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Character renaming.

AkillezX's Avatar

09.19.2012 , 01:07 PM | #1
Hey guys.
I started playing on another server about 6 months ago or so. I was really happy about all my names and that I got to have them and now it seems to me that it was all an illusion
When I moved to "The Red Reaper" I was given renaming to 5/8 characters and did so since I thought this was totally fair because someone else with my character name was already on this server. Yesterday I logged on to see I can't use 3/8 characters because they need renaming. I really don't see how this is fair to be honest since I already had changed some of my characters names and now need to rename the lvl 50 trooper that was born with the name, also I was already on the server so why me? Again?
Now I have one character left with the original name and this is not very fun. My boyfriend stopped playing when we migrated because he could not rename his characters, he was happy with all the names he had given his characters.
So him, me and 1 friend have a guild on "The Red Eclipse" with 4 characters who needs renaming and we're a guild of 12 members in total. I refuse to rename my characters, I already did this and for one of my characters this will be a second renaming since he was born, this means 3 names in total.
How are people to know who I am if I can't even keep a name. My names are just as important to me as they are to everyone else, it's no fun not to have the character you made 6 months or more ago.
I get nonsence answers from Bioware support so I give up.
According to what I read "people already on a server, would get to keep their names", but no! What will it be the next time someone else moves to my server? Will they get to steel my underwear aswell?
Bye Bioware, I'm not supporting you to throw **** in my face!

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09.19.2012 , 02:04 PM | #2
Hello everyone! Because we already have a thread for discussion of this issue, we're going to close this thread and ask you to join in the conversation there:

Please note this post from Community Manager from Joveth Gonzalez about the topic:

When naming conflicts occur due to the consolidation, players are given priority based on a variety of factors such as character play time and if they have already had to rename their characters as part of the first character transfer program back in June. Please do keep in mind that this does not encompass all of the factors taken into consideration, but those are an example of the major ones.