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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns

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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Rincewend's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 01:39 AM | #451
"But I can assure you that our developers do read the forums in a regular basis." They must drink alot these days or need to see a shrink for depression than. Can not blame the Dev's but management needs to answer for dropping th ball, again and again. This is the third population drop off in this game and they are causeing more.

iheartnyc's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 01:56 AM | #452
Note we have been asking for this since BEFORE 1.3. It was sometime around the launch of Diablo 3 that we saw issues with our population. And yet no response

Rincewend's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 02:18 AM | #453
I know, all servers saw a big drop right after the first event, that is when I moved because they were still giving all servers no answers about mergers or pvp cross servers. Sadly I had the same problem on a east coast server with the fleet population of 10-15 during peek hours.

They have replied, they have just not answered. I can not see why they just can not move everyone to a US server. They merged all the us server's into super servers.

Master_Reuben's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 02:51 AM | #454
Here's a crazy idea that is probably very flawed:

As far as I've thought about it, the only problem with applying maintenance for APAC servers at a different time to NA servers is that a whole bunch of Americans would flood our servers while theirs are down. (Although I'm not entirely sure about the nuts and bolts of maintenance, such as how easy it is to simply change when the servers go down for a particular region.)

Our servers being flooded from overseas could be a good thing in a way. Of course, I understand there are obviously a LOT more NA players than in the APAC area, so this "flooding" may cause ridiculous queue times, but the image of any sort of queue to get into one of our servers is somewhat of a nice one. Someone would have to do the math on how many people woul actuallyd go on APAC servers if only NA and/or EU servers went down (that's if it's even realistic to stagger the availability of/apply patches to different regions at different times). APAC servers could possibly share the load with EU?

Dunno; there's something wrong with this which can't be overcome, isn't there?

PurpleCliff's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 02:51 AM | #455
All hope is lost. We are in the dark place.

killer_kam's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 02:57 AM | #456
I know what the problem is, we've already had 2 Bioware Employee replies in this thread. Clearly we've used up the allotted amount. the only solution is to cry.

cuttothechase's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 03:36 AM | #457
We're not allowed to bump threads or do silly things like i won't... providing of course you stick to your promise of giving us some sort of update that you said you would like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh .... 2 weeks ago now.

So this is not a bump

jarshr's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 05:42 AM | #458
I'm making it my mission to NOT allow this thread to leave page 1. ANSWER US!!!

PurpleCliff's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 05:51 AM | #459
I feel like someone needs to make a brilliant youtube video to accompany this thread which is very bogan Australian and advocates our desire for improvements in communication and is also very funny and will become a massive meme.

cipherysm's Avatar

10.09.2012 , 06:45 AM | #460
Can someone please post Joveth's twitter account, I don't care if it is personal or work.

I am going to create a twitter account tomorrow (I don't use social media) and start sending him links to this thread. "The squeaky wheel gets the oil" guess it is time to squeak louder.