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Why do PvE players get armorings that aren't bound to slot, but not PvPr's?

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Why do PvE players get armorings that aren't bound to slot, but not PvPr's?
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09.22.2012 , 10:24 AM | #31
Quick and dirty solution to PvP itemization:

The average cost of a War Hero set item is 2370 ranked coms. (5 main set items)
Assume 40% of the value of the item is in the armoring and 30% is in each of the mod and enhancement, then round up to the nearest 5 to keep prices in line with bioware's pricing models.
Sell unbound armorings for 950 ranked coms
Sell unbound mods and enhancements for 715 ranked coms
Sell barrels/hilts for 2055 ranked wz coms
Force all PvP offhand items to use a barrel or hilt.

Since the majority of the shells are already attainable through crafting their value is negated for this exercise.

With these numbers the cost of a modded belt or bracer would be 1665 ranked coms, 240 more than a base item. The additional cost would be appropriate for the amount of gain, players would not be required to purchase 8 or more extraneous items to optimize their gear, and PvP players would not be required to spend 6 million credits for best-in-slot items.

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09.23.2012 , 07:26 AM | #32
My problem with mods has nothing to do with this correction.

My first problem is that someone made the extremely poor choice that end-game belts and bracers would not be modable.

My second is that set bonuses are on the "shell" and not on the armoring. I'll never take advantage of those set bonuses since I'll never use the majority of those shells.

My third problem is that even after the reduction in prices, it is still ridiculously expensive to swap mods out. And since I think 95% of the end-game gear looks atrocious, I don't use any of it. I spend more time farming credits than I do just playing the game since it takes much more time to raise the credits to unseat the relics than it does to actually earn the gear to begin with. SWTOR is the only MMO I've ever played where you have to pay to equip the gear you win.
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09.23.2012 , 09:30 AM | #33
So is this the end to min/maxing then?

Because as someone had stated earlier, if the expensive items had the stats I want, I'd get them. But the way it is I'm buying gloves and boots multiple times because the mods have the stats I want/need.

I also bought about 30% of my gear modifications on the GTN/ from crafters. (Also much, much quicker than grinding for comms, btw.) If you want to expand the bound-to-slot feature to more slots and mods, I'd guess that crafters will only be able to RE/craft bound-to-slot items, too?

Why can't we have an item modifications vendor for endgame gear like we have for planet comms? They can sell bound-to-slot modifications with different stats and you could leave itemization of our gear to us instead of forcing things on us that we don't want/need (including some ridiculous looking shells).

ETA: Right now, buying the cheaper items is also a way for the casual gamers to keep up. Expanding on bound-to-slot modifications will slow down the casuals even further, but not the hardcore gamers. Especially with the legacy armor to move mods around, those with a lot of time on their hands can get the daily allotment of Black Hole comms on multiple characters and use them to dress their main, and it doesn't matter if mods are bound to a certain slot or not.
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09.23.2012 , 09:44 PM | #34
How about instead of making those restrictions, you simple make the most expensive piece non restrictive? That way at least we could fill in our belts and wrist pieces without being forced to hand over a million or more credits to crafters for one piece of armoring. This alone had made Cybernetics the over used craft it is.
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09.24.2012 , 03:53 AM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
We've seen that instead of acquiring an entire set of gear players would often purchase the "cheap" slots multiple times and simply move the mods over into the "expensive" items, allowing players to acquire their gear much more quickly than intended. Now that most of our offhand items have mod slots we are seeing a similar pattern occur with main hand and offhand items.

There is a fundamental flaw with that logic when it comes to the PvP off-hands however. The off-hand is set to the most expensive cost for a PvP item. If a player wants to spend the maximum value to grind an item multiple times then how are they acquiring the gear faster than intended? Its actually going to take them longer than any alternative.

I would like to suggest you go back to those in charge of PvP items and ask them to change belt and bracer to orange, modded items. This would solve a number of issues.

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09.24.2012 , 07:11 PM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by Altheran View Post
Since you seem to not understand what I wrote, I'll tell you who it hurts. I hurts Agents and Smugglers.

Where to get Elite WH generic armoring for each class ?
- Knights/Warriors => Focus + Shield (two items)
- Consular/Inquistor => Focus + Shield (four items)
- Trooper/Bounty => Generator + Shield (four/two items)
- Smuggler/Agents => Nowhere (zero item)
Ah but I believe its you who doesn't understand.

You are saying that since Smugglers/Agents currently CANNOT buy this armoring, giving all characters the ability to buy a generic slot armoring for 3000 RWZ comms would actually hurt Smugglers? This is because smugglers are OP as long as they or their opponents do not possess said uber armoring?

In my twisted way of thinking, allowing all characters to purchase a generic slot armoring for 3000 RWZ comms would be perfectly balanced since all characters benefit. You could actually make an argument that Snugglers/Agents benefit MORE due to their lack of alternatives.
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09.24.2012 , 08:40 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by AllisonBerryman View Post
I talked to Senior Game Balance Designer Jason Attard about mods that are bound to slots and our plans for them. Here are some comments he had about the system and its future:

Many (but not all) of our current endgame Armorings, in both PvP and PvE, are bound to specific slots. This is because some less expensive items, like gloves and boots, are much easier to acquire than "expensive" items like a Chestpiece or Helmet. We've seen that instead of acquiring an entire set of gear players would often purchase the "cheap" slots multiple times and simply move the mods over into the "expensive" items, allowing players to acquire their gear much more quickly than intended. Now that most of our offhand items have mod slots we are seeing a similar pattern occur with main hand and offhand items.

We plan to make these slot restrictions more consistent in the future, with any Armoring, Hilt, or Barrel you extract from an item becoming bound to the equipment slot you extracted it from. We do not intend to add the same slot restrictions to Modifications or Enhancements, as those item mods have a smaller impact on the overall power of the item.
Why don't you guys just make each piece of armor cost the same price with an armoring in the armor slot already then sell the mods and enhancements separately for pvp? Like 800 per mod and enhancement then 1800 per armor with armoring, yes that's like 3k per piece but i paid like 6k for a pair of gloves for pvp.

Also why don't you make the oh armorings unbound as they all cost 3500 or so pvp tokens to get anyways? Like that's a lot...

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09.26.2012 , 07:43 PM | #38
I don't think they're taking into consideration that not everyone runs with a "traditional" setup for their character type. For instance, I've seen more and more Mercenaries and Commando's run with mods that are all high Aim/Endurance/Power instead of Aim/Endurance/Critical. Since most of the armor sets are set up for a particular "type," like say the Eliminator sets for the Mercenary/ Commando, you're going to get pieces of armor in those sets that have Endurance/Crit or Endurance/Surge mixed in with them. I tried running one of my new toons that way and I've noticed a very distinct improvement that lets you play a little more aggressively. Your Crit percentage is obviously lower than it would be normally, but between my "traditionally" modded up Mercenary and the non-traditional modded up Mercenary, I seem to do considerably better with the one that has a lower crit percentage, but can deal out consistently more higher damage. I still crit every 1/5 to 1/7 attacks and when I do it's alot of damage because since I have all power mods my crit multiplyer is pretty high.

It used to be the only way to get some of the higher level mods for an entire Aim/Endurance/Power set-up was to rip them from the only items that had those already in them, ie, boots and the like. The fact you made these the lower cost items of a set wasn't our fault. Some of us don't care about having an armor set that has alot of the inherent perks of that particular set. We just want to have some higher level (54,56,58,61) mods to put in the armor we like to wear on our character. Since you can't make mods that high, the only way to get them is to rip them out of the high level armor sets. The mod mods and enhancement mods are still relatively easy to get when you find an armor piece that has them, however, the armoring/barrel mods (the ones that will actually raise your armor rating) are usually on pieces that have mod modifications and enhancement modifications that have attributes you don't want. So, we essentially have to pay out of the *** for a piece of armor that we're only going to take one of the mods out of. It wouldn't be so bad if the other mods could be ripped out and be bind on equip or to legacy. Then you could send them to toons you may have that can use that attribute. You would think since it costs so much to rip out those high end mods that they'd make it so it'd be bind on equip or to legacy, after they're out. I can see not doing BOE, since people would just likely sell the mods on the GTN. But a bind to legacy would be considerably more helpful. I'd rather pay the same price for all the pieces of armor in a high-end level set, and not have to deal with the restriction that it can only be used on another chest piece, or another head piece, etc.
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09.26.2012 , 08:30 PM | #39
I cried with my marauder, grinding out Vindicator gear for set bonus and 51mainstat 41secondary stat mods.

I refuse to look at the new gear, but I won't be the least bit surprised if I have to grind out 2 Vindicators mainhands to have the BiS mods.

It is a conspiracy, give class A bad itemization, make them play more, sub more, just so they can compete. more $$$
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