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Day Time Raiding

Galadric's Avatar

09.19.2012 , 08:36 PM | #1
Do you work nights and miss out on all the week day night raids?
Does your wife or husband nag you till you have to log off when they are home and night?
Are you retired and want to do more than the story lines?


If you answered yes to any of those questions then you came to the right place. Respond to this thread. Let me know if you play Imp or Pub. I haven't made a guild YET but if I get enough interest that is the master plan.

I have played most of the stories and most of the quests on all the planets and I am tired of it. I want to group with a few good men and women for end game content. I don't want to pug either, I don't type all that fast and things go better in OPs with communication. If you feel like I do then lets do something about it.

MidichIorian's Avatar

09.19.2012 , 11:04 PM | #2
Long story short, I rolled on a US server, depsite being in EU, because I thought it would fit my somewhat crazy sleeping/working pattern better. I was wrong and with seemingly no chance of ever transfering to EU I'm frequently having a hard time finding people to raid with, it's either too late or too early when I'm on.

So yes, I'm interested and I have toons in decent gear on both factions. I will be traveling for a couple of days but feel free to send me a PM here if you're still planning on starting something and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Another thing, I will never join a guild with a silly name or where it's obvious that the GM has tried to be funny/clever. I'm not a RP'er but if I have to see it every time I'm on I want it to be better than "we love nachos".

Macknife's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 07:44 AM | #3
Hey there. I too am in the same situation. Both myself and my gf are living in the EU. We both have silly playing times and mostly find ourselves on the US side of games.

We have a tank healer combo on either republic and Imperial sides. Both sets are decently geared, at least as far geared as we can get from heroic mode flashpoints :P I know this isn't ideal but we haven't had a chance to raid yet :P
We are both experienced raiders from previous mmos so it's not as if we're totally moronic when it comes to boss fights

You can contact me on Besrok'al (Imp side) Beathanis or Argaras (rep side) Be good if we can all get this working as we really wish to raid in this game but cannot make the usual raid times!

Galadric's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 08:37 AM | #4
That is too funny I rolled a toon on a EU server recently to have a better raiding schedule, but I am struggling leveling up all over again. I have to take the kids to school then hit the gym, I will look for you guys when I get back.

johnkru's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 01:14 PM | #5
well the numbers are growing, add me to the line up

Galadric's Avatar

09.20.2012 , 02:02 PM | #6
Looking for you on Empire side John. Look for me on my BH Jaxxcen.

Rincewend's Avatar

09.21.2012 , 02:59 AM | #7
In Asia on a East coast Server so yeah Mornings are good for me, (as that is my night time).

Seeleth's Avatar

09.21.2012 , 12:01 PM | #8
Hey Rincewend, whats your name in game and what side do you play on? : )

I'm íva on empire side.

Galadric's Avatar

09.21.2012 , 02:11 PM | #9
Keep them coming that's like 6 people already. It is looking like we will be playing empire side for those reading this. I will be back in game on Monday morning.

Rincewend's Avatar

09.22.2012 , 07:51 AM | #10
My names are below I bounce between who ever has not finished the BH weekly stuff. Empire side only, until I finish the 4 stories than I start making evil Republic toons.

Main: Xenodor 50 DPS Sorc (BH/Rakata) SW
Alt1: Nieve 50 DPS Sniper (BH/Columi) Cyber
Alt2: typhön 16 Tank Merc (Orange) Arms