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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns

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Consolidated Post: APAC/Oceanic Server Concerns
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03.25.2013 , 06:56 PM | #3371
Quote: Originally Posted by Waylorien View Post
Even now the pop on RP and PVE is not bad, PVP is only suffering majorly.
Serious? On Gav Daragon I routinely quest for hours at a time during peak times with group finder on the whole time - and no pop. Especially at sub 50. And forget about doing any heroic quests since on any given planet the number of other players is usually in single digits. I'd say that's an indication of pretty big issues with PVE.
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03.25.2013 , 06:58 PM | #3372
Quote: Originally Posted by Aurojiin View Post
To be fair, he's just the messenger. He likely had no involvement in making the decision; ultimately some accountant/manager has decided we're not financially viable and now his job is to try and put enough spin on it that it sounds like a positive outcome while taking the brunt of the abuse.

My sympathies, Eric ... your job sucks
His name is on the bald faced lie of the reasoning for this after so long of dragging it out. I can't give any sympanities for the guy who gets paid to be this months company stooge, who will be moved on and replaced to make the next lie come from new lips once we are used to the **** stained ones Eric speaks with as Joveth did before him.

Screw the ping, I won't be paying for more lies...

I'll play on bastion to do Makeb since it is paid for, but I will have to rename my toons of course, maybe call them Convict-X (X being the current name), since that is how Australians are being treated again.
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03.25.2013 , 07:00 PM | #3373
This was a finacial decision pure and simple.

Some months ago I predicted this outcome in this very thread, it was the most likely outcome by far.
Do I like it? Heck no!

Lets be clear its not about "solving" population's why

Taking MAster Dar'Nala as an example.
Master D has 27-50 people on rep fleet at prime time currrently, I checked The Bastion of late and it was about 60, add them together you get 110... is that a "solved" population???
Of course not!!

By contrast Dalborra has had of late about 120 on Rep Fleet during prime time and Gav Daragon had approx Master D numbers.

Lets add these all together

Master D 50
Dalborra 120
Gav 50

= 220

So 220 for a merged Rep fleet pop in APAC prime time
110 Rep fleet in APAC prime time with Master D rolled into the Bastion!

So this not the best fix for APAC pop issues AT ALL .
In fact its a worse solution for APAC players in their prime time than an APAC merge, simple math proves it.

Its about the cost of maintaining APAC servers vs APAC population and thats it.
Oh and of course lets not forget that this was probably known since they first looked at this issue in August 2012..
The APAC server contracts have just come up for renewal..

The solution from a business sense has been obvious for months.
Likewise the best solution for the players has been obvious for months ( APAC server merge which 90% of players wanted).

Its a monetary decision pure and simple and anything else is pure unadulterated spin.

Frankly this may well be the end of my days playing MMO's..

On another note...the delay in dealing with this issue only made the population issue worse leading to this result becoming more and more likely. Like many others I feel like I have been strung along until they had to pay to renew the APAC servers...

Not happy at all!

PS. I feel most sorry for the Dalborra players, their server was the best of all and was functional, not great but you could get stuff done and now they have lost that..
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03.25.2013 , 07:02 PM | #3374
While i am glad there is finally a solution, and i get to play with more players, pretty damn PO'd that 2 of my character names are taken on The Bastian i know i am not alone, at least my 2 mains arent but still, loved those other 2, mainly because of their names
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03.25.2013 , 07:03 PM | #3375
Quote: Originally Posted by mypetmonkey View Post
yeah it's shame that the apac community will be remembered as the group that coordinated and got together and formed a solution that got shat on by bioware after 8 months. But you 2 are the smartest in the room.

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03.25.2013 , 07:04 PM | #3376
Quote: Originally Posted by soneil View Post
I'm seeing a lot of people here trying to speak on behalf of everyone else here. Firstly I'm seeing people from dalbora saying there's no population problems. Try playing on gav daragon if that's the case and see what it's like to be in group finder for hours at a time during peak times without a pop.
For the people complaining about ping times - Like many people I played on a US server for several months before apac servers even existed and I never remember having a big problem with ping. Only reason I moved to the APAC servers when that option presented itself was so I could play on a server with people in the same timezone. Perhaps ping an issue is if you're hardcore pvp but then again hardcore pvpers have a habit of forgetting that the game doesn't revolve around pvp. I had to laugh at the people saying they'd go back to wow because of ping. Wow as far as I'm aware has never had servers physically hosted in australia. Their apac servers are hosted overseas so the ping is no different from their US servers. And considering how much that game has sucked since cataclysm I'm not interested in going back there.
My only problem with this announcement is how long it's taken. Promises about action began in the middle of last year which is about how long ago the NA servers were merged to fix their population issues. Should have just done ours back then rather than the whole 'wait and see how FTP pans out'. I wish we had a choice of servers to go to. There's more than on RP server for instance and I'd rather go to the one that the people on my old server ended up on rather than just being shifted on to a particular one.
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03.25.2013 , 07:07 PM | #3377
Quote: Originally Posted by Elysiah View Post
Exactly dude, I'd rather play on a server that has people and suffer a ping increase. To all the people saying "**** this I'm unsubbing, why are you still here posting on the forums?
I want to watch them buuurrrnnnn, they FU.cking dragged this on for 6 months and made us feel like ****. They couldn't take 1 step that would help us, they milked what they could in every situation. I'm determined to give them a bad name after this. They were probably saying ' them, we will make a better profit elsewhere' while they made their decision.
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03.25.2013 , 07:10 PM | #3378
Quote: Originally Posted by Sildanar View Post
PS. I feel most sorry for the Dalborra players, their server was the best of all and was functional, not great but you could get stuff done and now they have lost that..
Yea Dalborra was a great server.

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03.25.2013 , 07:10 PM | #3379
Firsly, appreciate the fact that you folks at BioWare gave us something substantial to work with. All these talks of "we have plans for the APAC servers but nothing concrete" were... a bit... frustrating to handle. Understandable, but frustrating.

There are two main reasons you cited for not consolidating the APAC servers:

Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Why did we decide not to merge the three APAC servers into one large APAC server? We decided this for two main reasons. 1. The issue in doing this is that two play-styles (PvE, PvE-RP, or PvP) would need to sacrifice their desired play-style in order to have one server with a higher population. We feel that it is important that each player is allowed to continue to play SWTOR in their preferred play-style. Therefore, accommodating all the existing play-styles was a primary goal. By allowing you to move to a NA West server, you will be able to keep your play-style. 2. The move to North American servers better delivers on our ultimate goal of providing the best play experience, with the most possible players, long term.
The first I think ultimately is a non-issue. Whilst I full-well understand how play-styles are an important aspect of gameplay, throwing us onto an NA server into a community of people we (well, most of us, I assume) have never interacted with before, with high latency to boot... well. I can't help but feel we'll be seen as that small group of exchange students thrown into a pre-established high school environment. Maybe it won't be like that. RP communities will either need to reintegrate into a larger society or stay in their cliques, which are already probably going to be broken by the prospect of server transfers.

The second, well. If there was a decision to turn this decision on its head and offer a server consolidation, I think you will find a more positive reaction. Sure, population is never going to "fantastic" but it will be better than what we've got now without making us sacrifice our community, our latency, etc etc.

More to the point is that, sure, there are active voices on the forums regarding the issue. Sure, some people are so anti-losing-their-element-of-game-play that a transfer is what they want over a merge. But that doesn't speak for the many. Most people don't even check the forums. A brief log-in to prime-time APAC servers and a "Hey all. We're proposing a migration to NA servers instead of a consolidation. What are your thoughts on the matter?" would probably yield a lot of "/unsub"-esque responses.

For relevance, there are threads on the three APAC servers right now about this:
And there's also this lovely thread on the Harbinger. It just screams "Welcome!"
Offer transfers if you must. If that is what you *feel* is the right thing to do for the players. I personally think offering of transfers is a good thing. Forcing a merge into NA though, I think is a rather poor idea. Offer the transfers, time a month or two to see how the populations across the APAC servers go. Consolidate APAC servers.

That way, those that want to leave for the "ohh shiny population numbers" get to leave. Those that want to "sacrifice" their playstyle stay as an APAC community get to do so without losing their friends, their ping, or their sense of worth as players in BioWare's eyes.

I've already had too many friends say they're quitting since this announcement came out. I won't go as far as to say I will be joining them, but seriously. It is my personal opinion that both short-term and long term gain are going to be in their negatives due to this decision, should it go through. Definitely short-term.
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03.25.2013 , 07:11 PM | #3380
I hope every one calls them 24 hours a day demanding you get back every bit of money you have ever spent on this game.. They have failed to live up to a service they promised.. I will be calling them every chance i get unit i get all my money back for wasting it on this piece of **** game
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