has the shortest cooldown and calling those out first.

In any case we were getting through the first phase reasonably well. The real issue was that we didn't have enough DPS to get through phase 2 in time. By the time we got Brontes down to about 20% the other Dread Masters were back in the fight and killed us all. Perhaps it is tied to the timer in phase 1, I will need to research that some (I doubt it is though). The one time I thought we were going to make it in time several people were on the wrong side of the room during the beam sequence and got zapped.

Two of our groups had less experienced folks so we put them with some good leaders and had them learn the Ops ropes. They tackled Terror From Beyond story mode and completed most of the Operation except the last boss. They also completed one of the Classic Operations.

Additionally during the month we completed Scum and Villany 16 man story mode for the first time in the guild. We only wiped once because we were too fast on Titan 6 and he went into tank mode at the same time as the adds showed up. We actually had to hold back dps until we took care of the adds the next time and we cleared it no problem.

Other Ops
Our Glowsticks and Blasters static Op group started working on Dread Fortress for the first time in December. Our first run was very successful thanks to the advice of Carmen and Lei'li. The only spot that gave us real trouble was the pull in the open pit room just before Brontes which resulted in a wipe. We've since learned to bunch up the mobs in front of the pit and just push them all off using Commando and Sage pushes. The second run was not completed. Our main tank had serious internet issues in his lines which resulted in him disconnecting multiple times during the Operation. Rather than compounding his feeling of responsibility we called the Op and decided to try again next time after he'd had a chance to have his ISP enact repairs. Run number 3 went without a hitch and was completed in 1 hour and 15 minutes, a feat we were all pretty proud of. We then took a 2 week break for the holidays.

Toborro's Courtyard
We have Toborro story mode on farm mostly doing 16 man modes every week on Wednesdays and then another time on Sundays. Most of the time we get 16 guild members to show on Wednesdays but we sometimes PUG a couple to supplement our numbers. When the Gree event came back we also took the opportunity to take out the Xenoanalyst on Story Mode immediately following Toborro's. This coming month we will work on Toborro's Hard Mode following our Story Mode farm. When the Rakghoul event comes we will also try to attack the Instanced boss for that event that I believe is coming.

The Toborro Sunday Sacking event successfully ran each week in December. Our reputation has grown to the point that the droid adds were actually afraid to show up one week, which made for a record run. :d I've shifted the time slightly later to 2pm and warmly welcome people of any experience level to join in on the fun.

SIS Report on Vindicta Activities
Our spies have brought us a report of several Vindicta activities that happened during the month of December that we should keep an eye on. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.
  • The Imperials have continue to get Isotope-5 from Golden Fury, however not in the quantities that we are farming it from the giant metal bird.
  • There are reports of Imperial Activity in the Eternity Vault on Belsavis
  • Small Bands of Imperials were seen in Aithiss, Cademimu, Mando Raiders, Colicoid War Games, Czerka Labs and Core Meltdown

Guild Meeting
This month the Legion did something a little different for our guild meeting and had a fashion show where we all got to show off our awesome looking gear! We had a good turnout for the guild RP fashion show. Not a whole lot of RP happened, but there was plenty of fun and chatting. We have some really cool looking characters! Members then submitted screen captures of their characters and competed in online voting contest to determine the best and intentionally worst looking characters in both guild factions.

Winners of the contest were:
Best Dressed XIIIth: Ismene, Shovel, Ephrvenahl

Worst Dressed XIIIth: Magoichi

Best Dressed Vindicta: Metzuda and Noor

Worst Dressed Vindicta: Kaidri

Other RP Happenings:
12/10 - RP Night - Friends and allies of Master Zaahir Kos met on the Planet Voss to try and help the afflicted Jedi. His affliction being an Imperial Agent sharing his body. After a tense stand-off with SIS the group met around one of the many mysterious places deemed sacred by the Voss. With the ... rather unorthodox ... Master Oichi focusing the assorted Jedi in attendance they were able to focus enough to fuse the two souls into one. It was not a perfect solution to a perfect problem, but it will allow Master Zaahir to once again chart his course into the galaxy with The Force as his guide.

12/17 - RP Night - The Smuggler's Channel seems to be working as the invitation extended by Captain Xuerin Tala to the "Smuggler's Roll" was warmly and numerously accepted. A virtual who is who of the space lanes of all classes came together to take their chance. As with any large gathering of Captains, smugglers and pretenders ... the drinks did flow, tongues did wag and eyes did wander. But the dice? The dice, they never lie. With the stakes doubling through 7 hands, escalation was not for the weak. Hand 6 found a cool million credits riding on the table and straight into Captain Ravenflight's heart, much to the dismay of those living in the real galaxy. But, as is often the case, Captain Xuerin had a trick up her sleeve as she whispered to the dice the true nature of things and walked away with 5 Cartel Packs and a tip of the hat. With the slapping of backs, mournful stares and one rather bad attempt at Gamorrean poetry ... the party slowly dissolved with promises of a return and vengeance at the next and yet quite future Smuggler's Roll.

Keep up with all the RP happenings! With Story So Far post

Life Day Writing Contest
As we once again rolled into the holiday seasons, we thought it would be nice to have a festive contest in the Library. Now Life Day is over and so is the contest. The snowballs have been quite thrown and the stories have been re-read. Thanks so much to Mariatu, Melisan and Anrhael for sharing their written worlds. The winner is:

Melisan for The Urn

An awesome piece of writing, bringing family and Life Day together.

Galactic Starfighter!
This month marked the formation of the Thirteenth Legion's Zero Squadron, an elite group of Republic Pilots that were formed to combat the Imperial agression at the Lost Shipyards and the Kuat Mesas. On the first night of deployment, we got 11 guild members and split into groups (you can't queue if you are in an Ops frame). After getting crushed in the first game, as we were all still learning, the groups won most of their matches.

As the month rolled on we continued to officially group up on Tuesdays, but also had pick up groups all the time. We quickly discovered that our Zero Squadron Ace was Irialle (Damidez), when ever he was on our side we pretty much watched those Imps run. However, we won most of our matches thanks to team work and tactics! All in all, Galactic Star Fighter has a steep learning curve, but once you get the feel for it there is a lot of fun to be had. I highly recommend that everyone try it and learn each ship and how to control them and then pick one and work on maxing it up as much as possible.

Ground PvP
Ground PvP was a struggle this month. The good Republic side PvP players seem to have disappeared (maybe due to starfighter). There are also a lot of new Imperial PvP guilds it seems. I'm not entirely sure where they came from but it is becoming increasingly difficult to win warzones on the republic side. Hopefully things balance out more in the future.
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02.03.2014 , 04:53 PM | #17
Thirteenth Legion Monthly Status Report - January 2014

Message from the Commander
The XIIIth is closing in on the 3 year anniversary if its pre-launch founding and we have a lot to be proud of. We have 95 active members with several others on LOA and due to return soon. We have continued to have a steady stream of wonderful new recruits and members. Our events calendar was so full it became a bit difficult to tuck new events into it, which is about the best problem possible.

Our Friday Ops night has grown to a staggering 7 4-man groups with multiple alternative ops groups running everything from beginning content to Hard Mode content on both Republic and Imperial sides. During the rhakgoul event we took down Eyeless and Shellshock repeatedly and almost took down Eyeless on Hard Mode several times. We'll get him next time. Toborros courtyard runs have also been bursting at the seams and we are now regularly taking him down in Hard Mode and in Story Mode every week. We are making slow, steady progress and including everyone who wants to join, which is probably what I am most proud of us for.


Friday Night Ops
We continue to run 3 full Ops groups every Friday which is great. A number of people new to Ops got a lot of great experience this month and our more veteran Ops players made good progress. We always seem to have enough members willing to step up and fill in if we have absences which is extremely helpful. We are always looking for new regular members for our Ops groups. Please see this thread for more information if you are interested.

Some of the Operations we were working on this month include:
  • 16 man Terror From Beyond Story Mode and Hard Mode
  • 8 man Terror from Beyond Story Mode and Hard Mode
  • 8 man Dread Palace Story Mode
  • 8 man Scum and Villainy Story Mode
  • 8 man Dread Fortress Story Mode
  • 8 man Explosive Conflict Hard Mode (for the Nightscythe)

Here is a shot of us sitting on Raptus's throne after the Dread Council fight:

Other Ops
The Glowsticks and Blasters Ops team started working on Dread Palace in January. Our first attempt saw the downing of the first four bosses as we learned the operation. We scouted out the final boss fight, but no attempt was made due to the late hour. On our second run, the first 4 bosses were cleared in about an hour and fifteen minutes, but the Council sent us packing after a few attempts. The third run saw total completion of the Dread Palace operation in one hour and twenty minutes with all bosses cleared in one shot!

Classic Ops - We had a great first run of Classic Ops toward the end of January. We successfully ran 16 man Story Mode Eternity Vault. There were several newer guild members, those new to Ops and alts involved. We will continue to run the event as a gearing and training event every other week on Tuesday nights.

Toborro's Courtyard
We have had a huge turnout for Toborro's this month which is great to see. We have Toborro story mode on farm mostly doing 16 man modes every week on Wednesdays and then another time on Sundays. This month we defeated Toborro's 16 man HM for the first time as a guild. We also took on The Eyeless instead of Golden Fury for the week of the Rakghoul event. We managed to defeat the Eyeless in 16 man story mode but we came up short in hard mode (got him down to about 12% or so before wiping).

Toborro's Sunday Sacking continued to run weekly throughout the month of January. A big thank you to CleveDawgPound for organizing it one of the weeks Windemere was away. We are averaging about 30 minutes to run the event when enough people show up on time, so if you want to acquire some elite and ultimate comms quickly on one of your characters, consider coming out to join us. It's quick, and fun!

SIS Report on Vindicta Activities
Our spies have brought us a report of several Vindicta activities that happened during the month of January that we should keep an eye on. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.
  • In the first of several leadership trials, several small Vindicta strike teams were sent to Balmorra, Nar Shaddaa and Belsavis at the behest of Darth Avidior. The teams, led by Darth Noor, Darth Kartanus, and Lord Mazikim, took out several high-value targets while the Wrath evaluated their apparent effectiveness.
  • We have intecepted an apparent Vindicta propoganda photo
  • Having caught wind of the Legion's salvage efforts aboard the Fatality, members of Vindicta sneaked aboard the fallen vessel and absconded with two inactive Hunter Killers droids. They traveled across the galaxy in search of replacement parts, and nearly completed the needed repairs.
  • Two members of Vindicta completed recovering their droid components and managed to sneak back onto the Fatality to restore two fully functional Hunter Killers to service. Having heard about the clandestine salvage operation, a third member of Vindicta began gathering components as well.
  • The Imperials made their own attempt to defeat the hard mode version of Golden Fury but fortunately they were repelled. However they still managed to defeat the metal llama on story mode and acquire some Isotope-5.
  • A Vindicta hit squad was seen in the Rakghoul tunnels on Alderaan. They defeated the Eyeless and then were spotted on the surface fighting Shellshock. They were driven back by Shellshock once but ultimately subdued the beast.
  • Small Imperial teams were seen in several locations including Hammer Station, Cademimu, Aithiss

Guild Meeting
Darth Avidior called a brief meeting to discuss the hunting trial set for the following week. Unfortunately, the only candidate who could attend was Darth Kartanus, who attempted to use the absence of the others as a justification to give him leadership of Vindicta with no further deliberations. The bickering between Kartanus, Volta'fein and Avidior clearly did not impress the other members of Vindicta in attendance, particularly since it dragged out what should have been a relatively short gathering.

Other RP Happenings:
1/14 - Weekly RP - Unsanctioned Strike

For the last month The Imps have adopted a new tactic of sending small assault units into the trade lanes, stretching all the way to Wild Space.
It was a tactic that proved a little too successful for those whose very survival were directly tied not to planets, but those very same trade lanes.
When enough credits had been lost a meeting, of sorts, was called on Ord Mantel to ... address ... the situation.
Legitimate or not, interested or not ... the loss of credits was enough to warrant direct action.
Captain Xuerin, in full agreement, passed on the call for help to the 13th communications hub and as usual?
She was not disappointed.

With Jedi Master Ismene Kos and Captain Z'lanna coordinating on the ground, the 13th was, unofficially, able to field two strike teams against the Lost Ship Yards.
It seemed luck was against them early on, as several fighters missed the jumped and had to fight desperately out of communications range.
But whether it was for credits or the greater good, Kali'endra, Mor'rigan-og, Sondetsu, Trooper Apaura and Xuerin shot in blind and managed to send the Imps back to their ship empty handed and reminded of who the trade routes actually belong to.
Most importantly they were able to shoot back home, where Master Ismene waited to tend the injured or slightly dazed.

After a quick breath mixed with thanks and payments ... many of the rag tag squad took over the Ord Mantel cantina (which hasn't changed a bit) for a round of victory drinks and re-tellings of the days successful engagement.

Galactic Starfighter!
1/7 - We had 5 pilots brave the skies above Makeb and the Lost Shipyards. The republic was triumphant and routed the Imperials all night. We did not lost a single engagement. Often we were able to queue into the same match even though we were split into two groups.

1/14 - There were a lot of rookie pilots in the skies today, which made the fight for control of the Drive Yards very unpredictable. The recruiting efforts of both the Republic and the Empire did not quite keep pace with logistics, which led to several sorties in which a predominantly inexperienced squadron found itself up against a wing of aces. This went both ways, and the dogfights ended up being about 50/50 between Republic and Imperial forces.

1/21 - Four of us took to the skies and fought back the Imperials. I think we played about 4 matches and I'm pretty sure we won all four because I got my weekly done (which you need a min of 4 matches to finish assuming you win them all). We then decided to go combat the Rakghoul plague on Alderaan.

1/21 - Another squad of four entered the hotzones and battle the Imperials. We narrowly lost our first engagement, but managed to drive the Imperials back with a counter offensive. The routed Imperials spent the rest of the night on the retreat.

January saw the return of the Datacron Crawls led by Master Sunratak. Planets explored so far include: Tython, Ord Mantell, Coruscant, Taris, and Nar Shaddaa. Turnouts have been quite large, but everyone has been in high spirits and a good time was had by all. Several new explorers have learned jumping skills that have not only improved their datacron collection but their confidence! More datacron runs are on the calendar, some come on out and increase your knowledge and have some good social fun!

Republic Flashpoint Night
1/19 Republic Flashpoints - We had two groups go, a few people signed up and didn't make it. The first group of three Legionnares braved the Esseles and saved Ambassador Asara from the clutches of Grand Moff Kilran. The second group of four braved Hammer Station and took it under Republic control.

1/26 Republic Flashpoints - We had enough signups mixed with a few extras to form two 55 groups this week, One group ran Czerka Core Meltdown while the second paid a visit to General Ortol in Cademimu, both groups reported success in their endeavors and fun was has by all, well except the previously mentioned General Ortol and the Vigilant, they didn't really have much fun.
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Thirteenth Legion Monthly Status Report - February 2014

Message from the Commander
This past month marked some major changes with the Thirteenth Legion. Sami stepped down as guild leader due to circumstances in her real life and I agreed to step in and try to take her place. Kjara agreed to step into the Executive Officer role and several other officers have been asked to take on new roles. A number of long time members left the guild due to burnout on the game or real life intervening.

I will continue to strive for a guild culture that is in line with the core principles stated in our three rules (be nice, be here, be active) and code of conduct. I want all of our members to be able to play the game in a way that they enjoy and strive to provide opportunities for them to do so.

We have been extremely fortunate that even though we have lost some folks over time we have continued to replace them with high quality people. We still have over 90 members and we will continue to add folks that fit into our guild culture and are looking for a mature and social group of people that love to help each other out.

If you want to get a sense of what kind of guild you might be joining,

We do Naked Esseles runs that sometimes end up like this:

We often leap to our deaths intentionally or unintentionally:

We stop to strike a pose:

Or just get down with the beat:

Yeah, I love this guild.


Friday Night Ops
We have a somewhat different approach to Operations on Fridays (and now Imp side on Thursdays). Instead of static 8 man groups we do static groups of 4 and we rotate which groups of 4 are together. We feel that this gives us some of the benefits of a static group but allows us to play with a wider group of people. We currently have 6 full groups of 4 but we are always looking for new regular members for our Ops groups. Please see this thread for more information if you are interested.

Some of the Operations we did this month include:
  • Dread Fortess 8 man SM
  • Dread Fortress 8 man HM (Guild First on Nefra)
  • Scum and Villainy 8 man SM
  • Terror from Beyond 16 man SM
  • Terror from Beyond 8 man HM
  • Terror from Beyond 8 man SM
  • Dread Palace 8 man SM

Classic Ops
Classic Ops in February were great!! We managed to do Karagga's Palace and Eternity Vault both on hard mode. The group has done really great and I hope we can keep the interest up to keep it going.

Toborro's Courtyard
Almost every week this month we had 16 people for both Story Mode and Hard Mode Toborro's on Wednesdays. We have 16 man HM on farm now and can easily complete it in one try even with some newer folks. However, towards the end of the month we started to be short on healers, so get your healers leveled because there are often spots available for healers . As a result of the healing shortage we had to drop down to 8 man HM one week. I have to say that it is way harder on 8 man than 16 because there are less DPS in the group in 8 man proportionally. We did manage to defeat 8 man HM but we had to burn through the Enrage at the end.

SIS Report on Vindicta Activities
Our spies have intercepted communications about a number of Vindicta activities that happened during the month of February that we should keep an eye on. Many Bothans died to bring us this information.

Some of the things that we did on the Imp side this month include:
  • Flashpoints - Athiss, Kuat Drive Yards, Czerka Core Meltdown
  • Toborro's Weekly
  • Imperial Ops - Eternity Vault, Terror from Beyond, Scum and Villainy

Guild Meeting
This month we held our guild's first guild darts contest! We will assembled at the Jedi Temple on Coruscant on the second floor. One of our officers set the standard and the mark to match by leaping to their death then everyone else had to try to get as close as possible to that officer. Many great prizes were handed out including character slots, speeders, augments, augment kits, and more! It was a ton of fun leaping to our deaths on purpose (something we do both intentionally and not intentionally all the time ).

Here is a picture of everyone that showed up (before mass suicide):

And post carnage (closest to star wins):

RP Happenings:
This month we have been concentrating on two story threads running parallel. The legion assembled for investigations into the Rakghoul attack on Alderaan where it was learned that yet another seed attack had indeed taken place at the behest of Darth Kartanus as information and clues gathered seemed to point that way. The Rakghoul attack at this time seems to have been a diversion of sorts meant to cover said attack. The legion followed a trail to Nar Shadaa which was indicated by investigations as a stopping point between Taris and Alderaan for the transport carrying a Tarisian strain of Rakghouls.

Led by Jedi knight Minu at the behest of Bokuden Laran, several members of the legion met on Corellia with a Master/ Darth Yudo unsure of just which persuasion he is. When they arrived they found him under attack by a Lord Rhakasha who quickly ran fleeing the scene. Yudo appeared unharmed yet haunted by an entity he called Sraj. He gave background for how this being came to be, how she is preparing to threaten the galaxy and even remarked on how he ended up being associated with the Sith. Rhakasha now appearing under her control in some way then serenaded the assembled legionnaires with poetry of sorts from afar. A song he remarked that Sraj sang to him and that he craved to be close to. Minu and her comrades asked questions and got some answers as to details of what was going on concerning the blockades of the mid rim worlds Jurin and Cera. Yudo was asked to meet Bokuden at a later time.

Galactic Starfighter!
2/4 - We had 6 or 7 people so we split into two teams. The new bombers came out so that was interesting to try out, plus all the new pilots because GSF is now available to free to play people. I can't remember the exact results of the matches though I think we won most of not all of them. I believe a good time was had by all which is what is important.

2/11 - We had 6 people come out for star fighter and we split into teams of 3. Unfortunately, the teams were paired against each other twice! Fortunately, my group won both against Damidez's . We did get to play twice all together but the first time we ran into a squad of Imperial Aces and we couldn't beat them. The second time we crushed the Imp squad. Overall everyone got their weekly done and had a good time so it was a successful night.

2/18 - We had 8 pilots come out to take to the skies and fight back the Imperials. Unfortunately, we didn't get to fight imperials the whole time. In fact we ended up in 2 matches where our own groups squared off against each other. Both were hotly contested and came down to the wire but Damidez's team prevailed this week. Finally we did end up getting into two matches where everyone was on the same side and we easily defeated the Imperials. It was a great turnout and I had a lot of fun.

2/25 - We had 8 people come out for some Star Fighter action again. We split into two teams and took to the skies. My team went probably 3-2 on the night. We lost our first domination match in a pub vs pub match and then we lost another domination match at the end. All of our matches against the Imperials were victories. I believe that Damidez's team had similar results. Unfortunately, we didn't get to play together as a group of 8 this time. We had some newer folks come out also and that was great to see.

Jedi Loremaster Sunratak and friends took to searching the Galaxy for datacrons again this month. The planets of Tatooine and Alderaan were scoured. Datacrons were obtained and scrutinized, and new technology in the form of Magnetic Grappling Guns were obtained. They should come in very handy in the future.

Not to be outdone by the Republic dogs, Vindicta sent it's own Darkside Loremaster, Lord Ka'as, out into the wilds with a band of the Empire's finest. So far the planets of Korriban, Nal Hutta, Dromund Kaas, and Balmorra have been forced to cough up their secrets!

Republic Flashpoint Night
Regardless of any Super Bowl events, we were able to round up a group of 4 for a flash point. Hammer Stations came up. This was a bit challenging, for it was the first time our tank and healer attempted it. We wiped a few times on the first boss, twice on the bonus boss, and twice on the last boss. In the end, we all worked together and helped each other learn, get through it.

Throughout the rest of the month we ran a couple groups every Sunday. Usually one sub 55 group running Kuat Drive Yards and one level 55 group that queues for a random HM.

2/24 - Republic PVP Dailies - We gathered a mixed group of four to do so PVP today. Of the three matches we got, two of them resulted in our unfortunate defeat while one was a resounding victory in the Voidstar.
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03.04.2014 , 08:01 PM | #19
Is your website intended to be inaccessible to non-members? I like to research guilds whenever I'm looking for one, but I can't access your forums (obviously you'd have private member forums, but no public forums?) or your roster to see how active they are.

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03.05.2014 , 09:50 AM | #20
Yes that is intentional. We make our site inaccessible to non registered users to protect the privacy of our members. We have a recruit process as part of our application process that gives prospective members a chance to get to know the guild without making a full commitment (also lets us get to know you). We also have an associate member status if you just want to have access to our site and see what we are about.

I feel like our monthly status report gives you an idea of how active we are and what we are about. We have 90+ active members (that have logged on in the last month) to give you an idea of our guild's size. If you have any other questions about our guild I would be happy to try to answer them.
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