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Pax open recruitment (Dominus & Imperius)

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Pax open recruitment (Dominus & Imperius)

DedmeetDM's Avatar

11.24.2012 , 11:50 PM | #31
I am a new recruit to the Pax Community, but so far it has been a blast. The people are helpful, friendly, and just a level of insane that is endearing.

I definately recommend applying to these guys. Heck even the application process is fun.
Max'til Lorin:MEMBER
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dailus's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 08:12 AM | #32
I am a new recuit with Pax. I am one week into the application process and I have to say their application process is the most fun and original that I have ever been a part of. It really allows the guild to get to know you and you to know them. I felt instantly welcome.
I chose Pax after posting on The Ebon Hawk server forums that I was looking for a guild. Kyahlia responded so I decided to give it a go. Pax does pvp, pve, and rp, but I have never felt preasured to participate in any one area and there is always someone online. I highly recommend this guild to anyone looking for a great group of people to play and socialize with.

dayma's Avatar

11.26.2012 , 12:00 PM | #33
I am currently in the recruitment process with PAX. Everyone has been great so far. They have a very clear and precise process that is easy to follow and yet fun. They also have a really active community which is nice! I am hoping they let me stick around a bit longer

TheDozarian's Avatar

11.28.2012 , 08:06 AM | #34
Like many of the others, I'm new to Pax. I actually saw Dailus's post about looking for a guild and Kyahlia's subsequent response. I decided to look into it and I'm glad I did. Pax is a large, multigame guild that somehow manages to seem fresh and fun.

Like some of the others who've posted, I think the application process is great. It's basically a breaking in and getting to know you period. From what I can tell, you get out what you put in it. Like I said, I'm having a blast with it.

As far as in-game goes, there are always guildmates online. They've all been super friendly and easy going. The banter in the guild channel is fun and lighthearted. And did I mention there are always guildmates online? Can't state that part enough.

Voice chat, good people, good times... I'm happy with my choice. And looking forward to the end of the application process and becoming a full member!
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Rafkin's Avatar

11.28.2012 , 09:28 PM | #35

I recently returned to TOR and I'm almost through my recruitment process so I just wanted to pop in and say a few things about Pax and why you should consider them.

I'm in Pax Dominus, our Republic guild, and while the Pax Gaming Community is huge, the guild itself is small. Or "normal size" I should say. So if you're intimidated or have resevation about joining a large guild, don't be.

Pax has guilds in a dozen or so games so if you play multiple games or you ever leave TOR you don't have to start from scratch. You'll jump right in with people you've already been interacting with on their forums.

Want to hook up and play with people through Steam? XBox Live? They have that too.

There is a rectruitment process but you'll get an invite right away. Just because there's a two week process doesn't mean you're playing solo during that time. Quite the opposite. In these last two weeks people have grouped up with me at every chance.

Your recruitment will consist of people asking you a bunch of questions. Mostly silly stuff so they can get to know you. Its painless. If you're still reading this then you'll do just fine.

brexbaldor's Avatar

12.01.2012 , 06:44 AM | #36
One week in and i know i have made the right call putting in a application to PAX. The folks in PAX across all platforms have been nice and there app process is fun and a breath of fresh air. When you log in you feel at home right off the bat, Although there has been this strange car following me around for the last week??? kidding there's no strange car..........
Seriously they have a group for every aspect of the game and have people that can help you and want to help you that's key for why i choose PAX.
Did i mention pie?
Brex Baldor-Engineer Sniper-Blindness-The Ebon Hawk

LordNivaro's Avatar

12.02.2012 , 08:49 AM | #37
Hey Malvectus! Great to see you were able to join us for the Turkey Bowl last night! ("Turkey Bowl? It's December!" you say? Yes, I know... sorry about that!) It was great to see you there! Hope to see you at our next event put on by Pax Dominus:
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Veneratioreus's Avatar

12.02.2012 , 10:09 AM | #38
Hey Everyone!

Just a few words about my experience with Pax and the recruitment process as well as a comment or two about the guild itself.

The recruitment process is unlike anything Ive ever seen in a guild. Ive heard of two-week trial periods, I've heard of interviews for guild acceptance. I've never experienced a two-week interview. And I like it. Most of the questions and tasks asked of me had nothing to do with the game I was applying into or even questions that I would normally would have been asked outside of gaming. They kept me pretty busy throughout my Thanksgiving weekend for sure and though it tailed off some this second week (hopefully due to acceptance rather than boredom at my answers. ), it has kept me interested and hopping. GG has especially put the irons to me with fun riddles and morality questions that has kept me typing with a smile.

This leads me to the guild itself. The process is there because it is truly a community. You can log into the forums and see a running diatribe of whatever the topic of the moment is on a scrolling chat window. You can log into the TS server and find the same. They are committed players in most part but there is a range from casual to hardcore without judgement. As they say, its not about the game, its about the people. And the hardcore is not with the typical hardcore attitudes.

Like most who apply, I have had experience with other guilds in the past and due to that, its easy to want to be in a guild of mature players that understand that the world is not their game, their game enhances their world. Fair warning, I've discovered how RP oriented this guild is and that is not for everyone so you need to get to know if the guild is for you as well as the other way around. Questions are encouraged and answered quickly. I guess, as is typical to me, I'm being long-winded so to wrap it up I'd say that this guild while not for everyone, is more that worthwhile for those that like the fit.

InnerPieces's Avatar

12.03.2012 , 10:50 AM | #39
Hi folks!

Iíve decided to take a moment to stop by and discuss the Pax Gaming Guild. Specifically: Pax Imperius, the Imperial SWTOR division.

Iíll begin by explaining a little about myself and my personal needs. Iíve been through far too many guilds in this game since Early Access began. I enjoy building relationships and sincerely dislike ďguild hopping.Ē However, in order to demonstrate my own preference for longevity, I require certain things from my guild. It took me nearly 3 years to find the guild that was a good fit for me in WoW. Thankfully, it only took a third of that time here in SWTOR.

It is no secret (to those who know me here) how fed up Iíve become with BioArts. I have been on the verge of canceling and uninstalling this game a couple of times now as I see trends from other, long gone games repeating themselves here. The realization I had to come to is similar to my view of role-playing in MMOs. The job of the development company, for better or worse, is to provide us with the tools necessary to enjoy a game the way we want. There are so many people with so many tastes that it is virtually impossible for a development company to please us all. Therefore, it is up to us to learn how to use the tools (the game) to our advantage and find our own way to enjoy the game how we like. It turns out, for me, it all boils down to the people I surround myself with. To me, the game is only a shell. It is the people I associate with who fill that shell with all the caramel, chocolaty goodness I enjoy.

You see, Iím a semi-hardcore player. I also tend to play far more often in non-peak hours. I feel if I am in a guild and playing solo most of the time, I might as well not be in a guild. Pax Imperius is a large enough guild to have someone on at all hours of the day. It is true, like most guilds, you find your largest number of players on during peak hours. However, I have had no problem at all finding folks to talk with, strategize with, or group with at any time of the day, any day of the week.

A typical problem with large guilds is feeling lost in the crowd or being excluded from planned groups due to cliquish behavior. I donít know how they manage it, but Pax Imperius does not suffer from this all too common problem. On second thought, I do know how they accomplish this. It is the sense of community inherent in the guildís culture. Most large guilds donít seem to have spent the necessary time defining who they are or creating a culture of helpfulness and inclusion that Pax Imperius has.

These days, many guilds seem to have allowed the simple art of typing to fall to the wayside for more ďconvenientĒ form of communication, like using third party software for voice communication. Pax Imperius, again, did not fall victim to laziness. It is true, if you donít like to type you can join their voice communication server and talk it up to your heartís content. If youíre like me, however, and find constant voice chat distracting from your game, breaking immersion, or flat out annoying, there are an abundance of people chatting in guild chat to offset those who prefer voice chat. Donít get me wrong, Pax Imperius uses voice chat when it is appropriate: Ops, pre-made Warzones, and to occasionally ease group Flashpoints. The point, however, is voice chat is used more as a tool than a lifestyle choice which suits me just fine.

With Pax Imperius, you will also find an incredibly helpful group of people. Since joining, I have yet to run dailies by myself when I didnít want to. I have had no problem finding people willing to run specific Flashpoints with me when I need them. Iíve been able to run the Ops I need to gear my newer level 50s. There are no cookie cutter builds forced on you, but if you need help deciding which direction to go, there is no shortage of sound, tested advice.

Many guilds pay lip-service to the idea they cater to all playstyles. It is rare to find a guild who actually lives up to that claim. Pax Imperius has managed to do just that. Again, I chalk it up to the culture the guild is based on since this culture attracts all types of players. More importantly, Pax Imperius retains all types of players. Whether you enjoy PvE, Leveling, Grinding, PvP, Role-play, or Theorycraft, you will find people who share the same interests as you. I have seen examples of all of these play-styles and more since joining Pax Imperius. In fact, several people go out of their way to include and even blend different playstyles into guild-wide events. Recently, Iíve seen events tailored toward people who enjoy PvP and / or RP that include both Pax Imperius and Pax Dominus (the republic faction of the Pax Gaming Guild).

By the way, I have yet to role-play for a single second since joining Pax, but that is by my choice. I have experienced every other playstyle you can have in a game since joining and I am incredibly impressed with Paxís ability to include everyone, regardless of your preference. You do not have to be a role-player and still feel included thanks to a severe lack of cliquey or elitist attitudes. Due to past experiences, I am extremely picky about who I role-play with. I already know, should I choose to role-play, I will have no problem role-playing with these folks. I also know if I choose to never role-play, I will still feel right at home.

This leads me to another point about the Pax Gaming Guild. Many guilds out there cater to one faction or the other. Even though they may have a presence in the other faction, there is always a dominant faction where the opposite faction is neglected in one sense or another. That is not the case with the Pax Gaming Guild. I am an Alt-heavy player and I have level 50s (and lesser toons I enjoy leveling with) in both factions. I have seen a high level of activity and interaction on both sides. The only way you feel alone in the Pax Gaming Guild is if you want to be, regardless of which faction you play.

The last thing I feel obligated to mention is Paxís application process. While freedom isnít free in real life, neither is joining Pax. The cost to join Pax, however, is commitment. The application process may appear daunting to some. I support it fully, however. There are several obvious reasons Pax has an in-depth application process. Itís part getting to know you and part you getting to know them. One of the less obvious reasons (and the one I appreciate the most), however, is that a successful guild takes commitment. The application is designed to promote loyalty and retain members. Like the Matrix, no one can tell you what their application process is. You have to experience it for yourself. To be quite blunt, if you have what it takes to be a productive member of a guild, to help build and contribute to a community, have a sense of cooperation and a desire to experience the game to its fullest while helping others do the same, you wonít have any problems joining. If you donít, you wonít. Itís as simple as that.

On a scale of 1 Ė 10, Iíd give Pax (of any division or game) a solid 9. I only say 9 because everyone needs room to improve. Itís a 10 in spirit, though. Iím looking forward to a nice, long relationship with these people. The one criticism I have of the Pax Gaming Guild right now is that not everyone prefers pie to cake. I mean, diversity is nice but you donít meet many people who prefer to not breathe over breathing. How some people can prefer cake to pie is beyond me. However, this is just another example of how accepting the people of Pax are. We accept everyone for their differencesÖ even those who prefer cake to pie.

Stop wasting time and come join us.
"..Rise of the Hutt Cartel continues your character's story....No class specific storylines, though I know you guys are going to love what RotHC has to offer."
Funny. I thought the implementation of the Cartel Store was the Rise of the Hutt Cartel. And no, I do not like what that story has to offer. I keep getting screwed in it.

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12.03.2012 , 12:27 PM | #40
Very kind words Rickles. Thank you for that.
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